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Experiential Learning Project Opportunities
Building & Renovation Work
For Christian Groups
Serving those who serves
Our community partner, MMM International, is a
voluntary organization aims to serve Christian Groups
in construction and building maintenance, and bears
the mission, “Serving Those Who Serves”. Its clients
include mission centres, family and youth centres,
orphanages, drug rehabilitation facilities, education
and health facilities, churches and camp sites in
different parts of the world. MMM’s regular volunteers
offer their skills, expertise and advice for free, while
the clients provide materials to the organization.
Clients with limited resources could thus be released
from the burden of building and maintenance and
focus more on their core businesses. It is also a good
opportunity for all volunteers to know more about
the clients throughout the period of service provision.
Working on constructing and renovation
HKU students will join MMM to work on building construction and
interior renovation with its regular voluntary workers for a nonprofit organization in Mainland China. Not only is the experience
of working in an authentic construction project challenging and
enjoyable, it can also help people who are in need. Students will
be equipped with practical technical skills and empowered by
the life experience of regular volunteers. They will acquire and
utilize practical skills in real building and maintenance work, as
well as make good use of basic construction materials and tools
to serve those who are in need. Due to the constraints of limited
resource, students will be encouraged to exercise their duty to
environment by minimizing construction wastes throughout the
Students will accumulate on-site working experience, gain sense
of achievement from the construction and renovation process
and equip themselves with practical technical skills before they
start their career. Students will also
assist the organization to recruit young
entrants to this profession when many
experienced workers will soon retire.
Mainland China
(exact location is to be
Students will learn more about the
service work of the Christian groups,
be empowered by the groups’ life value
and be equipped with technical skills
in building and renovation through this
Interior Renovation, Building
Maintenance, Technical Skills,
Life Experience, Project
Interested faculty members are
welcomed to contact Dr. Dennis Cheung,
Lecturer of GHELC
Phone: 2219 4828
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://ghelc.hku.hk