Slope Triangles and Similar Figures Review WS

Slope Triangles and Similar Figures Review WS
Graph each pair of similar triangles. Then write a proportion comparing the rise to the run for each of the similar
slope triangles and determine the numeric value. Then connect the two triangles with a slope line.
1. ∆EFG with vertices E(6,9), F(6,5), and G(4,5); ∆GHI
with vertices G(4,5), H(4,1), and I(2,1)
2. ∆DEF with vertices D(6,5), E(6,2), and F(2,2);
∆FMW with vertices F(2,2), M(2,–4), and
Now we see a __________ __________ of __________
for the line _____.
Now we see a __________ __________ of __________
for the line ____.
3 Mr. Bodden used floor tape to make the playing
court below on the gymnasium floor. The
trapezoids shown are similar. How many feet of
floor tape did Mr. Bodden need for the height (h)
of the smaller trapezoid?
4 The two triangles shown in the figure are similar.
Find the distance d across the river.
5. Mitzi is 64 inches tall and casts a 48-inch shadow. Her
daughter, who is standing next to her, casts a 30-inch
shadow. How tall is her daughter?
6. If FDE ~ HDG , what is length of
7 Determine the missing side measure given ∆ABC ~ DEF.
8 Given the figure below, are the two triangles similar and by what method? If they are similar name the
similar triangles.
9. A 20-foot-tall lamp post casts a shadow that is 28 feet long. Standing next to the lamp post is a 6-foot
tall man. About how long is the shadow of the man?
10. If figures are similar:
Angles are _____________________ and sides are ___________________________.