Extended Learning Day Information - Year 7`s

Ref: ASW/cm
June 2015
Dear Parents and Carers
Extended Learning Day 3 – Wednesday 24th June 2015
Year 7
On Wednesday 24 June, the College will be running another whole School Extended Learning Day, incorporating a variety of tasks and activities
specifically focused on the needs and requirements of certain year groups. The events and activities organised for your son/daughter will be as
follows:Citizenship Day
Year 7 will take part in a variety of Citizenship activities. They will see how as "active citizens" students in the UK can take action to try to improve
the number of children who attend schools in the poorest parts of the world. In addition they will look at issues of identity and diversity in the UK
today and who asylum seekers are and how they come to be refugees. Finally they will study how recycling benefits not only the planet but also
the College - and discuss what can be done to improve recycling rates in the College.
Please note that the Extended Learning Day will only run from periods 1 to 4. As of lunchtime the school day will continue as normal. Please be
sure to remind your son/daughter of this on the day as they will need to bring with them their books and any other equipment needed for period
All students should be in full uniform on this day and the usual high levels of expectation within the College are upheld by all throughout to help
make this a useful and hopefully enjoyable day for all.
Such a day enables the College to meet legally required targets in Personal Development and attendance is compulsory for students. Should you
have any queries or concerns regarding your child’s participation in the programme, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College.
Yours faithfully
Mr A. Sweeney
Assistant Principal
Okehampton College is “Outstanding” – Ofsted 2014