- ID New Talents

Deadline: May 8th, 2015
Open to: museums, collections, foundations, exhibition and project spaces supporting new talents of art
id.new talents links and presents the institutions and initiatives dedicated to the advancement of young artists. id.new talents is
an initiative of the Cologne arts biennale new talents and invites art institutions to participate free of charge.
Eligible to apply are institutions as museums, collections, exhibition and project spaces, operating anywhere in the world
presenting a selected new talent of art locally on May 21st. This way a sustainable database is established which presents the
'new talents' and their supporters globally.
For more information please visit www.id-newtalents.com
To apply please fill in the form below in english language and send it with additional image material (direct or via file-transfer) to
[email protected] before Friday, May 8th, 2015.
Name of institution
Type of institution
Contact person (will not be published)
Phone number
Contact details of institution (will be published)
Visiting address
Phone number
General opening hours
Opening hours on
May 21st 2015
Please attach one image of your institution and list the picture here with the full caption and copyright
[If applicable] Link to your “id.new talents” exhibition programme or exhibition program taking place parallel to id.nt 2015
Self description / Profile of the organization or institution and its programme. (max. 1500 characters including blanks)
Please emphasize on how you support young artists shortly after their graduation from art school (“new talents”).
Represented artist exhibitioned on May 21st (must fulfil the “new talent” criteria: graduated from art school no longer than 3
years ago, or, if presenting an established artist, the piece needs to be from the same, early period – 3 years from graduation.)
(Please use several forms if you want to submit more than one artist).
Year of birth
Place of living
Personal Website (optional)
Please attach one to five images and name the files as following: [Name Institution_artist name]_1/2/3/4/5
Please list the pictures including the name of artist, title, material, year and copyright here:
Short CV including year(s) and name(s) of art academy graduation(s) (max 500 characters including blanks)
General description of the artist and its work (max. 1500 characters including blanks)
[Optional] additional information / remarks
General information on image material: 72 to 150 dpi as jpg or tif, if necessary images will be cut for 2:3 landscape proportion
with the width of 640 px. Technical troubles? Please contact us via [email protected]
For transfering your image material (one image representing your institution and one to five images demonstrating the work of
your selected new talent of art) please attach them in a direct email together with this filled-in application form or use a data
transfer service as wetransfer.
id.new talents is an initiative of the new talents biennale cologne, a non-for profit arts organisation established in 2007,
based in Cologne, Germany. It is hosted by the private non-profit art space Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum in Cologne.
The organization of id.new talents reserves the right to resize images if these are not submitted in the requested
proportions. If not clearly indicated whether the institution has a long term (general) interest in presenting and supporting
young artists, we reserve our right to dismiss the application after profound research and/or contact with the respective
[Mandatory] Please declare. All three boxes need to be checked.
I hereby declare, that the institution I represent will showcase the above mentioned artist on 21st of May 2015.
I agree all that all provided information about my institution, artists and their works will be published online on
www.id-newtalents.com and that the provided image materials are free to use for publication on
www.id-newtalents.com for the purpose of promotion of the institution I represent and the respective artist(s).
I agree that my participation in id.new talents is free of charge but that all possible costs for promotion or display
of artist(s) in the institution I represent is the institution's particular responsibility and that no funding will be
provided by id.new talents.