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Festival weather
The perfect match
Weather today Sunshine and
some clouds later in the day
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Orange opening
Finally, the gates to the festival site
were opened.
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The giant
mobile phone
returns from
the dead
Discover everything from German club muscle and deep British dubstep to Balkan brass
and American Party mashup at the Roskilde night parties.
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60 beers in
30 seconds
The festivals biggest beer bong
contains 60 beers..
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Orange press
friday july 4, 2008
The Oval is upgraded
The Oval is Roskilde Festival’s exclusive area close to the Lounge area. This year the area’s lush feeling
has been given an extra hike. There are new seats in the bars. The good old table and bench approach
is still in effect, but they have been redesigned in new materials, which are attractive and functional.
The lighting has also been upgraded with new lamps, and there are now six choices of food compared
with last years four. Offers include homemade burgers, thai food, nachos, tapas, lambrusco, sushi and
expresso. The extra space for the bars is a result of the area’s goodbye to the Spoken Word tent.
The giant mobile phone
returns from the dead
Friday July 4
Roskilde Pavilion
13.00: Job For A Cowboy
15.00: Polarkreis 18
17.00: Rotten Sound
19.00: A Kid Hereafter
21.00: Seasick Steve
23.00: Holy Fuck
01.00: Yeasayer
03.00: Familjen
First the giant mobile phone on the Festival site went up in flames. But now
the towering symbol of this year’s humanitarian focus has re-emerged.
A young Danish man who
was arrested for drug-dealing
on Wednesday was set free
today. He had continuously
told the police that he was
not the owner of 200 ecstasy
pills even though he was carrying them when he was arrested. After the preliminary
questioning on Wednesday
he was set free. As a friend
of him turned himself in to
the police and explained that
the pills actually belonged
to him. The real drug-dealer
is kept in police custody for
the next 2 weeks and will be
taken to court.
Man still
in coma
from drug
Fix your gaze at the Orange Stage and turn your
head a little to the left,
then you’ll see a sixteen
feet tall mobile phone.
Tuesday evening the phone
caught attention throughout the entire Festival site.
It went up in flames and
the fire department had to
respond quickly and extinguish the fire. Ever since a
team of volunteers has toiled
around the clock to rebuild
the phone so that it would
be ready for the opening of
the Festival site yesterday.
The gigantic phone plays
an important role on this
year’s Roskilde Festival. It is
the symbol of 2008’s humanitarian focus. In cooperation
with Danish charity organisation DanChurchAid,
Roskilde Festival has created
the campaign Fair Phone
Fair Future. The campaign is
about the metal industry in
DR ongo – a country, where
many companies buy the
materials used in the production of mobile phones. Congo has a huge potential
”Minerals from DR Congo
used in mobile phones have
been used to finance civil
war and horrible working
conditions. But they can and
must aid in the establishment of peace, reasonable
working conditions and development. There is a huge
potential in that country,”
says Christian Friis Bach,
international chief of DanChurchAid. Fair Phone Fair
Future is not about people
simply boycotting mobile
phones. Mobile phone
companies have previously
pulled out of countries like
DR Congo when the press
has started to address the
situation but this is not the
solution, says Christian Friis
You can support the Fair
Phone Fair Future campaign
by handing over your refund
to the collectors who raises
money to improve conditions
for children in DR Congo.
PHoto: Sanne Vinter
Real ecstasy
dealer turned
himself in
Roskilde Astoria
12.30: Yoyo Oyoy Presents Kirsten Ketsjer, Yoke
& Yohs And Yoyo Oyoy Special
Occasion Orchestra
14.00: Anthony Joseph
& The Spasm Band
16.00: Sidi Goma
18.00: First Floor Power
20.00: Sunburned Hand Of The Man
22.00: Osaka Invasion Feat. Dj Scotch Egg, Ove-Naxx,
Maruosa And Bogulta
00.00: Fedde Le Grand & Friends
01.45: Ricoloop
02.30: Orquestra Imperial
03.00: The Count & Sinden
Niels Krogh Søndergaard
Translation: Rasmus
Ovesen The Swedish indie-poppers
come to the rescue in the
last moment. French act
AaRON has unfortunately
been hindered in performing
due to illness. Swedish act
First Floor Power takes over
the spot on Astoria Friday at
18:00 with crooked indie-pop
in the vein of Talking Heads
and Bob Hund.
PHoto: Thomas Arnbo
A 20-years-old Norwegian festival guest was hospitalised
Tuesday after taking a drug
overdose. The man has allegedly mixed hash and heroine
bought in Copenhagen,
reveals the Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende. The
Norwegian is still in a coma
and his condition is critical,
says Bent Stavad from Roskilde Police. The young man’s
family has been notified and
have come to Denmark.
First Floor
Roskilde Cosmopol
12.30: Beardyman
15.00: Kenge Kenge
17.00: Jneiro Jarel’s Shape Of Broad Minds
18.45: Burhan G
20.30: Santogold
22.00: Robyn
00.00: La Kinky Beat
01.15: Dj Wagner Pá
02.30: Orquestra Imperial
Resident Dj: Master Fatman
Roskilde Odeon
12.00: Raunchy
14.00: Kate Nash
16.00: Mugison
18.00: Vieux Farka Touré
20.00: 18th Dye
22.00: CocoRosie
00.00: Battles
02.00: Motorpsycho
02.30: Orquestra Imperial
03.00: The Count & Sinden
Orange Scene
17.00: Gnarls Barkley
19.30: Kings Of Leon
22.30: Grinderman
01.00: The Streets
14.00: Juan Formell Y Los Van Van
16.00: Band Of Horses
21.00: Mogwai
23.30: Goldfrapp
02.00: Spleen United
Roskilde Lounge
12.00: Klaus Lynggaard
13.00: Jomi Massage
15.00: August Engkilde
17.00: Krusseldorf
18.00: Dj Banel
20.00: Dunkelbunt
23.00: Alberta In Love
01.00: White Pony Dj Team
Resident DJ: Baunbaun
Orange Opening
Finally, the gates were opened. Thursday at 5 p.m. eager festival guests stormed into to the festival site, and most of them
continued running until they reached the very front of the Orange Stage. Four days of music was about to begin of the
warmest day of this year’s Roskilde.
