Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft Lumia
Your business mobile
Lumia means big things for business
– boosting productivity and security
with its seamless integration with your
Microsoft back-office ecosystem.
Windows Phone is the only smartphone platform with
Office, Outlook and OneDrive built in as standard.
Its enhanced security architecture helps ensure your
business critical data stays secure, and industry
acclaimed camera and microphone technology
means you can capture the world around you in
stunning detail.
It all adds up to Lumia helping you to be creative
and productive at the same time.
An estimated
one billion people
use Microsoft Office
That’s 1 in 7 of the
earth’s population
Integrates effortlessly
Office 365 means business
Uncompromising security
Effective management tools
Instant communication
Fully flexible
Lumia for business
Apps that work across all your devices
Easy to use, always up to date
Built for business. Designed for life
Ongoing technical support from day one
Smart mobile accessories
Office 365
means business
Lumia devices integrate seamlessly with your
existing Microsoft infrastructure to provide a
range of trusted business tools.
Empower your employees with virtually
anywhere access to the latest Office
applications, plus more advanced cloudbased IT services at predictable costs.
• Effortless integration with Microsoft back-office systems
such as Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business,
Lync, Office 365 and Windows Azure.
• Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) provides a rich email experience
through synchronisation of email, contacts, calendar, tasks
and notes.
• Reducing the need for your business to invest in other
compatibility software, lowering total operating costs.
Office 365 is the same Office you already know and use
every day. And then some. Because Office 365 is powered
by the cloud, you can get to your applications and files
from virtually anywhere – PC, Mac, and tablets – and they’re
always up to date. Same goes for updates to features –
you get them automatically.
Whether lost, stolen or compromised, today’s
businesses can’t take the chance of leaving their
files, networks and data open to attack.
Because of the closed
nature of the operating
system we don’t have to
worry about malware and
viruses, which is refreshing
as an IT engineer.
Alex Nagy, IT Engineer, Goodridge
Each Lumia device comes with powerful security that helps to
prevent data leakage and ensure business-critical compliance.
• No known malware and
no known jailbreaks.
• Hardware-accelerated
device encryption.
• Remote business data removal
(remote lock and wipe).
• Secure boot process and web
browsing barriers protect
against unauthorised access
and malware.
• Unique Information Rights
Management (IRM) capability
helps prevent unauthorised
sharing of information.
• Built-in support for most
Mobile Device Management
(MDM) clients.
• With S/MIME managed
through MDM or Exchange
Server, employees can sign
and encrypt their email.
• Secure Wi-Fi access (using
authentication protocols
such as EAP-TLS) and autotriggered app-specific VPN.
• Easy enrolment that provides secure mobile access
to corporate resources.
• Enterprise Wipe removes all company data but
preserves consumer data.
• MDM support for Windows Intune or other leading
third-party MDM applications (such as MobileIron
and Airwatch).
Security is very important
at the moment. Out of the
available options in the
market, we thought Lumia
was one of the strongest.
Esa Pigg, Interim Country CIO, ABB
A solid, dependable Mobile Device Management
(MDM) policy puts you in complete control.
Employees can operate securely while your IT
team ensures company data is protected through
a robust variety of encryption, malware protection
and device management tools and applications.
No question, the Lumia
has greatly sped up
operations and reduced
operational costs. There
has been a 50% reduction
in the time it takes to
complete on-site tasks.
Mark Cooper, IT Director, UKDN Waterflow
Employees will be able to achieve so much more with
a Lumia in their hands and a host of familiar and easyto-use communication tools at their fingertips.
• People Hub groups contacts to make communication and
collaboration between teams quick, easy and efficient.
• Calendars and task functions offer an integrated day view,
so you can see all your upcoming jobs and appointments
• Outlook Mobile and Lync Mobile make communication
on the move simple. Email, instant messaging, VoIP,
Skype and video conferencing are all integrated into
the device.
• Word Flow keyboard lets you glide your fingers across the
keys to really speed up your typing.
• OneDrive is our cloud-based solution that enables you to
store, access and share your documents and files from any
mobile or desktop device.
The Microsoft software and hardware work in
perfect harmony and can adapt to support the
needs of any business.
• The customisable Start
screen with Live Tile
design provides all the vital
information you need at
a glance.
• The majority of Lumia
devices are set up
to embrace 4G
communication speeds.
• NFC functionality enables
the simple transfer of
data and speedy mobile
• High-performance
dual core Snapdragon
processors for smooth
user experience.
• A variety of expandable
memory options.
• HERE Maps, Drive and
Transit give you a powerful
set of navigation apps.
• Large screen models –
screens from 4"-6".
• Touchscreens can also
be used with gloves.
• Windows Phone is the only
smartphone platform with
built in Office, Outlook and
OneDrive as standard.
