The  Secrets  To  A  Squirting  Orgasm  

The Secrets To A Squirting Orgasm I want to start off saying that it is my strong belief that EVERY girl that can have an orgasm can have multiple, full body squirting orgasm. The problem is that they just don’t know how. What I am going to share are techniques and tips that we have learned over the past 20 years that has led to some mind blowing, sheet soaking incredible orgasms. I am also going to put focus on both the female and the male. The reason for that is lets face it, it’s HER body that has to know what to do. Now, I’m going to guide the men along the way because I “Thought” I knew what I was doing for a long time. Then I started doing a LOT of research and started digging deeper to learn more than what I was seeing/learning from porn. I have helped a fair amount (not like Wilt Chamberlain numbers or anything) of girls and couples over the years in “discovering” how to experience a full body squirting orgasm. And I have to say, the emails and response back is incredibly rewarding. Which is going to lead me to what I feel like is the very most important part of moving past ordinary sex and that is COMMUNICATION. TALK TO EACH OTHER I was in my early 20’s and met an older girl (42) through a friend and I remember the first sexual encounter with her was something that probably set the course to a lifetime of amazing sex. Instead of just going full steam ahead and getting right to intercourse/penetration, she pulled away for a second and started to explain what she was going to do to me in pretty illicit detail. Step by step, taking her time of basically telling me how the next hour+ was going to unfold. Seconds after she started with her master plan, she stopped and in a very teacher like manor told me that there was only 1 rule that she had. That rule was that I had to vocalize what I liked that she was doing. And it wasn’t just stuff like “Oh, that feels good” or heavy breathing and moans. She wanted me to give her input on what she was trying. Did I like it, did I love it, or was it not doing anything for me. What she taught me was that she wanted to know EXACTLY what I liked, and that time that she spent on me was 100% focused on pleasuring me. When you master this concept, your sexual playtime will lead you down paths that you never thought were possible. I’m telling you, I have experienced levels of passion that aren’t even in books, and it all starts with communication. A FEW THINGS FOR THE MEN: I wanted to put this in here because I feel like a lot of guys really don’t get this. With the right communication and energy, your job is halfway done before you hit the bedroom. And in many cases, I would say that you are closer to 95% done if you can master the art of communication and treating your girl like the goddess that she is. 1. Your partner has to feel comfortable enough to let her guard down to achieve a squirting orgasm. You have to remember that this is not the “Finish Line” and if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t put any pressure on it. IT WILL HAPPEN, but let it be on her time. Trust me, what you are about to learn will completely rock her world. 2. Your girl is a goddess. She is YOUR goddess and needs to be treated like that. Your focus in bed needs to be how can you please her, NOT YOU. Yours will come and she will love to reciprocate the feelings. You need to tell her how amazing she looks. How good she smells. How incredible she taste. How much you love watching her cum and don’t be fake about it that is very transparent and useless. 3. Don’t wait till you get her clothes off and then start telling her these things. The art of communicating is expressing these things when she least expects it. Send her a text in the middle of the day. Leave her a note in her purse or if you aren’t dating or in a relationship, tell her these things randomly in conversation. I don’t care what you have to do, you go out of your way to tell her how amazing she is and how you cannot wait to feel her, taste her and experience everything about her. So what is a squirting orgasm? I know that this might seem a bit silly to cover, but honestly, I think a lot of people really know the exact details of what actually happens. Where does the fluid come from??? I first want to cover the physical part. A squirting orgasm is different than from a vaginal or g-­‐spot stimulated orgasm in a few ways. It is also a physically different experience. This is not just getting “really wet” during the orgasm as there is a thicker fluid that is secreted out of the vagina. That fluid has a lubricating feel and a sweet smell and taste to it. The fluid that is released while squirting is a clear and odorless fluid. This is NOT URINE. I am not a doctor nor have a ran studies on the subject (which there have been many of them ran by doctors) But the fluid comes out of the Skeen’s gland which is located right next to the Urethra (where urine is released) Please see the photo below (Photo taken from Wikipedia) There is a lot of controversy that surrounds the phenomenon that people debate where the source of the fluid comes from and its use in the female body. The debate STILL continues today over the question of the female prostate and ejaculation. There is an emotional element that surrounds squirting in the fact that this is a LOT of fluid and you are going to soak the sheets. You are going to make a mess and it is a very intimate experience for both partners. Therefore, there is some cleaning up to do and it can become embarrassing for the female. This is an incredibly vulnerable time for the girl and the men need to handle the situation of feeling humbled and honored that she was comfortable enough with you to do this. Men…. Don’t screw this up and get freaked out by it. So how in the hell do I squirt??? So we covered some of the groundwork of communication and what and where this fluid comes from. And that’s all great, but how can I squirt during orgasm? Lets back things up to a few days ago. You need to be drinking a LOT of fluid. Not coffee or soda (which you shouldn’t drink anyway) but make sure you are drinking a lot of water and not sugar filled drinks. This is not only going to help in the squirting aspect, but also help with vaginal lubrication and overall feeling healthy. I am a BIG fan of coconut water and the benefits that go along with that. Remember that when it comes to post sex and recovery because you are going to need it. Also… you are going to need a good lubricant. Now, there are a 1,000 different brands and types of lubricants out there and I’m not going to get into that debate, but please do your research as there are some girls that are allergic to some types of lubes. And other types of lubes that are not compatible to latex. However, since we are going to be focusing on using the fingers in this technique, a condom is not typically used. That being said, I am a BIG fan