Roskilde Arena
14:00: Juan Formelly Los Van Van
16.00: Band of Horses
18.30: Veto
21.00: Mogwai
23.30: Goldfrapp
02.00: Spleen United
Orange Press is written, photographed and edited by the festival media office Publisher Roskilde Festival, Havsteensvej 11, 4000 Roskilde
Editor-in-chief Esben Danielsen Editors Thomas Lenler Olesen, Bine Iversen og Otto Lerche Layout
E-mail [email protected]
Fokus på musik
hver mandag
Roskilde’s hottest day
Up to now Thursday has been the hottest day of this year’s festival with temperatures up to 27C. The hottest festival ever was
in 1976. This year Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show were inspired by the public and proceeded to take their clothes off – ALL
their clothes. The average temperature for the whole festival period in 1976 was 21,9C. According to Danish records, the coldest festival ever was an average temperature of 11,5C. That was in 1984. Brrr. Last year must have been the wettest!
Cool advice in the sun
The festival area is buzzing with activity in the sun, and
it is very important that you protect yourself from the
sunrays and that you drink plenty of liquids.
”If at first, the sunburn is a reality there is very little that the
first-aiders can do. That is of course, unless there are actually
blisters on the skin,” ascertains Lars Rasmussen from the Red
Cross Samaritans.
“The most important thing is to drink plenty of liquids – and
obviously the kind that doesn’t contain alcohol. It is also
important that you protect yourself with sun lotion and that
you eat sensibly,” stresses Lars Rasmussen. He adds that it is a
very good idea to wear a shirt when you’re out in the sun.
The basis for a great party
Up until now, no sunburned festival guests have visited the
first-aiders at this year’s Roskilde Festival.
“But I really hope that people are smart and take care of
themselves in the heat,” says Lars Rasmussen. He recommends that you put on footwear even though it is really hot.
“Sandals prevent accidents whenever festival guests step on
sharp stones or shards of glass.”
According to Lars Rasmussen, if you are already sunburned,
you should use after sun lotion and wear a shirt whenever
you’re out in the sun.
Perhaps not everyone were in such a hurry under
the blistering sun yesterday, but the annual run
to the Orange altar was won by Martin Skovgaard wearing the inevitable orange suit. The
Festival Site is now the center for all activities,
music, events, magic and meetings.
Stage check
Name: Roskilde Astoria
What: Roskilde Astoria is the place where the music creeps
way under your skin. In the daytime you meet the intimate
experiences close to the artists, and at night the tent is
tranformed into a club scene with energetic parties. The
closed tent fits about 3,000 people.
Who: Efterklang, Fanfara Tirana, Fuck Buttons, Dunkelbunt, Sunburned Hand of the Man and more.
Trivia: This year, smoking is prohibited at Roskilde Astoria
(as in Roskilde Lounge) in response to the new Danish
smoking law that took effect in August ’07. So blow out
the smoke before you step into the intimate space!
Where: You find Roskilde Astoria on the hill west of the
Orange Stage.
Stage check
Name: Roskilde Odeon
What: Roskilde Odeon has no extravagant light or sound
show. Odeon is like a solid rock club which gives you everything straight up, from tearing rock roars to intimate concerts.
Simple and authentic – the way it's supposed to be at a festival. Roskilde Odeon emerged in 2003. 170 volunteers work at
Roskilde Odeon which can contain about 5,000 people.
Where: You’ll find Roskilde Odeon in the north-western area
of the festival site, right behind Astoria.
Who: Clutch, CocoRosie, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Raunchy,
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – and more.
Trivia: The focus is on sustainability on the entire area surrounding Roskilde Odeon. All trade is either fair trade or organic, and power-saving LED stage lighting is used on the stage.
friday july 4, 2008
Orange Press brings
you daily reviews in
collaboration with:
Scattered party orgy
Last year it was Arcade
Fire. This year it was
MGMT who managed to
gather the most crowded
tent on the first day of
the festival. An extremely
large crowd had appeared
to see what it was all about
–this deservedly hyped
Brooklyn act MGMT. And
those who expected a huge
communal party also got
it. However, this came in
too small doses as the band
seemed too introvert.
But still the lead singer
Andrew VanWyngaarden
with the nasal vocals was a
unique study in coolness.
With hippie hair-band,
dark sunglasses and a few
doses of pot too many in
Virtuous Awakening
Roskilde Pavillion
Thursday 18.30
Adam Thorsmark
Fans of Kings of Leon, who will play at Orange stage at 19:30,
might as well put a mark in their calendar on September 21st.
Here the south state rockers will release a new album. ‘Only
By the Night’ has been recorded in Nashville, and the band
says to NME that the songs this time are more political.
choir of
young believers
the blood, he steered the
band through fantastic
crowd-plasers like ’Electric
Feel’, ’Kids’ and not least
the youthful hymn ’Time
to Pretend’. If MGMT get
around to writing more
songs of this caliber, they
can become a true psychedelic pop-monster.
Tonight less was enough
– not at least thanks to the
hyper lively audience.
