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Gill Crew Jacket
Helly Hansen hoodie
Helly Hansen shirt
Inexpensive and simple all-round jacket
without the compromise of a big in-collar
hood. Made from Gill’s patented 1 Dot fabric,
it’s tough, waterproof and breathable and has
a fleece liner. The elasticated hem tucks
everything in, but it’s long enough not to
ride up when bending down.
Already a favourite item of clothing among
our testers, this is a soft, stretchy cotton
hoodie with a good chunky metal zip and
hand-warming ‘kangaroo’ front pockets.
It has a thin double lining that makes it warm
and light, and also features some natty
graphics on the front.
For those moments when you might be going
ashore to a restaurant or for a drink on a
nicer boat, it’s good to have a smart shirt in
tow. This one has striped inner cuffs, stylish
buttons and a classic-fit collar. The dark blue
works well for a casual, open-neck look, or go
for the white if you want to wear your club tie.
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Tel: +44 (0)800 142 2210
Tel: +44 (0)800 142 2210
Shamrock boots
Similar to the classic Dubarry boot,
but with a hard-wearing Cordura
canvas leg section, instead of all
leather. Unusually for Dubarry, this
one snapped a finger hook when we
pulled them up. That aside, this
particular style seems to have been
adopted by all the serious sailors,
which is a pretty high
We took a pair of these on a transatlantic
passage where they really took a beating; at
one point they looked so salt-blown we thought
they were through. But after a quick wash they
were as good as new. They are super comfy too.
Tel: +44 (0)1608 677622
Tel: +44 (0)1608 677622
Clipper deck shoe
Chambray shirt
Originating in US Navy aircraft carrier
operations in the Pacific, the Chambray shirt
was later adopted by Hollywood greats such
as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and
Marlon Brando, who wore this manly shirt
in and out of films. It’s constructed like a
proper utility garment, with reinforced
seams, double topstitching, urea buttons
and authentic labelling.
See far right for description of the
Captain Currey trousers.
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Gill Polo Shirt
and Tec Shorts
Armor-Lux shirt and
Captain Currey trousers
A relaxed-style polo shirt in faded blue with
design details. Gill uses a soft-touch, non-pill
pique fabric and for the big-shouldered
grinders among us, there’s plenty of room
in the armpit too. The Gill Tech Shorts are
quick drying, lightweight and smart. They
also have some handy velcro side adjusters,
which cover a three-inch change in waistline,
meaning no matter how much weight you
lose or gain, they can stay with you.
Here is a long-sleeved, interlocked cotton Breton
shirt. Some say the classic pattern was designed
to be visible in a man overboard situation; others
claim the sleeve’s 21 white stripes represent
Napoleon’s naval victories. All we know is that it
looks great, especially in this faded look. Match
it to a pair of Captain Currey Crewman trousers.
The 100 per cent cotton canvas is strong and
durable – perfect for on or off the boat.
T-shirt: £35; Shorts: £55,
Tel: +44 (0)115 946 0844
Top: £39.95,
Tel: +44 (0)1262 850943; Trousers: £44.95,, Tel: +44 (0)1243 572182
Gill Baltimore
Billy Ruffian Leander
Skagerak slip-on
Nice leather uppers and laces that go all the way
round the heel so they tighten the whole shoe
rather than just the arch. Under your feet is a
non-stinky insole and a slight heel, which is
handy for ratlines or leaning on the toerail.
These traditional, handmade moccasin deck
shoes have a flat sole for good grip and feel
fabulous when you slip them on. In fact, they
mould to your feet so you barely know they’re
on. Plus, you get some free natty socks too!
The advantage of the old-school “pump” slip-on
as a deck shoe is they’re very light, enabling you
to be much more nimble around the deck. These
have good grip and are comfy. We’d recommend
a size up if your feet are wide, though.
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