Exhibitions Can Become Gates to Global Markets Iran, an Attractive

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Eshagh Jahangiri:
Exhibitions Can Become Gates to Global Markets
First Vice President Eshagh
Jahangiri on Saturday attended
the 3rd International Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment
and Material in Tehran Permanent Fairground. He stressed
on the importance of judicious
consumption and also called
for preparing the ground to expand regional and worldwide
markets for domestic products.
According to the ‘Economy
and Exhibition’ reporter, the
first VP underlined exhibitions
as opportunities to attract customers and investors and help
promote the consumption of
domestic products.
The high-ranking official added that a sum is allocated in the
national budget law for the de-
velopment of laboratory equipment as well as the knowledge-based businesses in this
Obviously putting emphasis
on exhibition-related researches and software systems for
reaching different objectives
such as expanding the participation of foreign companies,
strengthening commercial ties,
improving multilateral transactions and exchanging technological and specialized knowledge needs the collaboration
of event organizers and all the
key players in the exhibitions
industry, according to the VP.
He added that such exhibitions
will be the best opportunity to
see the latest equipments in
the field of medicine over the
next decade. Furthermore, participants need to demonstrate
electronic and electromechanical systems in the field of medicine. Although many efforts
were made for a strong showing in this regard in this year’s
exhibition, we need to follow
this policy more seriously in
order to show the power of our
country in all fields, especially
the field of medicine.
Exhibitions can become a
prominent resource for Iranian
youth who possess massive intelligence in order to innovate
in the field of medicine and increase the added value of medical equipment exports.
Jahangiri also said advance-
ments in telemedicine has
reached the scale that doctors
can manage operations and
surgeries thousands of kilometers away from the operation room. Telemedicine, from
the perspective of information
technology, is defined as the
provision of medical services
from a distance through networks that transfer audio,
video and digital data. Such
advanced technologies can be
demonstrated in specialized
international medical exhibitions by the help of electronic
systems in order for visitors
to get acquainted with various
applications of telemedicine up
close and personal.
Deputy Industry
Minister Calls
for Promotion of
Alireza Amoukhteh:
Expo Organizers Should Prepare for New Opportunities
Saya Namaye Parsian Company (Sayaco) is one of the major
exhibition organizers in Iran,
having the experience of three
successful exhibitions in the
past several years in Tehran and
Isfahan. This year marks the 4th
round of the International Exhibition for Elevators, Escalators
and Lifts (Iran Liftex 2015) organized by Sayaco.
On the occasion of the present
event, ‘Economy and Exhibition’ had an interview with Alireza Amoukhteh, the innovative
and forward-looking director of
Sayaco as follows.
Elaborate on our achievements
in the previous Iranian year
(ended March 20).
We managed to organize the
2nd International Nuts Exhibition, the 3rd International
Construction Exhibition in the
port city of Bandar Abbas and
the 1st Exhibition on Doors and
Windows in Isfahan.
What are your plans for the
present year?
One of our most important
events, Iran Liftex 2015, is now
underway and will run until
April 28. In addition, we have
plans to hold the 2nd Doors and
Windows Exhibition of Isfahan,
the 7th Water and Wastewater
Equipment and Facilities of
Isfahan, the 3rd International
Nuts Exhibition, among other
projects. We are confident that
our exhibitions will be met with
warm reception of both partici-
pants and visitors.
What is your assumption of
the future of Iran’s exhibition
Following the recent breakthroughs in nuclear talks and
the significant interest of foreign companies in Iranian markets, I strongly believe the expo
business is on the road to recovery and will soon see major developments. In other words, exhibitions are the golden gates of
Iran’s further participation and
presence on the global stage
and will play a huge economic
role for the country.
How do you see the reception
of this year’s Iran Liftex exhibition?
The annual event has argu-
ably turned into the biggest
window for many businesses
in the construction industry to
showcase their latest products
and achievements. The exhibition has expanded and grown
ever stronger over the past few
Ali Moradi:
Iran, an Attractive Market for Global Investors
On the occasion of the
22nd International Exhibition of Detergents and
Sanitation (Iran Beauty
and Clean 2015), Ali
Moradi, managing director of the Samee Paad
Novin Company - the
organizer of the exhibition – issued a special
According to Moradi,
the exhibition has an
audience o 75 million
people in Iran along with
250 million people in the
Middle East. “The exhibition is an excellent
opportunity for Iranian
and foreign companies
to explore new markets
and develop their established markets. The positive impacts of Iran and
the so-called P5+1 negotiations (on Tehran’s
nuclear program) can be
seen in this year’s exhibition in terms of foreign
“The 68-percent yearon-year increase in the
number of participants
from 12 countries implies a very promising
prospect for the country’s economy. In addition, the registration
of this exhibition in the
Global Association of
the Exhibition Industry
as well as the International Association of
Exhibitions and Events
(IAEE) is an indication
of successful organization of the Iran Beauty
and Clean Exhibition –
held by Samee Paad Novin Co. over the course
of the past 14 years.
