VOLCANO See for yourself! Putting health first Vaporizing of herbs

The utilization of the VOLCANO
See for yourself!
Putting health first
Vaporizing of herbs
The VOLCANO System Vaporizer re­lea­­ses flavor and active ingredients from herbs through vaporization by hot air. The aromas of
the plants hops, eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm,
sage and thyme may aid in reducing stress.
Please observe that the VOLCANO vaporizer is not designed for
medical-therapeutic purposes.
The filling chamber is
filled with ground up
Effect • Purity • Flavor
The advantages of the VOLCANO technology
The filling chamber
is attached to the
The balloon inflates
with vapors which consist of flavor and the
active ingredients of
the herbs.
The unique patented VOLCANO system technology conveys
air which is pumped through a heating block and thus inevitably attains the desired temperature.
An air pump ensures that the air flow remains constant and
volumetric flow fluctuations are eliminated. Therefore the
temperature control works accurately and reliably.
However, the main distinguishing feature of the VOLCANO is
the valve balloon, into which the generated vapor is pumped.
After the valve balloon is filled it can be completely de­tached
and – independently from the vaporization pro­­­cess – the content may be inhaled at ease, both comfortably and safely.
The surface of a hop
cone leaf prior to vaporization.
If ordered directly from us, we supply a 30-day money back
guarantee – enough time to test the VOLCANO in detail.
A hop cone leaf after
the first passage of
the hot air flow in the
VOLCANO. Part of the
flavor and active ingredients has already vaporized, but the majority is still intact.
The VOLCANO clicksystem: Simply attach
the mouthpiece or
filling chamber onto
the valve.
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If you have any questions relating to vaporization or the VOLCANO,
please call us. We will be pleased to help!
The vapors can be
comfortably inhaled
from the valve balloon.
As an example, the macro­photographs show the VOLCANO
vaporization of hops (humulus lupulus).
After several passages
(balloon fillings) in the
VOLCANO. All the desired ingredients have
vaporized and only nonincinerated fibrous material remains.
The choice is yours – Make your decision!
• Solid design made of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics
•Maintenance-free valve balloon and
• Individual balloon sizes
•Light and robust
• Extra balloon material is cheap to buy
€ 99,-
• Filling chamber volume can be set
(1 pc. valve balloon, 1 pc. mouthpiece,
1 pc. filling chamber, 3 m balloon tube)
The hot air generators
Both, VOLCANO types come with a shapely, brushed metal cone.
Care was taken to use tasteless materials that are food safe. Both,
the high-performance heating cartridge and the strong diaphragm
pump can withstand the toughest stresses and strains.
An independent temperature fuse, air filter and silencer are naturally
included in our VOLCANOS, as is a specially designed aluminium
heating block, which brings the air both cleanly and reliably to the
desired temperature.
Each VOLCANO comes with a first class grinder.
The advantage of the VOLCANO DIGIT lies in its large LED display,
which immediately and precisely informs the user of the operating
status. The VOLCANO DIGIT communicates better with the user and
its electronic control system works even more precisely than the bimetal regulator on the VOLCANO CLASSIC.
The VOLCANO CLASSIC, of which tens of thousands have already
been sold, impresses by its robust, purely electro-mechanical design as well as a saving of € 100. Make your choice!
The VOLCANO Vaporization System consists of two hot air generators, VOLCANO DIGIT and VOLCANO CLASSIC, plus the two
The valves fit both hot air generators, giving you a choice of 4 different combinations.
Here is the important point: Whichever combination you decide on,
there is no difference in the effect.
•Valve and balloon always attached
ready to use
EASY VALVE Starter Set
€ 99,-
•Optimized filling chamber diameter
(5 pcs. valve balloon with mouthpiece,
•Low-priced valve balloon including
mouthpiece enables personal use
1 pc. filling chamber)
The valve sets
On both sets of valves, the large balloon allows you to keep an eye on
the build up of vapor. All the parts that direct the air and vapor on the
valve systems are tasteless and food safe. The valve sets are equipped
with a wide range of accessories: Spare filter, liquid pad for vaporizing
liquids, a cleaning brush and extra balloon material (3 m) for the SOLID
VALVE or spare valve balloons for the EASY VALVE (5 pcs. are included in the starter set).
fully compatible
The advantage of the EASY VALVE lies in its easy handling and minimal maintenance work. Once the EASY VALVE can no longer be used,
you simply replace the old with a new one. The filling chamber is cleaned and re-used. We are now able to accommodate our large number
of users who would rather not clean the valve and mouthpiece or attach a new balloon.
In contrast, the SOLID VALVE provides a less expensive long-term option,
as the balloon material can be bought for a reasonable price directly
from us. However, it does require more cleaning work – the choice is yours!
• Precise electronic control
•Robust, completely electro mechanical design
•Three years warranty
•Vaporization temperature
can be set between 130°
and 230°C (266° and 446°F)
•Thousands sold
•Temperature accuracy ± 5°C
• Extra large, digital LED display
with set and actual temperature
• Vaporization temperature can
be set between 40° and 230°C
(104° and 446°F)
• Display changeover
between °Celsius
and °Fahrenheit
• Two years warranty
• Automatic switch off
• Temperature accuracy ± 1,5°C
VOLCANO CLASSIC hot air generator VOLCANO DIGIT hot air generator plus valve set €399,€ 99,-
complete set €498,-
€299,plus valve set € 99,complete set €398,-