Insole Care and Warranty

Information about your custom foot orthotics
and how to wear them.
24 7
Wearing instructions.
Initially your orthotics may feel different or uncomfortable - this feeling is normal. They are designed to change the way you
walk and feel. Over time it should be more comfortable wearing them than not. The instructions below are to help you become
accustomed to wearing your new insoles:
1- Break in gradually. Wear only a few hours a day for the first few days.
2- If your orthotics have a full-length top cover simply trim back a little bit of the cover until they fit your shoes properly.
If your shoe has an insole that can be removed, use the length of this insole as a guide for sizing.
3- Contact your health care practitioner for a consultation two weeks after receiving your orthotics if any problems persist.
sports activities.
Do not wear for sport until comfortable during everyday
activities. Build up to full activity gradually.
To clean your orthotics, take a damp cloth with mild soap
and water and gently wipe them down. Let the orthotics dry
naturally (DO NOT use direct heat such as a hair dryer or
radiator), or this could cause the topcover to remove from
If your orthotics are exposed to wet condtions, remove from
your shoes and allow to air-dry naturally.
Wiping with an antibacterial wipe (or Febreze spray) will
help control odour.
Keep away from the dog - they will eat them!!
All Feet 24 7 shells are guaranteed for life against breakage
under normal wear. If they crack or break then they should
be returned to Feet 24 7 and a new pair will be issued.
All feet 24 7 top covers are guaranteed for a period of
3 months against normal wear and tear. If they become
damaged during this time then the orthoses should be
returned to Feet 24 7 where they will be repaired.
All orthoses come with one free alteration to the additions
and modifications within the initial 6 weeks of date of delivery.
Feet 24 7 semi-customised or kids' peapod shells are not
covered under any of the warranties laid out above.