Kings of Leon ready with new material
With no less than seven
guest musicians on stage,
the mastermind behind
Choir of Young Believers,
Jannis Noya Makrigiannis,
showed up with a huge
beard, white shirt and
suspenders – as if he had
appeared directly from the
land of the Amish.
The band started out with
one of their more wellknown songs, ’Riot’, and
this was a reasonable way
of getting acquainted with
the talkative audience. With
their mixture of orchestral
rock and minimal repetition, Choir of Young Believers
sounds like the kings of melancholy in Low interpreting
’Nights in White Satin’.
Wonderful moments, but
photo: thomas kjær
Roskilde Odeon
Thursday kl. 19.30
photo: rasmus weng karlsen
lifting a track like ’We Talk
on the Phone’.
Several new songs were
introduced, and songs like
’Why Does It Always Have to
Be This Way?’ does indeed
promise well for the coming
It was a self-assured concert,
and alone the fact that the
radio hit ’Sharpen Your
Knife’ was left out points to
a band with great integrity.
This was my third Choir
of Young Believers concert
within a month and absolute the most impressive.
Because is surely not modest
music. This is music which
deserves big stages where
the high ambitions can be
Björn Lydén
you soon risk suffocating.
Two drummers, a violinplayer and cello contributed
to creating depth, and
especially the broadening of
the rhythm section helped
Well, we can’t compete with the music...
Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 11pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 12pm
Københavnsvej 118
4000 Roskilde
Ringstedgade 76
4000 Roskilde
6 |
Orange press
friday july 4, 2008
Second Grinderman album on its way
Orange Press brings
you daily reviews in
collaboration with:
Last year, the side project from Nick Cave thundered through
the sound barrier with their self-titled debut album. And
according to the caveman himself, you can look forward to
another album from the band in the beginning of 2009. So
who knows? Maybe a couple of new songs will be played
when the group take over Orange Stage tonight at 22:30.
Trustworthy cream menu no. 2
Lupe Fiasco
Roskilde Cosmopol
Thursday kl. 20.45
”Lupe, Lupe, Lupe!” The
expectant audience shouted
the new and fresh figure of
hip hop onto the stage and
let his name resound every
time the break between the
songs allowed for it.
Unfortunately, this
was allowed a little too
often, however, Cosmopol
was almost floating with
an energetic crowd that
licked up more and more
cream and became wilder
and wilder during the
No matter the amount
of sex in the Muslim rapper lyrics, the boys aired
waved their caps, and the
girls got hot when Lupe let
his eight man strong act
hammer the stage canvas
up high in the air like
cream on hot pans mixed
with hand-played hiphop.
The sexy atmosphere lit
fire when a couple in the
audience started going at it
during the track Superstar.
That’s Roskilde Festival for
you! But even though it was
a great party, a bit of coffee
was missing in the cream.
’Hiphop saved my life’and those ’I’m one of you,
guys’ clichés from the stage
gave the fresh air a rather
mainstream aftertaste.
Kristoffer Hegnsvad
PHoto: rasmus weng karlsen
The Perfect match
Orange Stage
Thursday 22.00
”This ain’t fuckin’ Backstreet Boys”
Roskilde Arena
Thurs 20.30
”This ain’t fucking Backstreet Boys, my friends,” front
man Matthew Tuck said and
encouraged the audience to
start crowdsurfing.
With some hesitation, a
few boys from the moshpit
jumped onto each other’s
backs, while others kept to
the back, though we did understand the message. That
this band wasn’t Backstreet
Boys. That it was far more
dangerous. That we had to ap-
All the while, guitarist
Michael Padget put his left
foot on the monitor and
gazed across the audience,
while he played another
solo. Professionally, heavy,
technically impressive. And
However, it never became
dangerous, They wrapped
the metal in a nice and too
emotional vocal and tender
lyrics which only bleed theatre blood. ”What’s happening to me / I’m dying from
the inside.”
But it wasn’t fuckin’ Backstreet Boys, it was a good
concert, but it wasn’t fuckin’
Metallica either.
Otto Lerche
Heavy opening of Odeon
Roskilde Odeon
Thursday. 5.30pm
American Clutch were allowed to open Odeon this
year, and they were certainly not allowed to do so
in considering the “touchy
types”. From the first second, Clutch delivered heavy
stoner rock with all the
trimmings – fully charged
amplifiers, extremely hard
drumming and raw vocals.
The bands experiment
in stoner rock bore clear
references to Kyuss, who,
without doubt, have played
an important inspirational
role. In the Clutch version
this was mixed with a little
touch of extra funk and metal, which made the music
their own. We experienced
a technical, very well played
set, obviously enhanced by
the band’s recent extensive
live activity.
Everything wasn’t all
that exciting. Most of the heavy riffs were fine, but Neil
Fallon’s vocals seemed forced, and many of Clutches
PHoto: thomas kjær
Bullet for
my valentine
pear wilder. However, though
the concert was good and
seemed as one of the positive
surprises of the day – professional delivered, technically
exciting – the band never
really became dangerous.
Bullet for My Valentine
opened with the title track
from the latest album,
Scream Aim Fire. With a precision like a German machine
gun, the drummer blasted
off lethal fills (or so they sounded) into the stage room.
The lead singer encouraged the audience the put
their “fuckin’ fingers in the
air” and use the fuckin’ moshpit. The audience followed
order. They showed the devil
horns, moshed and surfing
the crowd. And did some
heavy sweating!
Some headliners suit Roskilde
Festival better than others.
Radiohead fits in perfectly this
year. They have a new album
with them in the luggage,
they are innovative, they have
massive amounts of artistic
qualities, they cover a wide
stressed their status as of the
most ground-breaking names
in rock with a concert that had
it all.