of water-­‐based lubricants. We have had great success with the ID brand of lubes. They are very light, easy to clean up and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing motor oil the rest of the day/night. Men, MAKE SURE that you clip your nails. Yes, this will involve you taking care of your nails and I highly recommend you using a nail file to make your nails and fingers as smooth as possible. I’m not going to go into a long personal hygiene lecture here, but just make sure that your fingers and hands are as smooth as you can get them. I would personally recommend using coconut oil as a lotion. Put it on your hands, your feet, elbows as it helps with rough and dry skin, plus it has a 100 different other health benefits. As earlier mentioned, the most successful technique used is that if using your fingers, at least until you discover how to squirt, and then you can move on to using sex toys and regular intercourse. POSITIONING I want to share what we have found to be the most effective position for both partners. With the female lying on her back, prop a pillow up under her butt, but closer to her lower back so it doesn’t get in the way. Make sure that she is comfortable, but I really like this as it arches her pelvis up enough to make the easiest angle for what you are about to learn. The first time I tried this with my girlfriend, I had rigged up two, 1” wide straps behind the bedpost, with loops at the end. They are about 6’ long each. We love to play around with some light bondage, spanking, blindfolds and etc. After a night of incredible sex, the morning came and I decided to try a little something new. While lying on her back, I slipped her legs through each of the loops and pulled them to the back of her knees. If you are not comfortable with using restraints, have the guy sit next to her and have her wrap one leg around him to try and have her legs spread out fairly wide. But I’m going to tell you…. the straps were really fucking hot. Another really hot position is her lying on her tummy with the pillow under her (lower abdomen/pubic line). But I will say that it would not be my recommendation for the first time, you are going to need to know what you are feeling for. But if she is into any light anal play, this will also give you access to stimulate the outside of the anus. FOR THE MEN We are going to have a little bit of human anatomy class about the beautiful female body. I thought I knew my way around a vagina until I watched these videos. Don’t worry, the first several are completely free and I promise, they are very much worth it!!! I have learned some things from this guy that has resulted in some seriously mind-­‐blowing orgasms. Incredibly educating… And that is when I learned about the “A-­‐Spot” or “Deep Spot” and scientifically called the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. This is located just past the g-­‐spot on the inside wall of the vagina. Check out the image below for reference (Photo taken from Wikipedia) I have been lucky enough to assist in literally hundreds of g-­‐spot/clitoral orgasms, but when I discovered this little known secret, I had my girl squirting the very first time we tried it. I PROMISE. After applying an ample amount of lube on both your fingers and your partner’s vagina, you are going to slowly slide both fingers inside and then “Up” to the front of her vagina. Go past the g-­‐spot area and what you are feeling for is a small pocket that sits right in front of a Frisbee-­‐like ring around the cervix. I can tell you that I have average length fingers and it is located as far as I can possibly get my fingers inside. I’m telling you, when you find this pocket and start moving your fingers back and forth, GET READY!!! Let her know that when she is ready to cum that you want her to “Push” your fingers out of her. You will feel her muscles contract and let your fingers come out. If she is doing it right, you will see both her vagina and the anus actually push out ever so slightly. If she is not doing this, chances are she will not squirt. GOING INTO THIS… Both partners need to know that it is very common that she not squirt on the first orgasm, or it might be just a small trickle. Let her have a few seconds to catch her breath and go right back in exactly where you were. This is the reason why you want to use a fair amount of lube. The liquid that is going to gush out is not a lubricant; it has the same feel as water. After that first orgasm, I will go right back to what I did the first time, what we have learned is that it will take about 10-­‐15 seconds for the next orgasm to occur if you are in the right area. We have found that with vaginal orgasms, you can achieve multiple orgasms without the sensitivity issues that can come up with clitoral orgasms. And make sure that you have some type of towel or two laid down because you are going to need them. FOR THE WOMEN Only speaking from experience, the squirting orgasm was something that had eluded our sex life for years. My girlfriend had NO problem at all having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm (seriously, this girl can cum 20+ times during a sleepover) with clitoral and g-­‐spot stimulation, but never could squirt. And let me tell you, this girl was very adamant on the fact that she never would be able to squirt. Now she sometimes asks me if I want her to squirt or not when she is ready to cum. God I love that girl… After years of kind of giving up on it ever happening, I started doing some research myself to see if there was anything that I could learn because I KNEW this girl could do it, we just didn’t know HOW. I watched a free video from a guy by the name of Jason Julius that absolutely blew me away. You can watch that video here… Here is what we can tell you (the “we” part is info coming from my girlfriend) In her words, the biggest difference between the 2 orgasms is what you are doing DURING CLIMAX. She says that instead of clinching your muscles up and keeping the orgasm “inside” of you, you want to actually “push” your muscles out just as if you were giving birth. This is the same reason that sometimes you will pass gas during a round of squirting orgasms because you are using the same muscles. RECOVERY I can tell you that from all of my experiences and feedback, a long round of squirting is going to leave your girl absolutely exhausted. This is the time that she is going to need a break and a little bit of rest. Along with the rest, make sure that she is taking in enough liquids. As we mentioned before, we LOVE drinking coconut water as it helps replace the electrolytes that we lost during your fun time. I hope that you have found this information helpful and you have fun trying out these new techniques. Keep checking out our blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts for new tips, stories and advice that we learn along the way.­‐Do-­‐I-­‐Squirt/148077838662193