Song Lyrics to, “Room For More” W T

Song Lyrics to,
“Room For More”
W e l c o m e T o T h e F a m i ly
The tablecloths are red and white, the tea is sweet and cold
The lines are long for that good fried chicken and green bean casserole
Old folks all are fanning, the young kids are at play
The preacher asks the blessing, it’s a scene that seems to say
Welcome to the family you can feel at home here
There’s a lotta love that goes beyond these years
There’s nothing like the fellowship of those who love the Lord
So welcome to the family, there’s always room for more
We all feel like nappin’ on a Sunday afternoon
But we’ll stick around for a while to sing some good ole gospel tunes
It doesn’t matter if the voices and the songs are new or old
There’s something in the harmony that’s speaking to my soul.
When I count my blessings it’s easy to see
My brothers and sisters that mean so much to me
I think about the many times they’ve kept me in their prayers
And the countless ways they’ve always shown me that they care
And I know they’ll still walk with me no matter what’s ahead
IYes so much more than just their words, their lives have always said
W h e n H e S av e d M e
I don’t believe He’s sitting up in Heaven
Evaluating sinners by their scars
But I see Him excited to forgive us
And it’s not at all in spite of who we are
When He saved me He knew
What I had done, what I would do
He looked beyond the worst in me
And saw not what I was, He saw what I could be
He looked at all the broken scattered pieces
And made a brand new vessel of my life
Every day possibility increases
‘Cause he placed me in a dream that never dies
And though I was a sinner, the Savior heard my cry
His mercy came and rescued me, He did not pass me by
S ta n d
Some will say it’s foolish
Some that it’s absurd
But still we choose to build our lives
Upon God’s holy Word
We know It’s always perfect
We trust It in all things
It’s holy and It’s right
So whatever this life brings
We stand on what is timeless
We stand on what is true
We stand up unashamed
No matter what the world may do
We stand upon this rock
Spoken by the Lord of all
And though other lives built on sand may fall
We stand
It may not be in fashion
It may not be in vogue
But when we look at empty lives
All around we know
We could live pursuing power
Thinking pleasure satisfies
God’s light cuts through the shadows
Revealing they’re just lies
Let us trust His every word
Resisting every wrong
Let us read It and believe It
It’s our only hope for standing strong
Faithful One
I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it, I know that it’s true
The dawning of each day His mercies are new
He’s good to His children you can trust in that
We’re never forsaken, facts are facts
He’ll always do what He’s always done
He’s the faithful One
We’re in His care whatever comes
He’s the faithful One
Protector, Provider, Sustainer, God’s Son
I’m standing on His promises
He’s the faithful One
You’ve got your story the grace that you’ve known
Been put down mistreated but never alone
You’ve tried Him and He’s proven time and again
Gotta lifetime of reasons to keeping trusting Him
Always constant, always kind.
