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Speak confidently & catapult your career!
Our employees were happy
and feel more confident
about speaking!
Ali Bickel, Salesforce
San Francisco, CA
Give talks that open you up to
an abundance of opportunities.
Femgineer's Confident Communicator
Course is an 8-week online course that
turns you into a happy, confident speaker.
We all need an edge. If you speak in public and speak up in the
workplace, you’ll be recognized for your expertise and rewarded for
helping others with your knowledge.
Your company will benefit for your ability to communicate too! Your
ability to articulate will help win customers, attract talented
employees, and build awareness as a company that cares about
thought leadership in the community.
You'll learn how to:
Calm your nerves and ease your fears
Establish yourself as an expert
Deliver polished presentations
Connect with an audience
Gain the confidence you need
to speak up and catapult your
In this course, you'll have access to instructors who will teach you the
following (and provide one-on-one feedback):
Have fun speaking in public
Overcome performance anxiety
Keep your audience at the edge of their seats
Hold team meetings and present slides
Speak in front of any size audience in all settings intimate, impromptu, or formal
Look at your own knowledge and select a speaking topic
Create lightning talks and long form presentations
Submit proposals to speak at your company or an
industry conference
Get paid to speak
The course transforms people who are afraid to speak up into confident
communicators. Participants who are hesitant to speak in public and
struggle to select a good topic will learn how to share their expertise and
connect with their audience!
Our program gives participants the hands-on help they need to become
comfortable presenting talks and keynotes to any size audience, and in
settings ranging from intimate conversations to large-scale conferences.
You can't advance your career
without stellar communication
You’re an expert at what you do. Skills? Check. Experience? Check.
You have the work ethic of a professional weightlifter.
Unfortunately, you can still get left behind. A huge part of career
success comes down to your communication skills and whether
you can make a name for yourself.
If you don’t speak up, opportunities will fly by.
But if you can articulate your thoughts clearly, and do so to an
audience of multiple people, career doors will open for you. People
will listen to what you say and remember it, and their lives will be
better for having heard you speak. You’ll gain the respect of your
peers and more junior folks. Decision-makers will take notice of all
your innovative ideas that have faded away in email chains or have
simply been lying dormant.
Use internal presentations and speaking opportunities at events to
your career advantage! Not only can you learn to become a
captivating public speaker, you can delight in it by tapping into
your expansive inner desire to help people and share your expertise.
Yes, even if you’re shy.
Say goodbye to sweaty palms
Trust us, we know how it feels.
It’s time to give a presentation in front of your peers or
management, and you feel … tongue tied. Your nerves don’t seem
to care that you’re a veritable ninja in your line of work, and despite
all of your expertise, you’re worried that no one will listen to you.
People tell you to rehearse your talk. The truth is, it’s easy to spend
lots of hours and still deliver a bad presentation.
But with the right preparation and some expert feedback
personalized to your individual speaking style, you’ll easily move
past anxiety and make leaps in your speaking skill faster than you
could on your own.
Who is this course for?
This course is for anyone with either a technical or business
background who is looking to gain the confidence they need to share
their expertise in public.
If you want to move your career forward, this course is for you.
Whether you’ve never spoken in public or you’re preparing for your
5th speech, our instructors will move you to the next level of skill and
sophistication in speaking up.
Rising star employee
You want to be more confident when you speak up in meetings,
because your ideas matter. You’re becoming great at your job, and
it’s time to showcase your expertise. You’re moving up in your
organization and need to inspire your team.
Emerging industry expert
You want to make a name for yourself in your industry, whether
you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a stellar employee. You want to
help others who are newer to your work than you are, and you can
be a teacher in your field without decades of experience.
'm less nervous than ever
before, so thank you so much!!!!
I’m just excited about this not
being a horrible “I'm scared”
thing anymore!
Mysti Berry, Salesforce
San Francisco, CA
What can participants expect?
Convenient online instruction. Each week students will receive one new
lesson. The lesson will be provided in video and audio format. Students
are to complete the lesson and submit the homework assignment for
instructor feedback. Homework will often consist of recording yourself
Online office hours. Instructors will hold office hours 2 times each week,
for one hour. Students are encouraged to attend office hours to connect
with instructors, and submit their questions prior to attending. All office
hour sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be made available
for students.
Hands-on help. Students will improve their speaking skills by doing, and
receive ongoing feedback from instructors each week.
A balance of group support with individualized attention. While the
primary feedback will come from instructors, students will also get the
chance to review their peers and receive feedback from them.
