Environment Enhancer

Environment Enhancer
Water Treatment
Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Salmonella and E-Coli ON CONTACT
EPA -(C) AND (E)
OECD readily biodegradable test 301E
Distributed by:
MBT International Trading
20020 South Western Avenue
Olympia Fields, Illinois
Cleans all surface areas I Odor Control for Grit and Screening bins
Bio Filters/Re Claimed Water I Set Tanks I Centrifuge
De Watering Area I Holding Ponds I Improves Flocculation
Department of Health & Human
Services USA
Civil Aviation Authority New
Food and Drug Administration USA
European Economic Community
Environment Protection Agency
Treasury Department USA
Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
New Zealand
New Zealand Food Authority New
Beca Stevens Envirolab
New Zealand Science & Research
Laboratories Ltd New Zealand
Environment Sciences & Research
Group Canada
Head quartered in Sydney Australia, Earthecco product has undergone extensive product
research and successful field trials for over the past decade.
Earthecco is headed by Jake Tyson. Tyson is highly experienced in the retail and
commercial sectors through out Australasia and USA. Tyson is also media spokes person
for Habitat For Humanity Greater Los Angeles.
Earthecco comes with over $2.5 million in World Wide approvals and proven scientific
results. Earthecco product is 100% readily biodegradable and completely non toxic.
The company consists of an experienced management team along with specialized
chemists who assist and advise corporations across a broad range of industries - providing
sustainable solutions.
Earthecco is effective over so many different applications saving corporations potentially
millions of dollars in productivity & safety – with vast improvements on bottom line growth.
• Earthecco has invested in over $2.5 million in accredited tests and approvals
• Earthecco eliminates the use of chlorine & is the first product of it's kind that eliminates Odor & Toxic
Gasses - Including Ammonia & Hydrogen Sulphide on contact
• Earthecco is perfect for treating reclaimed water. Earthecco eliminates the bad bacteria whilst promoting
the good
• Earthecco can be used to clean down all surfaces effectively of contaminants
• Earthecco eliminates Salmonella and E-coli on contact, leaving a protected barrier that may continue to kill
the bad bacteria for up to 3 days.
• Earthecco's unique formula is a combination of natural and readily biodegradable ingredients.
• Earthecco has a neutral Ph reading of 5.
• Passed the OECD readily biodegradable test 301E and is FDA , EPA & AQIS certified
• 100% safe to use around humans & animals and where food is stored
Earthecco's forte is in improving the odor & bacteria conditions within & around the water treatment &
reclamation facilities, Earthecco has dramatically reduced the need for harmful chemicals & odor masking
agents, with the safest organic, non hazardous product available today
Earthecco eliminates odor - The main reason for odor is the build up & decomposition of waste. If not
treated quickly & and effectively can cause Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulphide levels to exceed dangerous
& toxic levels. Earthecco eliminates this!
Earthecco’s unique formula identifies these offending agents at a molecular level, then
breaks them down into harmless salts by encapsulating them into micro droplets seconds after .
Earthecco is dispensed into the surrounding environment & onto the offending surfaces.
• Ammonia (NH3) by 99% within 5 minutes
• Hydrogen Sulphide (H2s) by 95% in 5 minutes
• Grit and Screening Bins: Earthecco effectively reduces the odor in these areas
within seconds, slashing company processing costs.
• Bio filters / Re-claimed water: Earthecco controls Hydrogen Sulphide levels and
odor emissions in these areas within 60 seconds after spraying.
• Centrifuge / De Watering Area / Holding Tanks: Earthecco sprayed into these
areas, safely and effectively controls all odors and dangerous bacteria build up.
• Odor Scrubbers: Earthecco is effective at both ends of the PH scale so neutralizes
Hydrogen Sulphide and Ammonia within seconds.
• Flocculation: Earthecco improves flocculation, by reducing solids and controlling
odor, without interfering with the natural microbial process.
BACTERIA: Salmonella Listeria and E - Coli are main factors in water treatment facilities world wide.
Earthecco reduces the risk of these strains without interrupting the natural effects of organic breakdown
which occur in these facilities. Earthecco eliminates the use of harsh acids, Alkaline's or Chlorine.
Earthecco has a 99% kill rate of these pathogens when applied.
Earthecco is applied to any environment & surface area where odor & bacteria from these facilities are caused,
simply & effectively
• Fogging system
• Back pack spraying unit
• Reclaimed water filtering unit
• Through pressure washer
• Installed sprinkler or dispensing system
Earthecco's versatility & effectiveness has been proven successful in all area's, saving companies potentially
millions on their bottom line in reduced chemicals, with increased productivity & safe to the user.
Earthecco has successfully treated many conditions
around the world, where odor can affect
the environment & surrounding areas
Rena - Tanker disaster (NZ)
Earthecco treated the organic waste that perished inside
the rescued container ship to eliminate Odor Bacteria &
Toxic Gasses built up from decomposition
Sydney Water ( Australia )
Treat recess bins through dispensing directly into and around bins.
Eliminating EPA issues and saving Sydney water thousands of dollars in
processing costs weekly.
Earthecco is also used to treat holding ponds/waste water by direct
Poultry & Live Stock barns
Earthecco product treats the barns for Odor, & build up of toxic
gasses. Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide, Salmonella, E-coli and many
Other Earthecco Applications
• Processing plants: for general wash down &
• Stables, Poultry sheds, Cattle sheds, Hog farms:
to control odor, ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide
• Water treatment facilities: control of odor and
bacteria control
• Cold storage facilities: general wash down &
• Portaloo's: odor control, sanitization
• Truck & vehicle wash: interior & exterior
• Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels & Homes: for
general cleaning of all surfaces of contaminants
• Commercial cleaning - floors, walls, toilets,
tables, bench's, carpet, windows, bath, showers,
pre wash stain remover for clothes.
Earthecco is used to maintain the inside
& outside of the passenger transport industry
as well as the workshop floors,
saving tax payers millions because of dangerous
chemical work related injuries reduced, to increased
productivity due to Earthecco's effectiveness on
all areas.
Earthecco has helped Australia's largest cleaning companies
to save millions on their bottom line, because Earthecco
replaces 80% of the daily used cleaning chemicals.
into 1 product that does everything effectively & safely.
Also in productivity, because of the reduced time the cleaners
take in trying to find the right product.
Work related incidents caused by employee's coming in
contact with harmful chemicals has been reduced by 90%
Earthecco is used to treat Sydney's water
reclamation facility, by reducing the odor
in the screening bins & holding ponds.
Improved flocculation,
Also helped with the EPA induced program
for odor control.
Sydney water saved thousands on their
bottom line, because the screening bins
causing the odor went from being emptied
every week to once every 3 weeks.
Veolia is the largest waste company in
Australia, Earthecco is used to clean down
all areas of Veolia: from cleaning down the
garbage trucks at the end of each day.
Controlling odor in & around their compactors.
Earthecco is also part of Veolia's Green initiative program