MAGMA celebrated Culture Days in style again this year. This annual grass-roots event encourages local
communities to stage free, interactive cultural activities across Canada, so September saw museum tours,
plays and art shows throughout Greater Moncton.
Here at MAGMA we had our students see past the limitations of their language and find what they could do
with the language they had, whether they were advanced learners or just learning basic literacy skills.
We’ve collected their stories and poems and will be putting the collection together for a special Culture
Days edition!
Through partnerships with the YMCA and the Indo-Canadian Association we also hosted a free bhangra
dance class at the “Y”, with Canadian participants being joined by others from Morocco, South Korea,
Australia, India and Cuba. Look for all the details in the upcoming special edition!
With summer behind us I can look with incredible pride at the accomplishments of the MAGMA team already
this year—with the rest of fall and winter still ahead!
So far this year the Settlement Team has helped over 300 independent newcomers join the MAGMA family.
They ranged from skilled workers to investors and entrepreneurs, and that doesn’t even count the 80 additional
international students, refugees and visitors that have benefitted from our services. We’ve also met with nearly
150 other prospective entrepreneurs on their exploratory visits, promoting the benefits of bringing their investment capital to set up business in Greater Moncton.
The depth of services all those clients can expect from us continues to impress me. There can be no integration without communication, and the implementation of the Portfolio Based Learning approach means our
language classes quality has reached even higher levels. We are at near maximum capacity in all classes, so we have more and
more students who can confidently connect with their neighbours, colleagues and new friends.
Newcomers bring not just their skills, experience and business savvy but most importantly, their children. Through MAGMA’s School
and Youth program we’ve helped place over 100 newcomer children into local schools this year as well as a range of camps and
recreational programs to ensure they’re successfully integrating into their social groups. For the youngest children the redesign of the
Childcare Centre has created an amazingly warm environment for our client’s children to learn, play and interact while their parents
are in language classes.
Integration means we also have another key client—our local community, who we continue to support in taking on the skills and
perspectives needed to ensure our newcomers feel welcomed and part of their new home. Our Public Education program has now
delivered cross-cultural skills workshops to over a thousand participants ranging from major employers to government departments,
and most importantly has greatly increased our focus on youth through delivery to universities, colleges, schools and daycares.
So on behalf of my incredibly hard-working board, leadership team, staff and volunteers, I’d like to thank you all for the support you’ve
given MAGMA, and promise to do even more as we move forward with our ambitious plans and goals.
Five of MAGMA’s bravest and fittest (well, mostly) once again mounted stationary
bikes and pedaled for all they’re worth to raise money for the Junior Diabetes
Research Foundation (JDRF).
Sporting the fun gear that is the hallmark of the ride and cheered on by throngs of
enthusiastic clients and supporters, Miriam Conrad (Childcare), Jacques D'entremont (Admin), André Gallant (Language) and Sherrilynn Lackie (Settlement) were all
led by their faithful but panting team captain Justin Ryan (Labour Market Integration)
through a tag-team set of eight-minute rides.
Captain Spirit (a.k.a. School and Youth Coordinator Katelyn Manning) sported a red
cape featuring the MAGMA logo and whipped the supporters into a frenzy as they
shook tambourines, blew horns, clapped and sang to spur the riders on. It definitely
worked, for not only did the team ride over 30 km combined, but one again MAGMA
won the Team Spirit Award! It was MAGMA spirit at its best, so we proudly say:
Spirit! Yeah, yeah!
We’ve got spirit! Yeah, yeah!
We’ve got: What? What? What? What?
MAGMA’s got spirit!
Esprit! Oui oui!
Esprit! Oui oui!
Nous avons l’esprit!
While our five riders had to dig deep into their reserves in the final flagging minutes of their frenzied peddling madness, each of them
was supported by their respective departments who had to dig even deeper to raise the funds to support each team’s rider.
There can never been any doubt that the MAGMA staff don’t love a healthy dose of competition, so pitting each department against
the others for the highest fundraising was a given. The efforts of our staff to raise money for the ride have proven to be beyond successful, with every team reaching their target goal within a three week time period.
