The lawyer asks, "How can I quickly and securely

The CEO asks, "How can I remain
competitive and be accountable for
where our company data is?"
The sales executive says, "How can I
keep all our people connected to
increase productivity? How can the
sales teams work more effectively
with our inside personnel like presales, QA, engineering & legal?"
The Security people ask, "How can
we protect all our mobile endpoints?
How do we manage user access for
sharing company information?"
The Compliance exec asks, "How do
we keep from breaking the law for
sharing sensitive information? We
need to maintain control of where
our data is."
A photographer asks, "How can I
reduce the time it takes to get photos
from my staff to the lab, so I can get
paid faster?"
The lawyer asks, "How can I quickly
and securely produce the
documents I need, make changes,
and confirm all the changes without
being at the office?"
The owner of a travel agency asks,
"How can I securely share travel
arrangements, confirmations, and
sensitive information for my
The owner of a construction
company asks, "How can I manage
communication with my employees,
sub-contractors, and public