room rates - Housing, Meal Plans & ID Cards

Syracuse UniversityHousing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Service Center - 206 Steele Hall
With the exception of University Village Apartments, and Sheraton Syracuse University Inn and
Conference Center, residents of University housing are assessed an Internet and Cable Service fee of $200
per person/per semester and it is subject to change without notice. This fee provides standard cable
television and ResNET service to University residents and is in addition to the per-person/per-semester room
rate listed below.
Remain open for spring break, close for semester break, meal plan required
Per Person Per Semester
1-Person Suite (Haven)
Large Single
Single with Bath
Regular Single
$ 5,500
$ 4,935
$ 4,935
$ 4,455
2-Person Suite (Haven)
2-Person Suite with Bath (Washington Arms, Watson)
3-Person Suite with Bath (Washington Arms)
Suites (all others)
$ 4,900
$ 4,900
$ 4,465
$ 4,260
Open Triple
Open Triple with Bath (Kimmel)
Open Quad
$ 3,140
$ 3,140
$ 3,280
Large Open Double with Bath (Washington Arms)
Lawrinson Corner Double
Large Open Double
Large Open Double with Bath (Sheraton) CHECK OUT NO LATER THAN NOON ON 5/11/16
Open Double with Bath
Large Split Double
Split Double
Open Double
$ 4,285
$ 4,115
$ 4,115
$ 4,500
$ 4,115
$ 4,115
$ 4,115
$ 3,755
Furnished, utilities included, remain open during semester and spring breaks, meal plan optional:
Per Person Per Semester
1 bedroom (1 student per apartment)
2-bedroom apartment/2 students
3-bedroom apartment/3 students
$ 5,255
$ 4,885
$ 4,510
Ten Month Lease Agreement CHECKOUT NO LATER THAN 5/31/16
requires students to purchase renter’s insurance
4-bedroom apartment/4 students (University Village Apartments)
$ 5,460