A rigorous but manageable course. Students can expect to spend 3-5
hours a week total. Homework assignments will be given weekly, and
will need to be completed before the next week’s lesson, so that
instructors can provide feedback in a timely manner. Homework
assignments will build on one another and give students ample practice
to improve their speaking. By the end of the course, students will be
armed with the tools and motivation to go book their first talk—and
knock the delivery out of the park.
Visible transformation! Student will be expected to record all talks,
which will help them see their progress each week.
Instructors who are available. While the course instruction is formatted
for self-study, instructors will be available via email and will send a
response within 48 hours.
We encourage participants to complete all lessons each week, but we
understand things come up. We allocate 2 weeks as makeup weeks for
people to catch up on their assignments.
Course Schedule
Week 1: Get bold!
You'll learn how to:
Get over stage fright
Find your speaking style
Extract your expertise
Week 2: Keep them on the edge of their seats
You'll learn how to:
Engage an audience through body language, vocal inflections,
tone, and storytelling
Handle hecklers
Week 3: Give a short 'n sweet talk
You'll learn:
How to write a persuasive proposal
The mechanics of a lightning talk
Week 4: Makeup week
Practice and catch up on your assignments
Course Schedule (continued)
Week 5: Go long!
You'll learn:
The mechanics of a long form talk
How to make stunning slides
How to get paid to speak
Week 6: Improvise and scale your talk online
You'll learn how to:
Get comfortable going off the script
How to modify your presentation for podcasts, webinars, and
other mediums
Week 7: Makeup week
Practice and catch up on your assignments
Week 8: Final presentations
All participants will deliver a final presentation
Poornima Vijayashanker is currently
the founder at Femgineer, an
education company focused on
transforming women into leaders in
the tech industry.
She was the founding engineer at, where she helped build,
launch and scale the product until its
acquisition in 2009.
Over the past 8 years, Poornima has
been invited to speak at TEDx, over
70+ conferences and events, and at
companies like Fidelity, Principal
Financial Group, and other Fortune
Karen Catlin develops powerful women
leaders in the tech industry by coaching
leaders and advising companies on how to
attract and retain female talent. She has an
extensive background in Silicon Valley
software companies. Formerly, Karen was a
vice president at Adobe Systems, where
she led a shared services department
within the office of the CTO and cofounded the “Adobe & Women” initiative,
focused on attracting, retaining, and
providing career development
opportunities for women at Adobe.
Karen is a TEDx speaker and has spoken at
dozens of women’s leadership conferences.
She has published articles in Fast
Company, Inc., The Daily Beast, Women 2.0,
and other leadership websites. You can
find her online at
Why our course?
When it comes to choosing a training, we know there are a lot of
experts out there, and that you have options. We encourage you to
pick the course that is right for you.
Participants love our course because Femgineer’s instructors, Karen
Catlin and Poornima Vijayashanker, share their proven strategies that
work for their students and themselves!
They have given 100+ talks over the last 10 years, to audiences have
ranged from 20 to 2,000+ people. They’ve given inspiring TEDx talks,
deep technical talks, and even been paid 5 figures to speak at
prominent companies like Fidelity, Principal Financial Group, and
other Fortune 500s.
While they’ve had their bouts of stage fright, they’ve learned how to
overcome them, and most importantly, they’ve taught others how to
do the same!
Finally, Karen and Poornima are mission driven. Their goal is to
educate, encourage, and empower innovators and leaders in the tech
industry by turning them into confident communicators!
It was very engaging and was a
top-level course. Karen and
Poornima were giving a lot of
great examples, which was very
helpful. We received great
feedback on our talks.
Inga Bereza,
Developer Experience at SAP Labs
Palo Alto, CA
Can we see samples of your work?
Sure! Here is a sample talk taken from our workshop: Why You Should
Speak at Technical Conferences.
Please note that it’s a condensed version of the course, but the video
series will give you a sense of our engaging teaching style.
​hanks to Femgineer, I've been
stepping out of my comfort zone
and pitching a few ideas to
some conferences, spoke at a
women's org at NYU, and will
be moderating a panel and
leading a workshop over the
next couple of months.
Tiffany Yu,
Director of Business Development
New York, NY
Contact Info
Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder of Femgineer
[email protected]
Course pricing
1500 per student
Payment plan available:
3 monthly payments of $599 ($1797)
Group pricing options are available. If your company is
interested in sending 3+ students, contact us to receive
special group pricing.
Reference Client
Inga Bereza
Developer Experience at SAP Labs
[email protected]