The audience on the
crowded Festival Site witnessed a band that controlled
both the compressed as well
as the simple elements, and
the soulful as well as the noisy
elements. And this happened
with a setlist which allowed
room for the challenging, but
also contained the impulsive
– introspective electronic on
’The Gloaming’ – and outward-
selection of genres, and at the
same time they have an equal
amount of appeal in the public.
And finally they even turned
environmentally conscious.
In other words, Radiohead
has struck a chord with
Roskilde’s progressive and
political profile.
The originals from Oxford
drew a double line under that
fact with a concert which was
close to being perfect. With
last year’s eminent and extremely publicized album, In
Rainbows, at the centre, they
oddball antics came across
as a desperate attempt to
seem different.
Emil Kragh-Schwartz
Translation Tim Lawson
friday july 4, 2008
Mogwai howls in September
The Streets in top form
At 21:00 Mogwai powers up at Arena. And if you have preference for the Scots virile noise rock, you can look forward to a
new studio album called, ‘The Hawk is Howling’, on September 21st. The album offers 10 songs and guest performance
from acid rock legend Rocky Erickson who performed at last
year’s Roskilde Festival.
Roskilde Festival has always
been known for gambling
by presenting new bands
instead of only playing safe
and well-known names.
Letting the sensitive Faroese
Teitur play the opening concert at Roskilde Orange was
another gamble challenging
the thought that music has
to be loud and noisy to appear on the biggest stage. But
unfortunately the fragile
singer/songwriter’s melodies
did not work well on this
scene as the sound was too
low and the audience kept
talking too much.
Through the song ‘The
Singer’ Teitur tries to come
to terms with the idea of
being a singer expressed
through the lines ‘I’d never
meant to be a singer, but I’m
slowly getting used to the
idea’. When playing at Orange Stage, he did not seem to
be quite used to the idea yet.
But, as he noted himself, he
was also challenged by the
fact that he was playing to a
crowd of more people than
Roskilde Arena
Thursday 18.00
Expectant waiting and
whispering resounded in
the stage tent before Duffy’s
opening of Arena which first
Christian Boier
photo: thomas kjær
If Gossip was made of ice,
they would be made of chocolate covered ice cream. Hard
on the outside and soft on
the inside. The edgy guitardriven tunes formed the hard
shell, while Beth Dittos soul
vocal formed the softness on
the inside. Lots of power and
quite tasty.
It started out slowly, but as
by quiet string instruments,
carefully played horns and a
women’s choir.
Both Teitur and his band
did well, but the intimacy
needed to truly release his
music was blown away by
the wind of the Festival Site,
and the party-demanding
crowd was only satisfied
when he played ’Catherine
the Waitress’ as one of the
last songs.
Teitur did not really give
us a noisy and loud party to
kick-off the festival. Instead
he peacefully cut the silk
cord of Roskilde Festival ’08.
The part will probably start
later on.
seemed as the one track the
majority of the audience had
come around to hear.
And after the dust from
the dancing feet had settled,
many left Arena after a
concert that merely seemed
to meet expectations rather
than adding anything really
new to the songs.
Christian Boier
Translation: Mette Dahl
in the shadow of Radiohead
because the band did an
incredible job and created a
great party.
Jakob Rom Johansen
appeared as cheering and
clapping, but was followed
by almost complete silence
when she took the stage
with the track ’Syrup &
Honey’ only accompanied by
Duffy appeared as an
updated soul diva who both
seemed to live up the all the
clichés when she tripped
around the stage with her
blonde locks, red painted
fingernails and stilettos,
but also displayed a more
modern and solid message
to the female audience than
many of her predecessors on
the soul scene.
”My songs are about
taking no shit,” she proclaimed, something that
didn’t break the image, but
rather gave her some needed
As a centre of attraction
on the stage, Duffy easily
kept the audience focused
when she danced around
with equal amounts of innocence and flirting. However,
it was the strength of her
vocal that really impressed
when she let it loose in the
soulful retro ballads.
However, the platinumselling single ‘Mercy’
photo: Rasmus weng karlsen
Good gossip
Roskilde Odeon
Thursday 21.30
the entire population of the
Faeroe Islands.
Instead of the muscle
power normally demanded to conquer this stage,
Teitur tried to put forward
a feeling of melancholia.
Starting with his ’Guilt By
Association’ he crooned his
way through the setlist,
mostly only accompanied
Unruly diva
the charges of human energy
and mechanic programming
formed a whole several times
during the show, helped by six
big screens and energy-saving
LED-lights on stage.
Last time the band visited
the festival Site, the rain was
pouring down on the Orange
Stage. That was in 1997. This
year they conquered the
Orange Stage. Radiohead
and Roskilde was the perfect
the concert progressed, Beth
Ditto and her band mates turned more power on step by
step. And thanks for that.
What started out a little
slow ended as a remarkable party with a jumping
audience and a rather significant lead singer who strolled
around in her underwear.
Along the way, Beth Ditto
expressed her fear of playing
the same time slot at Radiohead, but her and the band
allowed the audience to sing
the Radiohead hit Creep, and
this eliminated all doubt.
And there was absolutely no
reason for Gossip to stand
photo: thomas arnbo
photo: thomas kjær
Orange Stage
Thursday at 6.30 pm
When Mike Skinner’s band tonight visit the largest scene on the
Festival, the main character will literally be fit for fight. At the
time, Skinner is training to accomplish the New York Marathon in
November. So if you run into an energetic jogger it might be the
running Brit.
Quiet sound and a loud audience
looking communal singing on
’Karma Police’.
It was all delivered with
a sophisticated seriousness,
free of all politically correct
statements. Thom Yorke felt no
need to verbally save the crowd
in the name of a higher cause
in a Chris Martin-like fashion.
