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1604 Smithfield Way, Suite 1000, Oviedo, Fl 32765 | [email protected] | (407) 497-7709
Commercial Accounts
Your Exclusive Custom Mill Shop
Gleman & Sons Custom Woodworks is a family owned &
operated woodworking business located in Central
Florida. We operate a custom woodshop for both
individual and commercial clients and have a retail and
wholesale indoor lumber yard that stocks 100,000+ board
feet with over twenty species of Reclaimed, Antique, and
Character Grade lumber available for purchase.
We specialize in large milling projects of Reclaimed and
Antique lumber as well as dimensional lumber. We also
mill custom flooring and wallboard to your specifications.
Reclaimed Dirty Faced
Oak Flooring
Vivo (Restaurant)
Universal City Walk
No Job Is Too Large
Our woodshop specializes in custom projects that
include: Bar Fronts, Accent Walls, Restaurant Tables,
Flooring, Fireplace Mantels, and so much more.
Our Reclaimed lumber, flooring, wallboard, and furniture
gives that Rustic Vintage look and feel that is so poplar
today and could add points for LEED certification.
Select from Grey and Brown Barn Boards, Reclaimed Oak
or Pine, American Chestnut, Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple
and so much more. We have all widths and sizes of
timbers including wide planks, hand hewn beams, and
live edge wood slabs.
M. Marie Boutique – Winter Park, Florida
Fresh (Restaurant)
Antojitos (Restaurant)
Antojitos (Restaurant)
Crooked Spoon (Restaurant)
Winter Park, Florida
Universal City Walk
Universal City Walk
Clermont, Florida
Hours of Operations Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm Saturday: 9am-3pm Sunday: Closed
We invite you to visit our Indoor Lumber Warehouse and Showroom
Visitors Are Always Welcome
Truckload Quantities
As a custom milling
woodshop we can provide
the material you need to
your specifications in any
quantity you need, when
you need it.
Recovery Process
Gleman & Sons is
environmentally conscious
and believes in preserving
the Earth’s natural resources
by utilizing Reclaimed and
Antique Lumber.
We Pride Ourselves on the Care & Attention We Give Each and Every Customer!
1604 Smithfield Way, Suite 1000, Oviedo, Fl 32765 | [email protected] | (407) 497-7709