Arts & Craft for Christmas

Arts & Craft for Christmas
• Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet Supplies needed: paper bags, red cardboard/
cardboard painted red, glue, scissors,
marker pens, googly eyes (optional)
• Stand-alone Star Ornaments Supplies needed: stiff paper or styrofoam
meat trays, scissors, marker pens
• String of Gingerbread Men Supplies needed: brown grocery bags or
tan cardboard, marker pens, scissors,
glue or a stapler, long piece of string
• Pine Cone Christmas Tree Supplies needed: large & open pine cone,
cotton balls, glitter, super glue, dental floss
• Metal Tree Decorations Supplies needed: disposable pie plates,
marker, scissors, large nail, string, scrap
• Egg Carton Christmas Bells Supplies needed: egg carton, scissors, string, small bells, craft glue, glitter,
• Doily Candy Bowl Supplies needed: white crocheted doily, small
margarine container, fabric stiffener, narrow ribbon,
craft glue, wax paper, plastic wrap/sandwich bag,
Christmas florals (optional)
• CD Christmas Wreaths Supplies needed: 7 old CD’s, hot glue, craft glue,
Christmas scraps from other projects, acrylic paints
• Christmas Card Ornaments Supplies needed: used Christmas cards, pencil,
scissors, craft glue, string, round template/coin
• Rustic Wood Christmas Tree Supplies needed: different lengths of weathered wood, rope, post/broom
handle, bucket, pebbles, decorations
Tie bundles of timber together – four different lengths in a variety of
thicknesses. Attach to a central post with rope. Secure the tree in a bucket
filled with pebbles. Decorate.
(Donna Hay Magazine – Issue 18, page 211)
• Christmas Card Hangers Supplies needed: ribbon, paper clips
Tie lengths of ribbon to a curtain rail and secure Christmas cards with
paper clips.
(Donna Hay Magazine – Issue 18, page 212)
• Table Protector Supplies needed: flowers & leaves
(poinsettia/evergreen leaves), contact paper,
plate to trace round, scissors, ball-point pen
• Shank Button Ornaments
Supplies needed: shank buttons (the ones with the
small loop on the back), pipe cleaners, scissors,
Light bulbs – paint and use for Christmas decorations
Homemade Christmas Gifts
Candy Ball Door Knob Hangers Supplies needed: styrofoam balls, gumdrops
or candy cane pieces, hot glue, thumb
tacks, ribbon
• Funky Frames Supplies needed: old photo frame, buttons,
puzzle pieces or sea glass, hot glue
• Potpourri Candle Supplies needed: potpourri, plain candle, wax
paper, hammer, iron, large pot, large can,
canning wax
• Snowman Pillow Supplies needed: white bed pillow, black stocking
cap, scarf, buttons, orange felt scrap, pair of
gloves/similar shapes cut from felt
• Babyfood Jar Christmas Tree Centrepiece Supplies needed: 15 clean babyfood jars with lids,
white glue, christmas ribbon, small fairy lights,
hammer, large pliers, tin foil, cardboard, gold/silver
metallic paint
• Sparkling Beaded Candleholder Supplies needed: beading wire, wire cutters, glass/
plastic beads, old drinking glasses, hot glue gun
• Personalised Recipe Books Supplies needed: old magazine recipe pages, small unused book,
calligraphy/nice pen.
If one of your recipients is a vegetarian or has a fondness for curry,
loves anything with tomatoes or is a sucker for chocolate, make use
of the fact. Start collecting appropriate recipes from books or
magazines and purchase a small, inexpensive book to write them in.
Copy them out in your neatest handwriting or use calligraphy if you
are talented.
Dress Up Box for Kids -
You have to start this present halfway through the year as you can
add to it as you go along. Obtain a large cardboard box from your
local supermarket and cover it with pretty wrapping paper. If desired
stick a large label on the front with the name of the recipient on it.
Every time you go into town, browse round the charity shops and
pick up cheap hats, scarves, veils, tutus, jewellery, gloves and small
size dresses or jackets. Making this gift should motivate you to have
a massive wardrobe clean out. Kids will go mad for something like
this and you can tailor the clothing to a girl or a boy.
• Advent Calendar Supplies needed: construction paper,
scissors, 25 small treats, 5cm wide
coloured tape, puff paint, glue, marker
pens, string
• Greeting Card Puzzles
Supplies needed: greeting cards, craft glue, paddle
pop sticks, scissors, razor blade, sticky tape
• Angel Key Ring
Supplies needed: 4 yellow, 7 orange, 5 ivory, 28 white, 20 clear pony
beads, satin chord/fishing line, lanyard hook
• Photo Business Card Holder
Supplies needed: photo, thick cardboard, empty
cassette holder, craft & hot glue, scissors,
• TV Remote Controller Holder
Supplies needed: small Pringles can, 24 paddle pop
sticks, vinyl scraps, craft glue, rubber band, scissors
Glass Jars
Glass jars are great for all types of gift ideas:
- make your own marmalade, tepanade, pickles and place them in a
glass jar
- fill the jar with either dried food or dried flowers and plant matter for
- use glass jars as vases – fill with pebbles and add your favourite
flowers or succulents
- You can use the jar as the packaging, or make you own
Glass Wine Bottles
Paint wine bottles using no-toxic paints and fill with oil olive or salad
dressings. Some ideas include
- Olive oil with garlic and rosemary