Best Practice Self-Care and Boundary Setting

1 DAY Workshop
1st July 2015
The Sebel Resort,
Are you feeling stressed or burnt out at work?
Self-care is an essential underpinning to best practice in
social work, family work and work in the community sector.
Symptoms include a drop in work performance, depression,
anxiety and sleeping difficulties.
This workshop will explore the skills of establishing self-care
strategies and maintaining appropriate boundaries.
You will gain increased understanding of the prevention and
management of adverse conditions such as stress, burnout, job
insecurity, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.
Colleen Hirst is a clinical
psychologist and
family therapist who
has worked in the
counselling industry
for over 30 years.
Colleen is a popular
trainer and speaks at many
At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
 Identify personal regeneration strategies
 Increased understanding of the impact of compassion fatigue
and vicarious trauma
 Explore and understand boundary setting in the context of their
work practice
 Develop strategies to identify and avoid burnout