All proceeds benefit our Local participants in National Veterans

The Fitch Foundation
Benefit trap shoot at
The Family Shooting Center
is providing funds for upcoming
V. A. events:
The Fitch Foundation
A Benefit Trap Shoot
May 2nd & 3rd 2015
All proceeds benefit our
Local participants in
National Veterans
Wheelchair Games in
Dallas Texas
June 21st - 26th 2015.
Make a difference today…
Donate Now!
East Entrance: Located at Lehigh Ave. & Parker Rd.
(3800 S. Parker Rd.)
West Entrance: Located at Union & Dayton.
(4700 S. Dayton)
Must have all firearms in
hard or soft cases and unloaded!
No park pass required, special event access allowed
Family Shooting Center
Cherry Creek State Park
4201 S. Parker Road
At the Family
Shooting Center
In Cherry Creek
State Park
Your donation to The Fitch Foundation
helps transition our injured veterans
back into society through specialized
sports programs, home modifications,
and other needs focused to each
individual's requirements.
The Family Shooting Center
Open 7 days a week - weather and
lighting conditions permitting.
The Fitch Foundation
[email protected]
$100. Includes:
100 shots of trap
Discount Lunch Coupon
“Top Dog “ (on-site vendor)
50% donation
25% expenses
25% cash prizes
Pre-Squad sign up at
Entry Information
$100. per shooter
Traditional Trap Competition
9 Squads (45 participants total)
Three start times
10AM – Noon – 2PM
3 squads, 5 shooters per start time
100 shots
$100. per shooter
Iron Man Trap Competition,
6 Squads (30 participants total)
Two start times 10AM & 1PM
3 squads, 5 shooters per start time
25 shots at 24 yard line, sporting clays
50 shots doubles
Cash Prizes & Door Prizes
The Fitch Foundation’s focus is to
give back to our disabled heroes, by
assisting with disabled athletic
programs. We help improve the
lifestyle of disabled veterans
through sports and family. Bringing
life back to our heroes at home, to
provide opportunities and
support to Veterans with
disabilities so they can pursue
active lifestyles through physical
fitness and competitive athletics.
We believe that participation at any
level increases self -esteem and
encourages self-determination and
enhances quality of life.
While working directly with the
Veteran Administrations local
athletes, we provide the necessary
funds for their participation in
clinics such as…
Paying 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Saturday
And so Much More!
Paying 1st & 2nd Sunday IM and
high overall Iron Man
Check in 30 min before shoot time!
For more information on the event
You may sign up on day of shoot if
slots available.
Chip Allen
Pre-squadding is preferred!!!
National Disabled Veterans
Winter Sports Clinic
National Veterans Wheelchair
National Veterans Golden Age
National Veterans Tee
National Veterans Summer
Sports Clinic
National Veterans Creative
Arts Festival