Overall the MAGMA team reached their goal by sheer determination and teamwork. Each department, although acting separately,
came together in the end to cheer on their riders and support a worthy cause. Each team created their own unique way of raising
money and through successful advertising, peddling (wares, not pedals) and genuine enthusiasm, MAGMA successfully supported all
five riders past their individual $125 goal before well before the October 4 th deadline for a total of $745! As part of the fundraising
efforts the Labour Market Integration team sold peeler cards, offering up a guaranteed good time with BOGO burgers and bowling—a
delightfully pleasant combo. Let’s see what the other teams did!
The Childcare team attracted our inner child
by hosting a breathtaking art exhibit where
paintings created by our tiny clients were up
for display and sale—proving once again
that tiny fingers have the most imagination!
The Administration team approached
the task by appealing to our indulging
sides, offering raffle tickets on an autumn inspired basket filled with goodies,
a Holiday Candy Wreath and a silent
auction on Michel Goguen’s CD of easy
listening music.
The Language Department struck a
chord with the hungry crowds of the
Peace Centre by hosting a Soup &
Snack event where delightful aromas
basked the atrium during lunch time,
demonstrating that their goal could be
reached with one well organized and
delicious event.
The Settlement Team added a feminine
touch by selling tickets on a set of silverplated bangles and hoop earrings.
Have you ever seen that nervous teenager
waiting for a job interview and sporting a
brand new suit, or maybe his father’s?
Dressing the part is a right of passage for
those entering the workforce, and it can
make all the difference between landing the
job of your dreams and winding up part of a
set of statistics. With 7 out of 10 newcomers
underemployed compared to their education
and experience, we need to give our clients
every possible opportunity to overcome the
barriers between them and success. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing the skills and
knowledge they have to other regions, and
with businesses struggling to find high-skilled
labour locally, that’s a recipe for economic
Fortunately, MAGMA was once again chosen
as the local recipient of the Moores Clothing Drive. For the third year in a row our clients got to peruse the huge range of suits, shirts,
blazers, ties and more in their quest to look the part as they enter the Canadian workforce, and came out looking spectacular!
So on behalf of everyone involved, a huge thanks to Moores Clothing for Men for their incredible generosity, as well as to those
women’s clothiers who have since expressed interest in hosting a similar event to get our professional women looking the part.
After our client Ricardo Hernandez was featured by photographer
Viktor Pivovarov in the Times and Transcript sporting his new
suit (above) he was inspired to write by way of thanks:
Dearly teacher,
I want to tell you that in the school gifted me two suits. They were
very beautiful. When I will go to Cuba maybe I’ll wear them. I
received the suits in an office of the school. The people that gifted me the suits were pretty friendly. I would like one day share
with them in my house.
Well I very pleased for the gift and I have to say goodbye.
Love, Ricardo
Yes, amazingly, kindergarten registration time is coming up again. It’s been a wonderful experience for Anike, SeoYoun, Yubin and
Prince learning and growing in MAGMA’s Childcare Centre while their parents have been attending our language classes. However,
together with new arrival Benjamin, these MAGMA kids couldn’t be more excited about finally going to school—just like big kids!
Registration for the anglophone district will take place at your local school from October 15–18 for children who will turn five by
December 31, 2014 and who start school next fall (September 2014).
Those going into the francophone system can register online, and then go to the district office to bring copies of their Medicare card,
immunization records, previous school records if any and if relevant, either a passport or Permanent Resident Card/Papers.
I love to cook. More to the point, I love to cook multicultural foods. Indian,
Thai, South American, Chinese, Moroccan—you name it. Give me flavours,
spices, herbs and fill the house with the fragrances of the world.
My friends sometimes find spicy cooking intimidating, especially if (like me)
they grew up with more standard Western fare. As a novice they either see
the spices in the store and spend time scratching their head while you wonder
what to do with it, or see them in a recipe and scratch their head some more
wondering where on earth to get sambal oelek.