The music spoke for itself, and
20 minutes even passed before
we heard a single “hey”
The new songs which have
been played live for two years
have now found their right elements in the live setting, and
Cathrine Rodalgaard
8 |
Orange press
friday july 4, 2008
Orange Press ventured out among the campers to
feel the pulse of this year’s trends in head fashion.
This year’s trend: festive colours!
photo: Sanne Vinter
Head fashion
I have chosen my hat, because it is neat, and it makes
me look like a scarecrow. I like that.
Frederik, 19, from Norway
Festival nights offer other pleasures than death-binging, flirting and singing by the camp
fire. If you find your way through the darkness to the scenes, you will discover that the
music program includes everything from German club muscle and deep British dubstep to
Balkan brass and American Party mashup. Here we steer you towards some of the festivals
best night parties.
Let the deep-sounding bass
from London shake diaphragm
If you like your bass served in such a dark
and deep manner that your diaphragm
literally shakes, Roskilde Festival has a
real treat in the goody bag for you Saturday night at Roskilde Cosmopol.
No one else than some of the biggest act
in dubstep will be on stage in the shape of
Shackleton, Benga, and Skream.
Especially the only 21-year-old – pallid
Skream is a pioneer and a star on the scenet.
He is regarded as one of the dubstep originators, and he released his debut at the tender
age of nineteen.
“The garage scene was slowly dying out,
so we decided to do something else. It was
really stripped, minimal and was only about
the bass. It was back in 2000-2001, and we
were really young – only about 15,” explains
Oliver Jones – his civilian name – about
the early beginnings
in the southern
London quarter
Beats like pistol
shots in the dark
After a few years
- primarily with
status – there is
no doubt that
dubstep has
seriously established itself
as a viable genre. The deep, mysterious bass
and the fusion between dub and 2-step have
bubbled in London since 1999.
The ambience is generated by beats that
sound just like gun shots in the dark –
rhythms sounding like aliens hacking our
brains, and a bass as deep as mother earth’s
force field. Shackleton usually incorporates
Middle Eastern sounds into his music, while
Skream – who will be performing with his
friend Benga under the joint name Magnetic
Man – is unusual in that he also has a real
The German duos house/
rock hybrid is plutonium in
its most unstable condition
Translation: Rasmus Ovesen
Ruthless and mad
“Isi doesn’t care about technique. He is more
organised, so when I put a cable into the
chequered square he visualises and directs
the creative output. On the live stage, things
change. “Isi can be much more ruthless and
mad than me.”
They met at the end of the 90’s as employees in a Hamburg record shop called Underground Solution. “While
While we
we were there,
were there,
we witnessed
we witnessed many, many
boring releases
many, many
every week. Out
of 500 records,
boring remaybe only
leases every
one was worth
the vinyl it was
jens moelle printed on,”
Jens says about
the decade’s
garage and house craze.
“That’s why we began to make our own
music” Among Digitalisms first tasteful
electronic concoction was the kidnapping
of Robert Smith’s voice which was forced by
sampling and stringent beats to spell – not
sing the title form the Cures ‘Fire in Cairo’.
It took us half an hour to make it,” says Jens
about the loose hacker hit ‘Digitalism in
Cairo” written on pirate software.
When playing live, Digitalism is plutonium in its most unstable form, and if you
The Cure, Depeche Mode, The White
Stripes, Klaxons and The Futureheads
all have one thing in common. The balls
in their music have had intimate contact
with two Germans.
The Hamburg
based duo Jens
Moelle and Ismael
‘Isi’ Tuefekci are
Digitalism, who,
since 2004, have
remixed themselves
upwards in the
DJ tables, making
it embarrassingly
difficult for even the
most clogged rock
youth to say no to a
quick dance. The hype
increased even more,
almost to boiling point
last year, when they
released their debut album ‘Idealism’.
understanding of
songs have
good hooks.
Benga’s songs
always have
a good hook
that’s really
catchy. And I
just think that
makes people
remember your
music. I don’t
have a musical
education, but I like to make ‘real’ music
and use chords correctly. You can inject so
much emotion into your music in that way. I
really like horror movie soundtracks. It’s all
about using the music to build suspense and
make you feel something really specific.”
Indierock or disco?
We are in borderland,
where the different
genres glide together
and lovingly caress
each others hands. “We compliment
each other. I am a music and technical nerd,”
Jens explains about his chaos theory.
Shackleton will be playing Saturday at 03:00. Magnetic Man
feat. Benga and Skream will play
Saturday at 01:30. All of them
will play at Roskilde Cosmopol
Did you know?
Dubstep is alive and well in Denmark too.
Especially the members of the DJ-collective
Ohoi! are proud representatives. They are
the masterminds behind the nightclub
Below which is notorious for having a
huge sound system, unusually intense bass
frequencies, as well as the record company
Kraken Recordings which releases Danish
doubt this claim, you can test for yourself
Sunday night at Roskilde Arena.
With a great risk of meltdown they play
a springy house/rock hybrid, which is like
tickling sensations in printing tracks. If
Franz Ferdinand is a rock band who get
people to dance, Digitalism is dance music
which gets people to rock. This stuff is infectious.
“It must just be loud,” grins Jens. Maybe
because of this their studio is in a bunker
behind thumb-thick concrete without windows. The only effects to create the party
atmosphere are ventilation and a 5 euro
stroboscope light.
Digitalism plays
Sunday 00.00 at
the Roskilde Arena
Did you know?
Digitalism’s hard pumped music is made
to support the decks’ heavy universe. The
single ‘Pogo’ has already been used on
the soundtrack for games like “Need for
Speed: ProStreet’ and ‘FIFA 08’.
friday july 4, 2008
Mille, 22, from Denmark
photo: Sanne Vinter
photo: Sanne Vinter
I chose my scarf, because it is an explosion of colours.
