Greg McKeever is highly qualified to be Ross County`s Sheriff:

Greg -McKeever is highly qualified to be Ross County’s Sheriff:
 34 years of experience as a certified Ohio peace officer
- Ohio State Trooper, Ross County deputy sheriff and Chillicothe Police
Department auxiliary officer and auxiliary officer supervisor
 4 years of experience as a corrections officer
- Responsibilities included the safekeeping and security of prisoners
 14 years of experience as a road officer
- enforcing criminal laws and traffic laws, investigating traffic crashes
and investigating criminal acts
 3 years of experience supervising civilian load-limit inspectors
- Responsibilities included preparing work schedules, training
personnel, planning and coordinating the commercial enforcement
and education efforts for 6 patrol posts in a 10-county district
 12 years of experience as Highway Patrol assistant post commander
- Responsibilities included supervising sworn and civilian personnel,
preparing work schedules, auditing payrolls, evaluating personnel,
conducting administrative investigations, implementing field-level
training, resolving personnel issues and citizen complaints, and
developing educational programs, enforcement plans and crashreduction programs
 22 years of experience as a police instructor
- Southern Ohio Police Training Institute, Ohio University - Chillicothe
- Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy
- Responsibilities included classroom presentation, preparing lesson
plans for instruction, practical classroom applications and SOPTI
acting academy commander
 3 years of experience as Chillicothe Municipal Court bailiff
- Responsibilities include calling cases, maintaining order in the
courtroom, providing court security, protecting the judge, assigning
and scheduling court cases