Good news is, I can help out with both. But here’s the thing. I’m lazy, so I
cheat a lot. My wife and I both work, so I’m not spending all day making curry
pastes and such from scratch. Plus, I had a skilled but fairly traditional cook
for a mother, so I didn’t grow up with a knowledge of spices and such. That means if you’re looking for recipes from an expert spice
master, look somewhere else. However if you’re the rookie who thinks it all looks interesting but a little overwhelming and you don’t
know what half those spices even are, then you’re in safe hands. Mine are all “toss in the crock-pot in the morning and have for supper when I get home from work” fare, pure and simple. I just figured that since I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into being lazy, I
should share the fruits (and vegetables) of my labours.
“Let food be thy medicine
And thy medicine be food”
For spicy cooking you’re going to need, well, spices. Shopping for the key ingredients in Greater Moncton can be a challenge, so it’s
been great for me to see more stores opening with what I need. So here’s my insider scoop on some local spots (mostly run by
MAGMA clients and board members) that make your multicultural cooking life just a little easier when plunging head-first on your
opening foray into the world of spicy cooking.
Dolma Foods
This long-time Moncton fixture at 251 George St has now opened a second venue for more of the
same success. After Dieppe Mayor Yvon Lapierre finished cutting the ribbon on the new Dieppe
Boulevard site I got to browse shelf after shelf of hard-to-get ingredients and eventually walked
out of my first visit with some much-needed kaffir lime leaves (oh so essential for the citrus flavourings in my Thai dishes) and galangal ginger.
Main Stop Oriental Market
This Jones Lake convenience store has become my go-to store for Thai curry pastes. The Korean owners have stocked the shelves with a dazzling array of spices, plus prepared food like gyoza (pan-fried dumplings).
Blue Olive
Mediterranean ingredients abound at this Paul St store, so if you’re wondering how to use contents of the various bottles and jars you can just take a seat in the restaurant section and see
how they’re turned into a well-spiced Middle-Eastern dish.
I find that the most truly traditional ethnic food comes not from restaurant cooking, but from
kitchen cooking. It’s not the fancy stuff that makes the hallmark food of a region—it’s the
home-cooked, “I was raised on this” comfort food that mom made. This heritage actually
makes the meals far more versatile, since traditionally the wife would make a base and then
simply add whatever was available or fresh in the market that day. Dad caught a rabbit?
Then it’s rabbit stew time, kids. He missed? Vegetable stew.
What makes it “local” is therefore the base. In Europe that’s usually a stew, broth or pasta
sauce. Asia often favours curries while cooking “south of the border” may mean tossing the
ingredients into a chili or soup instead.
Taking this approach to India, this recipe is therefore designed to give you a way to make any curry you like (fish, chicken, vegetarian,
soup etc.) by showing how to make the curry base, and then how to combine your choice of ingredients to suit your taste.
Being lazy I use e.g. Patak-brand curry paste: Madras, Biryani,
Korma, Vindaloo—pretty much anything except Tandoori. Make
sure it’s the curry paste, not sauce (the latter being the “pour the
whole jar into a pan with ingredients for an instant meal”. Bleah.)
So first we’ll look at how to make a very simple base, and then
we’ll add this base to make a curry .
Indian Curry Paste
2 Tbsp
Chili Paste
¼ tsp (to taste)
Onions/green onions
Garlic (minced)
1 clove
1 tsp
Fry the onions in the oil until brown.
Reduce heat and add remaining ingredients. Stir-fry on low for
1-–2 minutes.
as above
Tomatoes (tinned, diced)
1 can
Main Ingredient
(to taste)
Choose a base of beef, chicken, seafood, tofu, vegetables etc.
and stir-fry in the curry base with the garlic.
For vegetables the traditional ones are very robust “winter” vegetables—cauliflower, carrots, potatoes etc. You can use tofu,
but my favourite is to add a can of either chick peas (to make
a chana masala) or lentils—make sure you strain and wash
them well in a colander.
Either add the tomatoes in to the pan (if you’ve got a good one
with a lid) or better yet into a slow-cooker. This lets it all simmer for hours, including while your away at work.
The longer the better to marinate and tenderize the ingredients—
preferably overnight. You’ll wake up thinking you’re in New
So that’s it—fry some onions, throw in curry and chili paste, stirfry in your chosen ingredient and throw the lot into a slowcooker with a tin of diced tomatoes!
