Celebrating 69 Years of Service –April – June 2014

Celebrating 69 Years of Service –April – June 2014
Hello Spring!
We have been waiting for you!
The spring of the year is a favorite season for many people, and it is certainly easy to understand why this is so. The
spring is when the earth comes back to life after a long cold winter, and it is in the spring when the first flowers
begin to bloom and the green world begins to return after its winter slumber
Get out and enjoy Spring.
“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” ~ Robin Williams
Strike a Deal for a Car!
Our rates are now lower than ever! Make sure to tell your salesperson that you are a member
of Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union. Get pre-approved and take the power of your credit
union with you when you shop!
New Auto loan rates as low as 5.5% APR
* Used Auto Loans rates as low as 6.75%APR
Good terms, 100% financing, and a low rate….
Always check your credit union first…we match some rates!
Financed somewhere else and love the car but not the rate….call us…
*depending on year of auto
Get ready for VACATION…..Order your credit union VISA
No minimum finance charge
No transaction fees for purchases
No balance transfer fee
No transaction fee for cash advances!
No surprises of changing your credit limit or rate!
Apply for your VISA Credit Card today.
* When entering Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union, please remove any hats, hoods, or sunglasses, and refrain from using cell phones.
This is one more step in security measures to keep our members and employees safe.
Summer is coming!
How do we know?
Cedar Point is OPENING!
Cedar Point
Regular Gate Prices $59.99
Our price - $47.00
Savings =$12.99
Opens May 10, 2014
Junior / Senior - $34.99
Our price - $34.99
Soak City -$32.99
Our price - $30.00
2 Day Ride n Slide -$87.99
Our price - $82.00
Ride and Refresh – only available at your credit union - $51.00
$2.00 OFF
Credit Union Members
Order Mud Hens tickets for regular
games and receive a discount!
Link for Mud Hens: http//www.gameontoledo.com/ticketservices
Fun things to do this spring
Spring clean – freshening and purging
Celebrate Earth Day
Start planning for vacation
Teach bicycle rules
Visit your Zoo
Get dirty – plant a garden
Code: TTFCU (all caps)
Facts You Should Know About Credit Unions
What is the difference between the “bank” and what your credit union can offer?
1. NCUA versus FDIC: The vast majority of credit unions are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which
provides essentially the same insurance coverage on deposits as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which insures bank
2. Deposit Insurance: Not all credit unions are federally insured by the NCUA. A few states allow credit unions to only have private
insurance. All federal credit unions (those with federal in the name) are federally insured by the NCUA. Your funds are insured in each
account up to $250,000.00
3. Eligibility: Membership is limited, but joining a credit union is probably easier than you think. All credit unions have a field of
membership (FOM) in their charters that defines who is eligible to join. Our FOM is dues paying members, their family members and
retirees of Local 20.
4. Member for Life: Once you are a member of a credit union, you can remain a member regardless of what happens to your original
qualifications. If you move to a new city or if you change employers, you can remain a member of that same credit union.
5. Share Account: All credit unions require you to maintain a share account with a minimum balance even if you just want a loan. This is
typically a savings account, and the minimums range from $1 to $50. Our credit union’s requirement is $5.00 for the minimum balance.
6. ATM Access: Free ATM access can be as widespread as a big bank. Many credit unions belong to nationwide ATM networks. This gives
you surcharge-free access to thousands of ATMs around the country. Toledo Teamsters Federal Credit Union belongs to Alliance One. This
allows our members to withdrawal funds at no charge.
A credit union may not always be a better choice than a bank. Fees may not always be less, and a credit union may not always have the
banking product that you're looking for. Nevertheless, credit unions give consumers more choices, and many times you will find better
rates and fewer fees at credit unions. In addition, you might be surprised by the accessibility and convenience of the credit unions.
ART and HOME BANKING - Using ART and / or Home Banking helps our members balance their accounts faster! Call ART or sign
up for Home Banking. Fast, Easy, Convenient!! Most common questions:
What is my balance? What was my deposit?
What checks have cleared my account?
What ATM/Debit transactions have came through on my account?
By calling ART or using Home Banking - the credit union hours become 24/7!
ART - Audio Response Teller 419-244-6175 or 419-244-6436
Due to security reasons, balances can no longer be given over the phone. Please use ART or sign-up for our convenient
Home Banking.
90-day notice: Beginning January 2014, you will be asked to deposit a fee of $10.00 when applying for loans, if the loan is approved and signed,
funds will remain in account. If your loan is denied, the $10.00 will be deducted from your account to cover cost of application.. Also if making
an appointment, please keep the appointment at set time. Our loan officers are getting the documents ready for the member, then the member not
keeping the appointment. Due to this, there will be a $15.00 charge for no shows.