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April 2011
Ontario-Montclair School Employees Federal Credit Union
Service, Sincerity and Security Since 1961
Lowest Auto Loan Rates
Directors voted to adopt
3.24% APR* as the Credit
Union’s base rate for new
and used auto loans. Our
rates have never been
lower! With rates as
low as 3.24% APR* now
available, a pre-approved
OMSEFCU vehicle loan
gives you a big advantage
when you shop for your
next new or used vehicle.
We’ll Still Meet or Beat
Other Lenders’ Offers!
Has another lender offered you low-rate financing? Bring
us the paperwork and give OMSEFCU a chance to meet or
beat the offer! We’ll do everything in our power to meet or
even beat it!
If you are already making car payments to another lender,
you can apply to refinance your loan with OMSEFCU and
reduce your rate and payments, perhaps dramatically!
Current OMSEFCU loans are not eligible. Rates are also
available to those who have a vehicle that is either paid off
or has sufficient equity to pay off and close higher-rate loans
or credit cards. It’s a great way to save money!
Call our Loan Team at (909) 983-1959, option 2, or
e-mail [email protected]
Apply on-line at
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates quoted here are the lowest available
for our best borrowers; however, reduced rates are available to all qualifying
borrowers on approval of credit.
Looking Forward to No More
Mortgage Payments?
If you are nearing retirement and want an honest,
straightforward, short-term mortgage in order to pay off
your home sooner and get rid of your mortgage payments
altogether, call us. With mortgage rates at historic lows,
you can apply for a 15-year or even a 10-year mortgage at
an extremely low rate and low monthly payments.
Move Your Home Loan to OMSEFCU For:
Low rates
15 year Conforming: 4.125% APR**
30 year Conforming: 4.750% APR**
Low fees
Personalized service
Honest and simple-to-understand terms
No prepayment penalties
Special, customized retirement planning offering
lower rates and terms to fit your life goals.
For more information on refinancing your mortgage
with OMSEFCU, please call our Loan Service Team at
(909) 983-1959, Option 2, stop by our office, or e-mail us
at [email protected]
**APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates as of March 11, 2011. Contact
OMSEFCU for details.
• Auto Loan Rates Down to 3.24% APR*!
• Looking Forward to NO Mortgage Payments?
• OMSEFCU VISA Among Best in Nation
• Important Tax Info Notice
• 50th Annual Meeting Notice
• Join Our Board of Directors!
Best in Nation
Nationwide consumer-advocate organizations are
fighting the unfair, consumer-gouging practices of many
of the nation’s major credit card issuers. Credit Card
Connection ( is your link
to the most fair and ethical credit card programs in the
United States. OMSEFCU’s VISA program has earned
Credit Card Connection’s highest, five-star rating and
its Seal of Approval for fair and ethical practices. We
are proud to be among the nation’s top-rated credit card
OMSEFCU Honored on “Dean’s List”
Many of the big credit card companies landed on
Credit Card Connection’s “Detention List of Lenders to
Avoid” because of their extremely high, changeable rates,
outrageous fees and unfair practices. In spite of recent
consumer-protection legislation, they are finding ways
around it.
Please see the enclosed new Fee Schedule. It goes
into effect May 16, 2011, and will impact our Share
Draft Overdraft and NSF Fees.
ATTENTION: Year-End Loan Interest totals shown
on 12/31/10 statements do not include annual totals
and should not be used for tax purposes. They only
include applicable fees and interest charges for billing
periods on or after 06/25/10. If you have questions,
please call our Loan Team at (909) 983-1959, option 2.
In stark contrast, many credit unions have earned a place
on the honor roll of financial providers, and OMSEFCU is
on Credit Card Connection’s national “Dean’s List.” Isn’t
it time you moved your credit card account to OMSEFCU’s
ethical, consumer-friendly VISA Card program?
Our VISA Card Program Offers:
Very low, fixed rates
No annual fee
24/7 fraud protection
25-day grace period on purchases*
Worldwide acceptance
Free rewards program (Platinum VISA)
Credit-builder program (Classic VISA)
ATM access at more than 300,000 ATMs
Access your VISA account on-line
Our VISA Platinum card offers an excellent, low,
fixed rate and added benefits including fee-free balance
transfers, a 25-day grace period on purchases*, free
rewards points and much more! Our VISA Platinum card
is honest, simple and easy to understand with no tricks or
confusing terms.
To learn how you can save money by transferring a
credit card balance from another lender to OMSEFCU,
call us. Save money and discover the peace of mind that
comes from doing business with your Ontario-Montclair
School Employees Federal Credit Union, a safe, sound and
trustworthy financial resource.
(909) 983-1959, Option 2, or
email: [email protected]
* No grace period on cash advances.
Annual Meeting, May 4
Our 50th OMSEFCU Annual Meeting will be
held on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at the OMSD
Conference Center Rooms B1 and B2. We will
have our usual delicious buffet dinner, outstanding door
prizes, and of course our business meeting and elections.
Interested in Serving on Our OMSEFCU Board?
There are two open seats available on our OMSEFCU
Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on
the Board, we invite you to apply. Please call or e-mail
Executive Vice President Madeline Montano at extension
214 or [email protected] by April 22. If accepted,
your name will appear on the ballot for our annual election
on May 4.
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