Scheduled Times

34th Annual Loretta Lynn Amateur Regional (South Central)
Registration at Track
Scheduled Times (National Track)
Thursday (May 28, 2015)
4:00pm - 11:00pm
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Gate Hours (No Early Staging)
Registration Opens
Friday (May 29, 2015) Practice Subject to Change
6:00am - 11:00pm
Gates Hours
8:00am - 12:00pm
Registration Opens
10:00am - 4:00pm
Practice Order ($25/Group)
1. 450 A; 450 B
2. Junior 25+; Senior 45+; Masters 50+
3. 250 C
4. 450 B Limited
5. 250 C Limited (12-16); College (16-24); Two-Stroke
(16+); Senior 40+
6. 250 A; 250 B Limited
7. Vet 35+; 450 C
8. Open Pro Sport; 250 B
9. Vet 30+; 250 C Limited
1:00pm - 7:00pm
Registration Re-Opens
Saturday (May 30, 2015) RACE - RAIN or SHINE
6:00am - 11:00pm
Gate Hours
6:30am - 8:00am
Registration Hours
Practice (one round/same order):
Upon Completion of Practice:
1. Riders Meeting at Starting Gates
Note: (First two classes in race order to report to Riders
Meeting with bike and gear)
2. Opening Ceremonies
3. Racing Begins - Three (3) Moto Format
Classes (Not Race Order):
Loretta Class #
Open Pro Sport
250 A
250 B Limited
250 B
250 C Limited
250 C (12-16) Limited
250 C
450 A
450 B Limited
450 B
450 C
Two Stroke (16+) (Sportsman)
College (16-24) (Sportsman)
Junior 25+
Vet 30+ (Sportsman)
Vet 35+
Senior 40+ (Sportsman)
Senior 45+
Masters 50+
Fee (Cash Only at Gate):
Trophies 1st-6th Overall
#1 Plate for Class Champion
Purchase of AMA membership is available at track
Riders in MUST be registered to race in order to
NO RV Hookups. Water available within Pro Pits
(Please fill water tank before arriving).
ONLY bike washing in designated Bike Wash Area “IF”
deemed a RAIN DAY.
Age Effective: January 1, 2015 unless stated
No Pit Bike riding.
Must hold a valid drivers license to drive Golf Karts or
Utility Vehicles.
Permitted Pit Vehicles include:
Golf Carts - MUST have Valid Drivers License (DL) to
operate vehicle.
Side x Side - MUST have Valid DL to operate
Scooter with Helmet.
Bicycles with Helmet.
All Permitted Pit Vehicles must be parked for
the night by 10:00pm.
Promoter Info:
Phone: (304) 284-0101
Email: [email protected]
Contact Info:
Track: (713) 962-3386
Gate Opens
Practice Begins (same as Sat)
Upon Completion of Practice:
1. Riders Meeting at Starting Gates
Note: (First two classes in race order to report to Riders
Meeting with bike and gear)
2. Opening Ceremonies
Other Information:
Sunday (May 31, 2015) RACE - RAIN or SHINE
Thur Fri
Child (6-11)
Practice(Per Group)
Race Entry(Per Class)
All minors participating in this event without parents must
come with a notarized statement from parents or legal
guardian giving permission for another adult to act as
guardian to sign releases. See website for example under
Minors Consent Tab.
1. Online registration with MX Sports is:
2. Check for DEADLINE at:
3. All Riders must be present at registration with AMA
card and last 4 digits of frame number.
4. Registration will be processed at the track.
5. All Payments are done at track.
6. Registration accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover,
American Express and Cash. NO CHECKS!!!
7. Minors must be accompanied by a Parent/
Guardian/Authorized Adult at registration.
8. Any minor attending the event must come with a
notarized letter from Parent or Legal Guardian giving
permission for another adult to act as Guardian/
Authorized Adult. Guardian/Authorized Adult with minor
must have two copies of “notarized” statement to be
able to sign releases for minor.