Jay Lyford, IT Manager, Sport Direct
Fully flexible
Our people love the new
Lumia devices because
they are smart, quick and
have great functionality.
Lumia for business
Our range at a glance
There is also a choice of handsets across a range of price points
to provide you with the right device for employees at every level,
from the sales person to the shopkeeper.
Lumia 435
Lumia 530
Lumia 535
Lumia 630
Lumia 635
Lumia 640
Lumia 640 XL
Lumia 735
Lumia 830
Lumia 930
Apps that
work across all
your devices
It’s never been easier to create and deploy your own
business-specific apps that work across mobiles,
tablets and laptops.
It’s tough, too
You have durable hardware –
including Gorilla Glass screens –
plus a two year warranty.
• Develop, package, sign and distribute your own apps
while maintaining end-to-end control.
I was surprised how sturdy they
are – a colleague once broke
four iPhones in a year, but the
Lumia is a lot more resistant.
Huw Bevan, IT Operations Manager,
Royal College of Nursing.
• Create and customise apps using Microsoft Visual Studio.
• Distribute apps to select devices using your MDM tool
of choice.
• Microsoft Windows operating systems share more than
80% of their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs),
which makes rolling one app out across all your business
devices so much easier.
When independent wine merchant, Bibendum, rolled out
Lumia devices across their business, it coincided with the
release of their new company app, Plonk It helps their
staff discover, identify and pronounce a host of different
wines. It also provides perfect food and wine pairings.
The app encourages knowledge sharing across the business and
is easily shared with customers, positioning Bibendum as an expert
in its field.
Easy to use,
always up to date
Windows Phone is the only platform with Outlook Mobile
and Office Mobile with mobile optimised versions of
Word, Powerpoint and Excel built in as standard.
The familiar Microsoft applications give employees the confidence to do
far more on the move. Saving a document automatically to OneDrive
for Business and Sharepoint means employees can access the latest
version right where they left off on any Windows device – phone, laptop
or tablet.
• Employees can access all
Office documents quickly
through the Office Hub.
• OneNote Mobile is built in,
making note-taking on the
move easy.
• Intelligent connectivity means
documents and notes stay
in sync when using Microsoft
Office on your Windows
Phone 8.1, Windows 8 PC
or tablet, so you will always
have access to the most
up-to-date documents.
Fun and engaging, a Lumia device is far more likely
to be cared for by users and explored to the full.
Each Lumia has a range of entertaining apps to
keep you amused, plus a Start screen that can be
customised to make it personal to you.
That means you can take photos, work remotely, listen to
music, share documents, access personal emails and organise
appointments, all from a device that you can use at home
or in the office.
• A huge choice of personal apps – 300,000+ apps in total
and growing fast.
• Stylish hardware designs and exchangeable shells allow
you to customise your device.
• High-spec camera options including the amazing
20MP camera on Lumia 930.
• MixRadio – free music with no adverts. Create and receive
personalised mixes based on your preferences.
• HERE Maps, Drive and Transit find you the quickest way
to work and home.
Built for business.
Designed for life
The Lumia is a really good phone.
Everyone loves it and many are
using it at home.
Rob Hills, Senior Enterprise Architect,
NHS Business Services Authority
Ongoing technical
support from
day one
We want to make sure your transition is as smooth as
possible so you can start working more productively
the moment you turn on your Lumia. We’ll help you
find the best device for your business.
The devices are so easy to use,
and our workers appreciate a
tool that makes the switch from
in-house to remote working so
simple. That simplicity saves
us time.
Emil Vincent, IT Director, Colas Rail
We’ll work with you to identify the training needs of your company
and help you get everyone set up. We also provide integration with
back-office systems such as Exchange or MDM. And when you’re up
and running we can provide training for your support desk.
• Post-training support videos.
• Information and training
when updates and new
releases are announced/
• Roll-out planning with onsite or web-based training.
• Continued support across
the life of the products*.
• Business Mobility Centre
– a virtual home to access
information and technical
support for all Lumia
products and solutions
across the device lifecycle.
*Level of support depends on the size of the Lumia estate
Smart mobile
Here‘s a choice selection of handy Lumia business
accessories to make your working life easier.
• Wireless Charging Car
Holder Position your device
on the dashboard to help
you navigate and recharge
wirelessly as you go.
• JBL Portable Wireless
Speakers NFC and Bluetooth
mean no need for wires.
Just tap your Lumia NFCcompatible phone on the
speaker and let the
music play – effortlessly.
• Wireless Charging Plate
DT-900 A whole new way
to charge – simply place the
phone onto the plate to
start charging.
• Universal Portable
USB Charger DC-19
A portable charger that’s
only 99.5mm tall.
• Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Ideal for hands-free
calls, this Bluetooth device
has a built-in voice prompt
for ease of use.
• Wireless Charging Stand
A simple, time-saving,
clutter-free device.
Microsoft Lumia:
your business mobile