And since it is festival, summer and sun, the scarf
represents it very well.
You have to have a festival hat! Last year I had a cowboy
hat, but this year I have went for a more classical look ala
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. The shuttlecock in the
hat band shows my interest for badminton.
Pål, 23, from Norway
Girl Talk
Meet the most popular and fun and festive hero thief since Robin Hood
Imagine a dance floor where Jay-Z, Metallica, Roy Orbison, Britney Spears, Aphex
Twin, Michael Jackson, Kanye West,
Radiohead and Ace of Base all dancing and
tumbling around, going completely ape
shit and stripping one by one. This is just
about how the brand new album ‘Feed the
Animals’ by the infamous one-man-army
Girl Talk, who have created a new style
and career by creating music which is stolen from the whole of the pop catalogue.
smith was crossed with KRS-One, whilst
Salt-N-Pepa swapped saliva with James
Brown. In the Girl Talk universe only the
best seconds from a song are allowed in.
One chorus, one guitar scream, all to create the wild party that his live-shows have
the reputation of delivering.
who play
guitar do not
pay royalties to the
person who
invented the
The one and
only member
of the army
is 26-year-old
Greg Gillis,
who made his
via the Internet when he
released his
album “Night
Gregg Gillis Ripper”. This
and deeply illegal release was every sampler’s paradise.
One great mashup consisting of extracts
from 150 other artist’s recordings. Aero-
Infinitive combinations
“I started with experimental music, but I
am more minded now to create the party
atmosphere, and get people out onto the
dance floor. The music is all my favourite
songs which are cut up so I can combine
The Entrance of the Horns
Leave your inhibitions at home and let yourself get
blown away by an impressive Balkan inspired line-up.
Tired of moving your feet to predictable
4/4 beats and cool synthesizers? Roskilde Festival offers other more exotic acts
to get you out of your camping chair –
On Saturday
evening and
night on
the Astoria
stage you
can experience four different acts
who in
each of their different ways know how to
create a party based on strutting horns and
elegant brass.
One name who has been successful in
bridging the gap between the European club
scene and Balkan music is German Shantel.
His DJ-set Bucovina Club is renowned and
has laid waste to venues all over Europe, and
his bubbling cocktail of Western club beats
flavoured with the Balkan horn and exotic
scales has won him BBC’s prestigious World
Music Award in 2006. Shantel is bringing
his eight man high Bucovina Club Orchestra, who will create the party and happy
days feeling - guaranteed.
Shantel is not the only western European
who has recognised the potential in this
new fusion. The Austrian DJ, Dunkelblunt
calls his own music ‘Balkan Dub’, and it
is true that you can hear gypsy music
and dub in his production, but his
expression also draws from
other more well-known specialities like Ska, hiphop and
Even the dead dance
Festival revellers won’t be
cheated from more authentic and pure Balkan music. Tubas, saxophones, trumpets and
clarinets are the main ingredients when the
them in an infinite number
of combinations,” explains
Greg Gillis, who has made
sample-based music for
many years.
Until now he has avoided
legal action, even though
he doesn’t bother to clear
his samples. The problem
is that there are too many,
and the price for the rights
would be impossible to pay. Even
so Gregg Gillis doesn’t feel like a thief, or
even a copier who just profits from other
peoples work.
“One could suggest that all music
descended from somewhere. Musicians
who play guitar do not pay royalties to
the person who invented the chord. In the
same way, pop music is built up around
narrow and known elements, and I think
I just play an instrument,” say Gillis, who
you can experience on Saturday evening
on the Cosmopol scene.
Translation: Tim Lawson
Girl Talk will play on Saturday
at 23.00 at Roskilde Cosmopol
Albanian brass band Fanfara Tirana begin
to open their sluices. But don’t get fooled
here. The thirteen man high ensemble can
even make the dead dance when they kick
the party off with their original and soulful update of the South Albanian “Kaba”.
It moves the edge of the stage and then
straight into your heart. Fanfara Tirana has
been tipped as one of the best Balkan brass
bands at the moment by experts, so don’t
miss your chances of experiencing a lesson
in how real brass should sound.
People also know how to blow the horn
outside Balkan. From the other side of the
world comes the fiery Spokfrevo Orquestra
from Brazil. The orchestra have taken their
name from their bandleader Spok and the
Brazilian carnival music “Frevo”, which
originates from the Pernambucos area of
Spokfrevo Orquestra
mix the best from
“Frevo” with
Swing and Jazz,
kicking the
beat up to
around double tempo, so
no normal,
sane person
Did you know?
Greg Gillis admits openheartedly that he
just nerds through, when he is not enjoying
the rock star life under his Girl Talk alias.
He has had a 9-5 job, as a bio-medicinal
technician. The new album “Feed the
Animals” can be downloaded free via Girl
Talk’s record label website, Illegal Art.
can keep their feet still. The music is virtuoso, exotic and riveting.
Michael Gaunt/Soundvenue
Translation: Tim Lawson
Shantel & Bucovina Club
Orkestar will play on Saturday
at 0200 at Roskilde Astoria.
Spokfrevo Orquestra plays
Saturday at 2200 at Roskilde
Astoria and Dunkelblunt
23.30, 01.30 and 03.30 at
Roskilde Astoria
Did you know?
Shantels DJ-set Bucovina Club has taken
its name from an area of the same name
which is close to the Ukraine and Rumania,
where Shantel has roots. In 2007, Shantel
was behind the soundtrack to the German/
Turkish cultureclash fable ‘Auf den anderen
Seite’ which amongst other things was
awarded for best manuscript at the annual
film festival in Cannes.