Furthermore, plans call
for transforming the exhibition into the biggest
regional event of its kind
in the near future.”
The Global Association
of the Exhibition Industry is the association of
trade show organizers,
fairground owners, national and international
associations of the exhibition industry, and
its partners. As of 2014,
UFI has 650 members
from 85 countries. UFI
recently decided to expand its membership
base to include national
trade fair organizers, and
partners of the exhibition industry. UFI has
also formed new alliances and partnerships with
key organizations of the
exhibition business.
Organized in 1928 as the
National Association of
Exposition Managers to
represent the interests of
trade show and exposition managers, the International Association of
Exhibitions and Events
is today the leading association for the global exhibition industry. Today,
IAEE represents over
8,500 individuals who
conduct and support exhibitions around the world.
Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade as well
as Hossein Esfahbodi, managing director of the Iran
International Exhibitions Industry issued separate
messages on the Occasion of the 4th International Exhibition of Elevators, Escalators and Lifts (Iran Liftex
2015). Both executives called on industrialists to turn
to knowledge-based economy and use all their potential to fulfill the economy of resistance, a policy proposed by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to counter the sanctions
and take advantage of domestic potential to improve
Esfahbodi said, “Organizing three successive and
successful editions of the Iran Liftex Exhibition displays the potential of the country’s elevator industry
and our expert workforce. Fortunately, this year’s
exhibition sees strong participation of domestic and
international companies, while the number of visitors
has drastically increased compared to last year.
“Persistent organization of such events will hopefully
result in enhancement of the construction and elevator industries and prepare the ground to increase exports and strong presence in global markets.”
Esfahbodi also issued a message for the 22nd International Exhibition of Detergents and Sanitation and
Related Equipment. “Detergents and cleaning material have strong base and potential in the country and
claim a big proportion of financial turnovers in Iran.
“The exhibition presents an opportunity for players
in the detergents and sanitation industry to meet with
new partners, get to know their competitors and their
latest offerings, seek new markets, interact with visitors and customers and promote their products. This
year’s exhibition sees a 34-percent increase in the
number of domestic participants and 68-percent rise
in the number of foreign exhibitors year-on-year.
“The strategic situation of Iran enables domestic
producers to easily have access to, and expand their
market penetration in the neighboring countries and
the Middle East. The situation is ripe for the this
long-lasting exhibition to transform into the biggest
exhibition of its kind in the region within the next few
List Of The Elevator & Lift Exhibitions
• (March 26 - 29, 2015)ASANSÖR ISTANBUL - Istanbul (Turkey)
Lift Industry International Exhibition
• (May 18 - 20, 2015)ELEVATORS & ACCESS CONTROL Dubai (UAE - United Arab Emirates)
Building Access & Mobility Solutions Expo in Dubai.
Elevators & Access Control is the ideal platform for suppliers of
elevators and escalators, as well as access control systems, to showcase their products and technologies to a large and relevant audienc
• (Oct. 13 - 16, 2015)INTERLIFT AUGSBURG - Augsburg (Germany)
International Trade Fair for Elevator Technology
& ESCALATOR EXPO) DHAKA - Dhaka (Bangladesh)
International Escalator & Elevator Expo in Bengladesh
• (on May 2016)MIDDLE EAST CONSTRUCTION FAIR - Diyarbakir (Turkey)
Construction Materials, Construction Technologies, Electric Systems, Supplies and Automation, Lift, Construction Works Machinery, Natural Gas, Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Installation Supplies Fair
• (Oct. 2016)EURO-LIFT - Kielce (Poland)
International Lifts Exhibition
• (March 2016)LIFTBALKANS - Sofia (Bulgaria)
South-East European Exhibition on Elevators and Escalators.
LiftBalkans is a timely support of the industry in South-East Europe with aim to speed up the well-needed modernization of the
stock of old lifts by presenting the latest products and services
• (April 20 - 23, 2016)EURASIA LIFT FAIR - Istanbul (Turkey)
Eurasia Lift, Escalator Industry and Technologies Fair
• (Sept. 14 - 16, 2016)ELECTRIC & POWER VIETNAM - Ho chi
Minh (Vietnam)
International Trade show for Power & Energy Solution.
Electric & Power Vietnam showcases the latest technologies &
products including Cables, Generators, Energy Efficiency Renewables, Stand-by power Solutions, T&D, Escalators & Lifts, Air
• (June 2016)LIFTASIA - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
International Elevator & Escalator Technology Exhibition & Conference
• (May 2016)INELEX - Izmir (Turkey)
Elevator and Technologies Exhibition
International Elevator & Escalator Expo in India
Special thanks to Narges Afrasiabi, marketing analyst at the
National Iranian Exhibitions Company for compiling the list.