Newsletter - Federation Early Learning Services
Iyar / Sivan / Tammuz
Dear Lassin Families,
Spring has finally sprung and we are so happy to be a part of it! With the change in seasons, comes changes at Lassin
Early Learning Center. Our long time dedicated teaching assistant, Maya Lapin, is retiring on May 29th after over 20 of caring for children.
Please join me in thanking Ms. Maya for her many years of service to hundreds of children and their families. Thank you Ms. Maya, you
have helped make a difference in the lives of children and it will be a challenge to find someone to fill your shoes.
Additionally, please join me in welcoming new staff to Lassin. Ms. Yvonne Howard (room 7) and Ms. Desiree Wheeler (room 6) have joined
the Lassin team as lead teachers. Ms. Artresah Stewart who had been the long term substitute in room 6 while searching for a lead
teacher, will now take on the role of Group Leader in room 2 until her delivery in July. Congratulations, Ms. Artresah! And finally we
welcome Ms. Madina and Ms. Dishae as group leaders in room 5 and 8 respectively.
Our toddler playground was updated and there is a lovely new climber for the children to enjoy with plenty of space to ride their tike bikes.
A schedule has been put in place to ensure all get to enjoy the new equipment. Lesson plans will be updated to include wonderful new
summer themes and projects for the summer months. Remember to send in the sunscreen!
We will be welcoming new children to our classrooms, both new to the center and those who are moving up. Lassin will be celebrating the
graduation of 40 students to kindergarten, making room for the next wave of preschoolers. Time moves quickly and we want to make this
educational experience a memorable one for (y)our children, so please support our program by donating your time. Lassin will have new
events and projects that will need the support of our parent volunteers, and we welcome you to join us!
And finally I would like to thank you all for a wonderful experience at Lassin ELC. June is approaching and I am coming upon my first
anniversary and I am proud to say I am part of the Lassin team!
Enjoy the sunshine!
Gina Small, Lassin Center Director
Teacher Appreciation Week
Alternate Mondays:
May 4 May 8
Alternate Mondays: Yoga
Alternate Tuesdays: Sign Out Loud
Alternate Tuesdays: Sign Out Loud
Wednesday, May 6
Story teller Don Dougherty Visits
Friday, May 8
Mother’s Day Snacks in the Lobby
Thursday/Friday, May 14, 15
Picture Day, Wear your Smiles!
Thursday, June 4
Dental Presentation
Wednesday, June 10 and 17
Franklin Institute Visits
Weekly Friday Shabbat Celebrations
Wednesday, May 20
Franklin Institute Visits
Thursday, May 21: PreK Graduation
Wednesday, May 27
Quiver Farm brings the Chicks!
Weekly Friday Shabbat Celebrations
Friday, June 19
Father’s Day Snacks in the Lobby
Monday, June 22
Summer Session Begins
Help us
honor the
wonderful teaching staff at the
Lassin Center! Teacher
Appreciation Week is a great
opportunity for parents to
express their gratitude toward the
caregivers who are helping them
to shape and mold the minds of
their children! Please sign-up in
the front office to bring a special
treat in for the teachers.
Make sure to “like” the Lassin Early Learning
Center on Facebook to see more of our
Give a hand to Ms. Maya!
Lassin Summer Program Begins
Our summer program at the Lassin Early Learning Center is
around the corner and we are taking a moment to give you
some more details and reminders to help ensure your child not
only has a fantastic time filled with memories, but a safe one as
Our program officially begins on Monday, June 22, 2015 and
continues through Friday, August 28, 2015. Each week your
child will participate in a theme based camp program.
Since the majority of the children’s time will be spent outdoors,
please remember to send the following labeled items with your
 Tote bag / backpack for all of their belongings
 Plastic bag for wet items
 Sunscreen (applied before
Lassin arrival)
 Bathing suit (All children must
wear their suit to Lassin on
Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
Ms. Maya relocated to
the United States in
1989. Soon after Ms. Maya joined Lassin Early Learning
Center in 1993 and has been a fixture ever since. Ms.
Maya started as a group leader/substitute for all FELS
centers and became a lead teacher soon after. In her
native country of Belorussia, Ms. Maya was a teacher
of music, middle school, and high school. The
requirements are different under Pennsylvania's
Keystone Stars and Ms. Maya then transitioned to a
teaching assistant. She certainly used her 46 years of
teaching experience and Master’s levels skills to
facilitate learning for many children over the years. For
that we are grateful! Over the years Ms. Maya
contributed to the children’s daily programming,
developed musical lessons, and leading performances
for the families and student events such as
graduations. Thank you, Ms. Maya. Good Luck and
Good Health!
Change of clothes (in addition: shoes for the day)
Swim shoes or shoes that can get wet (no flip-flops)
We asked that you bring your child to school with a fresh
application of sunscreen. However, the teachers will be
reapplying throughout the day as often as the children go
outside. We also ask that wet bathing suits and towels be taken
home daily. We are all looking forward to a fun-filled summer!
Graduation Celebrations
Thursday, June 21st @ 11am
Invitations for the graduates will be sent home.
School Agers Celebrate Lassin’s Women
Cooking Corner at
Lassin ELC...
Cooking is an important part of our
curriculum. Many discoveries are made
while cooking. By seeing dough rise,
children learn science concepts. When they
measure ingredients, they are practicing
math. Following picture recipe cards, they
learn skills that will prepare them for
reading. When they make Mexican tacos,
Chinese vegetables, Israeli humus, etc., they
learn about other people and their cultures.
Ms. Collen Long and the school age children are celebrating
the women of Lassin and their contributions. Children
surveyed the staff and asked them what they are famous
for last month. Visit our bulletin board in the back of the
building for details and see what our women are famous
for today!
Celebrate Screen-Free Week with
DVAEYC Screen-Free Week, May 4-10, gives
children and adults a much needed break from
screen based technology. Power down and rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen! Enjoy the
weather, take a walk, have a picnic, or just snuggle up
with a good book.
During classroom cooking time, we talk
about each step in our cooking directions
and ask the children questions about what
they are learning. Our children love being
chefs and learning as they make delicious
treats! During NAEYC’s Week of the Young
Child, the children made Fruit Tacos for
Lassin Taco Tuesday, yummy!
Monday, May 25,
Memorial Day