Always gracious all the time
Always constant, always kind
Always loving true friend of mine
W h at S a lvat i o n ’ s D o n e F o r M e
I used to be so lonesome, I never had a friend
Always looking out for number one
Didn’t know where I was going, didn’t care where I had been
The life I lived had me on the run
One day Jesus found me and took my sin away
He showed me what I thought I’d never see
He put me in His family, and He’s with me to this day
Let me tell you what salvation’s done for me
I used to be a blind man, but now my vision’s clear
Mercy came and drove the shame from me
There’s peace of mind with Jesus that drives out every fear
I’m stronger than I thought I’d ever be
I can’t tell you why He loves me, as bad as I had been
Why I’m worthy of this life of victory
I know I’m not a scholar just a sinner saved by grace
But I can tell you what salvation’s done for me
One day when life is over, I’ll go to my reward
Where Heaven waits for those who have been set free
With saints from all the ages, in the presence of our Lord
This is what salvation’s done for me
S t u ff O f L i f e
Two bikes and a football in the driveway
A couple of cap guns dropped on the front porch
Matchbox cars and skateboards in the kitchen
Green army men piled by the bedroom door
I stepped across a catcher’s mitt, leaned in to kiss my wife
We both smiled and laughed about
All the stuff of life
Gotta write a check for next week’s field trip
One for this year’s fifth new pair of tennis shoes
We just found that one is needing glasses
The other’s braces go on in a month or two
These days being family really comes at quite a price
Such are the times that we live in
For all the stuff of life
More than all these things I want to give them
All that I work so hard to provide
What I want for them to have the most is
What matters most and that is what’s inside
May they have peace, no matter what, I’ll love them
May it give them strength in these uncertain days
May they have dreams that fill their lives with purpose
Full of joy and hope from living life with faith
But most of all may their hearts burn with passion to serve Christ
‘Cause more than all these other things
That’s the stuff of life
P e a c e I n T h e S h e lt e r
When the cares of life seem more than I can handle
And clouds of doubt have settled in my soul
When everywhere I turn the storm is raging
Into the Savior’s loving arms I go
There is peace in the shelter of His arms
A refuge from the storm where I am safe from harm
Through the strongest winds and pouring rain
There’s peace in the shelter of His arms
There’s never been a moment on this journey
That I have been forsaken or alone
“Cause every time I face the unexpected
My Father gently leads through the unknown
There’s peace that passes all understanding
And peace that goes beyond all comprehending
T h e H a l f T h at ’ s N e v e r B e e n T o l d
Some folks have set their sights above on a heavenly mansion
Others long to gaze upon a jasper wall
But I know there’s more beyond imagination
It’s the part that’s never been explained at all
I’m looking for the half that’s never been told
Not looking for the streets that are paved with gold
I wanna hear the rest of the story told when I get there
I wanna hear the voice of the One who died
Telling of the things never been described
Revealing every truth of eternal life
That has never been told
Every question that I had will then be answered
All the mysteries of God will then be clear
Unveiling secret after secret of His wonder
He will tell me all I ever longed to hear
S ta n d i n g T a l l
It’s hard to watch a good friend going through a time so tough
But I’ve seen the way you take the heat and never do give up
It seems unfair that most folks just aren’t trying to live by faith
But I think back to years ago when I heard my grandpa say
Thunder shakes the mountainside but it seems to me
When lightning strikes somehow it always finds the tallest tree
I look at what you’re facing and think maybe after all
The only thing that you’ve been guilty of
Is standing tall
Let the hurt keep you humble, let it make you look inside
Let it keep you on your knees searching for a reason why
I may not have the answers but I’ve seen this before
Sometimes the faithful ones are called to bear a little more
Love And Grace
The woman was surrounded by accusers
Every man was picking up a stone
Standing there in pride and pointing fingers
Claiming that her right to life was gone
Jesus made His way and knelt between them
Writing freedom’s message in the sand
When He reminded them there’s not a man without sin
You could see her start to smile again
Love and grace makes real the gospel message
Love and grace takes all the shame away
Love and grace breaks the heavy chains of bondage
Gives every heart a resting place
Love and grace sings a happy song of praises
Love and grace seems to brighten up the day
Love and grace brings us up to heavenly places
Just to know the debts been paid
And Heaven’s on the way
Makes the world a better place
Love and grace
Every day we represent the Master
With a chance to show His love within our hearts
By showing grace to a struggling brother
We give the one who fell another start
Knowing there is no one great among us
No one who should dare pick up a stone
If we’re gonna win this world to Jesus
It’ll be by love and grace alone
In this world where you’ve been living, you have lived for much too long
And your life has lost its sunshine, and your heart has lost its song
You have made your life a prison with a wall so big and wide
And you left the Lord outside
Freedom, freedom is yours for the asking
Jesus is waiting to make you free
His love will take you where wall can’t separate you
And you shall be free when the Truth makes you free
You have made yourself a prisoner of a world you won’t let go
And the walls rise up around you, and each day they upward grow
Look above the sun is shining, there’s a bright new world above
It is God’s world of freedom and love