9. Transponder required through EScore.
From I-45, Exit #213. Go West 6 miles and look for CR995.
Follow the MX signs.
Hotel Headquarters: (Code: FreestoneMX)
Comfort Inn: Mexia
Holiday Inn: Corsicana
(254) 562-0200
(903) 874-7440
Revised 05/22/15
34th Annual Loretta Lynn Amateur Regional (South Central)
RIDER REGISTRATION: All riders must properly
registered before entering the track. All riders must
personally be present for rider registration. Minors
must accompany their parent or guardian to
registration. Completion of minor release form is
required for Friday practice.
REFUNDS: No refunds once racing has begun.
PIT RIDING: NO pit bike riding. NO ONE UNDER 16
speed is 5 MPH.
PETS: All pets must be on a leash. Any vicious or
barking pets may be asked to be placed inside RV.
TRACK RADIO STATION: Please keep your radio
tuned to FM 88.3, for up-to-date announcements and
information throughout the weekend.
LIVE AUDIO Broadcast through the EXCLUSIVE
iPhone App Store, search “freestone” and you will
find “RaceFM”.
TICKETS: Your arm band is your weekend pass and
must be worn at all times. If you leave the facility, you
must have it on in order to re-enter. This is your gate
ticket. Do not take it off.
GARBAGE: Please use our trash receptacles. If you
need trash bags, you can get them from the Guard
RV DUMP STATION: Love’s Truck Stop (Fairfield,
CAMPSITE or ON THE ROAD as you leave.
MEDICAL INSURANCE: We do not have Rider
Medical Insurance, and urge you not to race without
it. Riders are responsible for their own medical
insurance. Rider medical insurance is available
through the AMA’s RAMP Program at (800)-556-7614
or visit
SPECIAL NEEDS: If you need handicapped parking
accommodations or have other special needs, let us
know when you arrive and we will do our best to
accommodate you.
PROHIBITED ITEMS: NO fireworks, firearms,
weapons, illegal substances, glass containers or any
other items that may pose a safety hazard to our
guests or competitors are permitted.
FIRE EXTINGISHERS: All racing rigs/ motor homes/
camping vehicles must have fully functioning fire
extinguishers readily available in the event of an
SEARCH POLICY: All persons, vehicles and their
contents are subject to search at any time. If any
prohibited items are found, you may remove them
from the property yourself, or we will dispose of them
for you. We are not responsible for the safe return of
any confiscated items.
GUEST CONDUCT: We will not tolerate offensive or
inappropriate conduct and reserve the right to remove
anyone from the premises. Riders are responsible for
the conduct of their crew members, family and
friends. This includes your behavior in and around
Wortham, Texas and neighboring communities.
PARKING: We will park you as you arrive in the next
available space. You may NOT save spots for
persons arriving later. If you want to camp with
someone, please meet them off-site and arrive
together. Camping spaces must not exceed 20 feet
in width.
RV PUMPING: Service will be available starting at
5PM Friday through Saturday.
GENERAL INFORMATION is located at the tower.
the tower.
BANNERS: DO NOT take the banners or signage.
Violators will be prosecuted for theft and trespassing.
DO NOT JUMP/CROSS FENCES. Use only passthrough gates for access.
CAMPFIRES: No campfires please. Due to the large
amount of guests and racing rigs, we cannot permit
open fires of any kind.
NO ONE is ALLOWED on or around racing surface
unless designated by REFEREE. ALL Patrons must
maintain a fence between them and the racing
surface at ALL TIMES.
QUIET TIME: Quiet time is from 10:00pm until
6:00am. All loud noise must be turned off at this time.
Our racers need their rest!
FIRST AID is located behind Food Court.
ICE: Purchased at Guard House.
SECURITY is headquartered at the Guard House.
PROPANE GAS: Mexia Propane (254) 562-3825
LOST & FOUND is located at tower.
HOSPITAL: Parkview Regional
600 South Bonham
Mexia, TX. 76667
(254) 562-6828