10 |
Odeon is 100% ecology or fair trade
Roskilde Festival has worked hard over the last 3 years to improve the area around Odeon for the good of your visiting conscience. This year, for the
first time, the area is 100% ecological or fair trade (except the beer bars). There are many new features in the area. This year you can feast on the new
scrumptious dishes from Tjikken Tjili and sausages from the ecological sausage bar. At the same time as checking your thirst with milk smoothies
by Naturmilk and ecological drinks in the bar. You can even lower your body temperature with cold fair trade ice-cream from Ben & Jerrys.
– bickering with booze-breath
While the sun sets behind the six meter high speaker tower, hopeful rappers battle
each other. The final takes place today at Cosmopol.
Yesterday, more masters of
rhyming were credited with
hand tags at the skate park
at Camping West, and the
experienced freestyle champion, Per Vers, heated up
the audience and rallied the
troops as emcee yesterday
where many showed up to
see the organized bickering
on rhyme and the entertainment is also secure.
Bickering with booze-breath
“I done, I’m fucking hammered”, the rapper called
The Raven has lost the
thread, but he wins the audience with his honesty and
booze-breath. Not all of the
rappers have a ready answer.
After days with abundant
Today, it’s the final day
in the Roskillz rap battle.
In the last week, hopeful
contesters have battled
in freestyle rap by Agora
Those who
were cool,
were cool, and
the ones who
were wack,
were just entertaining.
amounts of alcohol and
sunshine, and a more modest
amount of sleeping, it can be
hard to stay focused when
the propeller on the cap
isn’t taking that many turns
A few trace outs is made
from the topics given out,
and one of the genres more
stereotype records, which is
mostly about your fucking
mamma is being put on.
But with big smiles and
handshakes, the fights are
being ended, and the entertainment of the audience
stays in focus.
dessert’ entertains. He shows
that Swedish underground
rap isn’t nearly as afraid of
percussion as the Danish.
Before the final, the rappers go back to their camps
to lubricate their vocal
chords and to work on the
verbal slaps and beatings
with their homies.
Licking wounds
While the judges deliberates
on who’s going to the final,
the masked Swedish rapper
‘Follow him to the end of the
Make some noise
“Those who were cool, were
cool, and the ones who were
wack, were just entertaining.” Per V says from
in 30
23-year old Nicki and Ruben at Camping West are
the proud owners of the
three meter high construction that with its two funnels and a sedate system of
tubes and pipes make up a
giant beer bong.
The festivals biggest beer
bong contains 60 beers.
When Orange Press arrives
to the camp, the beer bong
is about to get filled. It takes
about 15 minutes to get all
pipes and containers filled
with the 60 beers that the
beer bong can handle at the
“We fill it up several times
a day and then we usually
drink of it in two groups. So
you don’t have to drink it all
by yourself. It takes about 30
seconds to empty the bong,
so I don’t think the body
would feel that well, if you
didn’t do it in turns”, says the
proud co-owner Ruben.
Suck, suck, suck
The beer bong is equipped
with four taps, and after a
random selection of a curious member of the audience,
all taps are taken. With a
turn on a valve, Nicki sets
the many liters of beer free,
and a split second later the
beer is pouring out of the
four hoses and into the
mouth of the expectant festival guests.
the scene to an agreeing
audience. The critical audience assessed every single
performance, and can in the
final determine the rappers
The excitement from the
audience is being measured
on a “noise-o-meter” from
the scene. The rapper with
the best rhymes and the best
flow can reap the benefits of
the huge applause from the
audience, and then continue
the competition.
Finale today
Yesterdays winner was MC
Rapdog who has qualified to
the final in Roskillz after a
tight battle with DJ/Rap Kim
Smed. The final will be held
today at Cosmopol 12:30 p.m.
where the kettle once again
will be fired up.
It takes about
30 seconds to
empty the bong,
so I don’t think
the body would
feel that well, if
you didn’t do it
in turns
Much of the beer is wasted
due to the enormous speed
out of the taps. But even
more ends in the thirsty
mouths. The whole session
is being watched close and
loudly by around 30 bystanders, who have gathered to see
the huge beer bong in action.
Greeting from Tuborg
The rumor about the gigantic beer bong spreads fast at
the festival area. Earlier in
the day, Danish beer company – and official Roskilde
Festival sponsor – Tuborg
shows up at the camp and
donates ten crates of beer.
“Naturally that created a
giant party, and our camp
was suddenly really popular
among our neighbors”, says
Nicki while he recovers from
yet another successful turn
under the beer tap.
for flag
A depressed camp has
contacted Orange Press
with some sad news.
Their beloved flag has
been stolen (or maybe
they dropped it somewhere themselves – they
were not quite sure about
this) and they are ready
to go to extremes to get it
back. So if anybody sees a
red flag with the inscription “Roskilde 2007
– 2008 – undskyld” (“undskyld” means “sorry”), it
can be exchanged for a
reward of great symbolic
value in the Military
Camp at L 59.
Warm up
for the
Nude race
Tomorrow, Roskilde
Festival will stage the annual Nude race. This year
it’s going to be different,
so there is a warm-up
session for the race. The
warm-up session comprises a competition with
rules that are a little
different from normal.
An example of one of the
rules is that you are not
allowed to have too much
clothes on, but you are
not allowed to have no
clothes on. Understand?
There are cool prizes for
the event today, just like
the real Nude Race. The
race takes place between
12am and 1pm today.
a radio
host for
2 hours
You now have the possibility to get help in
drinking your beer, wine,
sitting in your chair and
much more that you
don’t want to do yourself. The Festival Radio’s
two morning hosts Lars
and Michael will for the
sake of a good cause rent
themselves out for a period of two hours to the
highest bidder.
