Year 7 Parents` Evening

2 March 2015
Dear Parent/Guardian
We write to remind you of the forthcoming Year 7 Parents’ Evening which will take place on
Thursday 19 March, between 5.00 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. This is a subject specific Parents’ Evening
where you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the staff who teach them.
Appointments will be held the Hall. Year 7 students are invited to attend this evening and are
expected to wear full school uniform.
It is expected that parents will sign in on arrival in school using designated registers in the main
school foyer. A parental feedback questionnaire is available on the reverse of the evening’s
seating plan, and we warmly welcome your completion and submission of this document.
Refreshments, sold in aid of one of our school charities, and an opportunity to purchase second
hand uniform are also available during the evening, both in the school foyer area.
Though both Form Tutors and the Head of Year will be present at the evening and will be happy to
discuss pastoral issues where it proves possible to do so, our first priority will be to see the parents
of those in our respective teaching groups. As ever, we welcome contact from parents on pastoral
matters at any time, which can be made via email using the staff addresses printed in the calendar.
Appointments to see subject staff are made electronically. In the first instance, staff will have
access to the system in order to book appointments with the parents of those pupils whom they
particularly wish to see. This is particularly important for staff who teach more than one class within
the year group. Parents will then be able to access the booking system from 7.00 p.m. on
Monday 9 March. As there are 180 students in Year 7 a limit of seven appointments per child has
been set. Please also note that some teachers teach over 90 Year 7 students so appointments
with them may be fully booked within a few minutes.
To access the system, simply go to and enter the
requested details. If a name has an accent, this will have to be entered as well. Once logged in,
click on the Parents’ Evening icon, confirm teacher details, and you can then book appointments
with them. PLEASE NOTE: the system will not allow you to book consecutive appointments, as
you will need to factor in travelling time between teachers.
Thank you for your continued support of your son’s/daughter’s education. We look forward to
seeing you at Parents’ Evening.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Y.Wilkinson
Miss P Bagust
Head of Year 7