This has been a month of consolidating, organizing and re-vamping the Volunteer department here at MAGMA. Our focus for the past
month has been on building the framework to really move the community connections program ahead, pairing newcomer families with
a local volunteer for a year of support, guidance and friendship. We are already seeing the fruits of our labor, having made three new
connections this month with many more to follow.
The new database of skills and background will make it much easier for the coordinator to match volunteer skills to opportunities within MAGMA. We have provided some wonderful volunteers to help out with the upcoming Frontier College tutoring project, and like all
new volunteers going forward we delivered cross-cultural communication training to better support them as they spend their time with
clients from across the globe.
Ghaida has been volunteering for MAGMA for over a year. Her
energy and good humor are evident in all her activities, whether it’s
serving at the presidents reception or answering the phone at the
front desk at lunch time. Thank you Ghaida—you and your boys
Wa’el, Anmar, and Wa’li have always been ready to help whatever
the need.
We asked Ghaida a few questions to get to know her better:
When did you move to Canada?
I moved to Canada and settled in Moncton January 2012.
When and why did you start working as a volunteer for MAGMA?
I started my volunteer work with MAGMA July 2012. The reason why I chose MAGMA as my volunteer place is that I heard about
MAGMA before my arrival. As a multicultural association I found myself as a part of this community.
What are some of the things you have done as a volunteer?
The MOSAIQ festival 2012 was the first activity I participated in as a volunteer, helping to prepare the tent and other stuff for the
big event. I enjoyed helping MAGMA staff setting up the tent and decorating the booths. It was a night fulfilled with joy, happiness
and fun with all volunteers and MAGMA staff as if we were a family.
And then the events come on row after row.
Christmas 2012, I was a volunteer helping in the preparation for the Christmas parade. After that, based on my background
in administrative I am doing volunteer at the office receiving calls, filing, dealing with clients since that time.
Why do you enjoy Volunteering for MAGMA?
I enjoyed what I did and what I`m doing. MAGMA found me the opportunity to volunteer in an amazing environment, staff who
likes to draw smiles on the newcomer’s faces, building bridges between cultures and traditions through the events, workshops,
networking, and all the other things that touch their clients.
While many of the MAGMA staff have arrived here from around the world, we also have more
than our fair share of Canadian-born seasoned travelers like new English teacher Mary Reid.
Having moved away from Lower Sackville in Nova Scotia to Korea and then on to New
Zealand, Mary eventually returned to Canada to complete her masters at Brock University in
St. Catharines, Ontario.
Finally returning to the east coast and joining our team, she’s finding that teaching the MAGMA
beginners in Level 2 a fascinating contrast to the more experienced Level 6/7 LINC students.
When not travelling or peddling madly through the downtown traffic to get to work, Mary loves
to kick back with a good autobiography or find the out-of the way spots where she can hear
local Canadian independent musicians rock out the tunes she’s been listening to on CBC
Radio 3.
Welcome to the MAGMA family Mary!
The only way to do great work
is to love what you do.
~Steve Jobs~
Fall is upon us and so the busy season at MAGMA has begun. Really though, life at
MAGMA is always busy. As I watch our calendars begin to fill up with exciting events, it reminded me that we all need to love what we do. If we didn’t then being as busy as we are,
would be very difficult.
This month I have had the pleasure of watching each one of our departments compete in a
friendly competition against each other to raise money for the JDRF Bike Ride. The Labour Market Integration team sold Peeler
Cards, The Language Department had a soup luncheon in the Peace Center Atrium, the Administration Department sold tickets on a
fall basket, the Settlement Department sold tickets on a bracelet and earrings set and the Childcare Team made paintings with the
children and hosted an art sale in the Peace Center Atrium. The money that we raise will go back to another very worthy charity.
I believe that this is an important lesson that we are teaching our students to do unto
others as you would have done onto you. We are giving back to the community who
embraces us so lovingly and supports us in all of our endeavours.
A good example of this would be the Moores Suit Drive that was recently held at
MAGMA for our clients. Moores gave us over a hundred suits that we were able to give
back to our clients. What a powerful moment it was to see our clients smiling and proud
to be dressed in their finest attire.