The auction takes place
today at 10am and money
received will be donated
to human to human.
, ready for Facebook-party
Serena and Venus in the final
On July th a giant party is held at Kongens Have (a park in the middle of
Copenhagen). So far , people have signed up for the Facebook-party
that Mark Holm announced this spring as ‘The (hopefully) biggest party in
Denmark! We will be , including you!’ – since then a lot more people
have shown interest. Mark Holm has asked for permission to use the park
and gotten a positive response.
For the third time tennisplayers and sisters Serena and Venus Williams will meet
in the Wimbledon final. Yesterday big sister Venus reached her seventh Wimbledon final by beating Elena Dementieva -, - (-) and later Serena Williams
won -, - in her match against Zheng Jie that more than one time where stopped because of the rain. Venus has won the title four times and
Serena twice. They’ll meet on Center Court tomorrow. METROXPRESS
‘Friends – The
Movie’ is coming
Barbecue accidents
are on the rise
Particularly men end up with injuries, when the barbecue is brought out
HEAT DAMAGES. Only fools face
the barbecue grill without fear. Or at least a review made
by The National Institute of
Public Health for Metro
shows that the number of
barbecue accidents has increased considerably.
According to senior researcher Bjarne Laursen, around
320 people in Denmark last
year were injured so severely
that they were in need of treatment. The number was
200 in 2000. On top of the official numbers, the institute
assumes that lots of accidents are never reported, because they are resolved
without the involvement of
the hospitals.
Bjarne Laursen thinks an
obvious explanation lies in
the Danes’ increased use of
barbecue grills:
It looks like a reunion for the
world’s favorite friends Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey,
Chandler and Ross.
MailOnline reports that the
highly anticipated film production of TV series ‘Friends’
finally seems to
be a reality. The
actors behind the
New York-group
will according to
insiders rise as their alter
egos witin the
next year and a
half. It’s the success of ‘Sex and
The City – The
Movie’ that has inspired the
cast – also Jennifer Aniston
not to say the least who untill recently doubted that starring as
Rachel Green again was
thing for her.
More people bring out the barbecue and that means more accidents.
»It’s both accidents where
people use dangerous fluids
on the hot grill causing bursting flames, cuts and barbecue grills that have been
knocked over.«
Actual deaths are rare, but
they do occur. For example
the other day when two people died from carbon monoxide poisoning after having lighted a barbecue grill indoors.
The numbers show that it
is particularly men who end
up injured. Presumably, that
simply reaffirms that the barbecue grill is a traditionally
masculine domain.
»But there are also a lot of
incidents with children, because they burn themselves
on the hot surfaces. About
one out of every five people
treated is a child,« says Bjarne Laursen.
Apart from the accidents
that are directly related to
the barbecue grill, the actual
food traditionally causes food poisonings with particularly campylobacter and salmonella. Typically because
the food is not properly cooked, or because it is harder to
keep the hygienic standards
when cooking outdoors.
Epo tests
have no effect
No one knows whether the cyclists in next
week’s Tour de France are
doped with epo. According
to several experts, the test
methods employed by the international anti-doping
agency, Wada, are practically
useless. This is also the assessment of the Danish doping
expert Rasmus Damsgaard,
who has double checked a
handful of the Wada doping
tests. According to Wada all
five tests were negative, but
Damsgaard is absolutely positive that they held ample
amounts of the banned drug
epo. Swedish doping professor Bengt Saltin supports
this perspective. And recently Carsten Lundby, a Danish
researcher, has also called
the test into question.
According to Damgaard,
the problem is that Wada only classifies a test as positive,
if there are remnants of a
few specific types of epo –
but the black market for doping offers hundreds of alternatives that will not cause
Wada to react. METROXPRESS/JM
“This is senior camping”
Some festival guests love proper conditions and
peace at night. Welcome to caravan camp
At first glance, the caravan area in the eastern
part of the festival area
looks like any camping
site around the Danish
summer landscape.
Looking more closely,
however, you discover a van
painted with graffiti and the
sound of insisting techno
rhythms, which distinguishes the guests here from the
stereotypical campers wearing identical track suits and
white footwear.
Here the camping suit
is exchanged with bare
stomachs and cans of beer.
Jakob Andersen camps for
the forth time at Roskilde
festival together with five
other guys.
“We have grown old, so it’s
great with a caravan when
it rains. On top of that we
have cold beers in the fridge
and we can cook ourselves,”
he explains and points
with a proud nod towards
the awning decorated with
brown stripes that mark
the entrance of their shared
festival home.
Food brought along
The comfort-loving gentlemen, who age-wise spread
A couple of
years ago we
had electricity and could
watch TV
from mid- to late twenties,
are not completely unfamiliar with luxury. For
instance, they brought food
ready to be reheated during
the week made by their
respective girlfriends.
“This is senior camping,”
Jakob Andersen laughs to
the amusement of the other
members of the group. One
of the guys races into the
awning and shows a great
banner saying “Roskilde
up North” as well as all
seven names. Unfortunately,
number seven had to stay at
home because of a serious
More luxury, please!
Even though life as a
camper is pleasant, there is
still something missing
”A couple of years ago we
had electricity and could
watch TV. This would be
great again,” they say. For
this festival they have
brought games and a Rubik’s
Cube, which will have to
make up for TV until the
festival program begins.
Apart from the common
shower- and toilet facilities
the comfortable campers
say that the neighbours are
great to live next to. “No
need to worry about burglary,” they concludes.
Michelle From Hoxer
Translation: Ida Mari
photo: Aida Veggerby fredsgaard