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Educational Student
Tours provides
you the opportunity
to give your
child a complete
Educational Student Tours
(a non profit organization)
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Today students travel from their classroom
chairs to places around the globe using their
electronic devices. And this “flat” experience is
However, the act of traveling
is priceless.
Travel gives your child a greater
understanding of the world in which we
live. It broadens their horizons. Their
appreciation of different lifestyles,
communities and cultures will grow. The
new and exciting experience will teach
them to be resourceful and thoughtful.
Why choose
Educational Student Tours?
l Been in business for 30 years
l Strictly enforced curfews and night l Top-Notch customer service
l Impeccable safety record
l Luxury air conditioned motor coaches
l Educational excellence
l Four star hotel accommodations
l Extraordinary staff
l FUN!
time security team as needed
l Low student to chaperone ratio
Traveling is evident of risk taking and
adaptability, even when traveling within the
United States, and travel experience will give
your child an edge as they go on to apply
for high school, college and eventually a
job. Travel experience gives children an for
increased geographical awareness, increased
flexibility, open-mindedness and personal
Giving your child the opportunity to travel - to
touch, to feel and see - to historical sites will
give them a new perspective on history.
The experience can make history, art, music,
etc. come alive. Outside of the necessary
confinements of a classroom a travel
experience will give hands on learning that
allows your child to delve deeper into the past,
present and future.
Educational Student Tourss
(a non profit organization)
(310) 215-9522