Road District History - Gleneden Beach Community Club

The Gleneden Beach Special Road District (i.e. the District) was formed in
Its Board of Directors is comprised of three community volunteers who are
appointed by the Lincoln County Commissioners in Newport, using input from
applications and existing Board members. Terms are for a 3-year period and they
are staggered so there is one position that comes up for appointment each
January 1st.
Because of the nature of being a volunteer organization and types of
equipment used and owned, along with the size of the District in terms of miles of
road and tax dollars available, the Board Members must be willing and able to
serve in both an administrative and a policy management capacity.
There are between 6-7 miles of public access roads maintained by the
District, servicing close to 500 homes. The boundaries span from Salishan on the
North to Coronado Shores (Hillcrest Dr.) to the South, the “Loop” Rd. on the East
and Neptune (the Pacific Ocean) to the West. In addition to the “Loop” Rd, there
are Stevens and Laurel, and the short connecting portion of Neptune that are
county roads and maintained by Lincoln County. Two private roads, Worldmark
Dr. and Moyer Ave., are also inside the District boundaries and maintained by
“Worldmark”. Except for a few short gravel roads, the District roads are finished
with a “chip seal” surface which is a layering of gravel topped off with hot oil to
hold the gravel together.
In 2001 the District invested in a tractor (with attachments) and a 40ft
storage container, modified with electricity and air ventilation, to house the
tractor and other maintenance equipment.
The Districts income is derived solely from property taxes although
historically, the District has made itself available as a collection point for
homeowners, either collectively or individually, wishing to make road or right of
way improvements beyond the scope of the annual District budget.
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