This is the community that we are proud to be part of.
The MAGMA’s Senior’s Program encourages our “golden-age” (50+) new arrivals to integrate into
the community. We have regular activities that allow them to socialize and interact with other
seniors and to share their life experiences while making friends and memories along the way.
These connections are a crucial part of allowing them to integrate into the community. Each activity is offered in both official languages (English and French) and focuses greatly on encouraging
seniors to get out there and interact with the city! Make memories today by contacting Chantal
Laviolette, Immigrant Seniors Coordinator. She can help you with establishing yourself in the city
and coordinating your way through the fog of languages, sports, medical appointments, job
hunting and both cultural and community events.
MAGMA would like join Moncton Mayor George Leblanc in
extending a warm welcome to Mr. Daniel Yabara. Originally from
the Central African Republic, Mr. Yabara arrived in Moncton at
the end of September from Cameroon. He immediately
impressed us all with his blend of friendliness and impeccable
manners, and will spend the next few weeks familiarising himself
with the city and all it has to offer.
I always tell my kids that “a day without learning is a day lost”, and nowhere is this better exemplified than at
Tantramar Seniors’ College.
Our senior clients are now able to take full advantage of a new partnership between MAGMA, Tantramar College and the cities of
Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview. By registering at Tantramar Seniors College, our clients over the age of 50 can take part in programs
and workshops specifically geared towards seniors.
Some of the great courses being offered this fall are:
Introduction to Art History
Introduction to Computers
Roles and Responsibilities of Municipal Councillors
Sharing Our Favorite Books
Simple Christmas Decorating With Greenery
Understanding the News
Travel Information For Wandering Boomers
For more information please contact Debbie, Volunteer Coordinator for Tantramar Senior College, at 854-4148.
She can also provide you with a complete list of all the classes being offered this fall. A new schedule for winter classes will be posted
in January 2014.
Let’s go!
You are cordially invited to join us for a Fall Festive Event at La Teraz in Moncton. This very special celebration is in honor of our Senior clients and friends, and provides a wonderful opportunity to socialize and mingle while enjoying a nice warm
Thursday, October 17
6:30pm to 8:30pm
La Teraz,154 Church St. Moncton
The evening is complimentary (free) but it’s important to reserve a seat by Friday October 11
Chantal Laviolette, Seniors Coordinator 858-9659 Ext 2299 or at [email protected]
We hope to see you there!
For over 30 years, MAGMA has existed for just one reason: to
welcome newcomers. Here, in their new home, they can strive to
achieve their dreams of success, freedom and security.
At no cost, MAGMA aids in all aspects of settlement, including
assisting with:
 locating and settling into their new homes and schools;
 securing a job, learning a trade or practising a profession;
 learning English or French; and
 connecting with support agencies and health care
MAGMA is there with the advice, training and support needed to
bring their skills and culture to add to the rich fabric of our society.
Peace Centre
22 Church St
Suite C170
Moncton, NB
E1C 07P
(506) 858-9659
Email: [email protected]
With the tribute to legendary Armenian tenor Charles Aznovour coming to Capitol
Theatre on Thursday Oct 10, this issue we’re featuring the düdük, a double-reed
Armenian wood-wind instrument. Usually fashioned from apricot wood, the tsiranapogh or “apricot pipe” has actually been used extensively by Western musicians.
Peter Gabriel used it when writing film scores for Martin Scorsese, and it was also
used in the film scores for Gladiator, Blood Diamond and Syriana, and the music
you heard Mr. Tumnus play in The Chronicles of Narnia was actually
produced by a düdük. If you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan then you would hardly
have watched an episode without some düdük music being featured prominently to
give it that haunting air of despair.
So don’t miss this unique opportunity to see a dazzling line-up of singers paying
tribute to Aznovour and his musical legacy. He’s not just an inspirational singer,
but a composer who has written around 1,000 songs. In fact, in 1998 he was
named Entertainer of the Century by CNN and users of Time Online from around
the globe, edging out Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan, so the tribute singers have a lot
to live up to! For more information, go to
Plus there’s a good chance there’s a düdük being played in there somewhere!