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EAO Machinery Products
Innovative, intuitive and reliable.
EAO Group
Expert manufacturers.
EAO creates possibilities. Since 1947.
EAO AG, a Swiss, family-owned company
founded in 1947, has developed into one of the
world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality
switches, keyboards, sophisticated control
elements, and complete HMI control units
and HMI Systems.
With over 600 dedicated employees, EAO has a
global production and distribution network at its
disposal. And with production sites in Switzerland,
Germany, North America and China, as well as our
11 country sales companies and distributors in over
50 countries, we can guarantee global availability –
around the world, around the clock.
Efficient and modern development processes,
effective global supply chains, and skilled project
and consultation management represent additional
services that we offer our customers and business
partners around the world.
Your solution-focused expert and partner
We do much more than just manufacture individual
control elements. As a solution-focused partner, we
provide the option of technically and mechanically
customising existing HMI Components in line with
our customers’ individual requirements. From simple
control elements through to sophisticated HMI Systems, from serial production through to installation –
we offer the entire range of HMI services and inspire
the confidence of our customers.
EAO has long-standing experience in developing
and manufacturing HMI Components and Systems
for both basic and complex industrial machinery,
thereby ensuring safe and error-free operation.
HMI Components
Diversity and individuality.
In HMI Components.
EAO develops and manufactures one of
the world’s largest ranges of industrial HMI
We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of
equipment it is easy for everyone to select the right
product, according to:
.Electrical ratings – the right specifications
for the task
.Actuation preferences – the most appropriate
switch type
.Physical configuration and mounting needs –
style and placement
.Special requirements – illumination, symbol
and approval
HMI functions
In machinery applications, EAO specialises in these
particular functions among others:
.Pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons
.Selector switches
.Emergency stop switches
HMI features
EAO’s engineers analyse the application requirements of our customers. This ensures that our
among others HMI Components always perform to
the correct standard for:
.Front protection
.Switch rating
Value added services
EAO makes it simple for designers to find the perfect equipment by analysing customers’ exact
application requirements and making the following
adaptions to suit their needs. For example:
.Modification of mechanical properties or electronics
.Cables and connections
EAO Machinery Products
HMI Components Series
For all applications.
Illuminated pushbuttons
Series 82
Keylock switches
Series 71
EAO, the expert and partner for Human Machine
Interfaces (HMIs), offers pushbuttons that are both
resistant to vandalism and visually attractive in the
form of the Series 82, for use in harsh environments.
Series 71 has an impressively unique modular
approach for modern PCB technologies. Where low
back panel depth, quick panel assembly and easy
mounting are demanded, this versatile series is an
ideal solution with a modern appearance.
With their robust metal housings, these innovatively
designed switches provide IK10 impact resistance
and comply with IP67 sealing requirements, making
them ideal for use in Machinery.
.Vandal resistant: Impact-resistant to IK10
.Front protection up to IP67
.Gold contacts available for low-level applications
.Optional illumination and laser engraving
.Excellent tactile feedback
.Long service life > 1 million switching cycle
.PCB mounting
.A variety of switching functions
.Modular design
.Flush mounting
.IP65 protection
.Low-level switching capability
Emergency stop switches
Various Series
Illuminated pushbuttons
Series 84
EAO emergency switches with forced opening contacts (compliant with DIN EN ISO 13850 and EN
60204-1) are primarily used to enhance personal
safety. They are also employed worldwide in preventing damage when vehicles, machinery, equipment
and control systems break down. Emergency
switches are always foolproof, and can be easily
identified by their red lens with a yellow actuator or
protective shroud.
EAO offers the Series 84 with a multitude of actuator
choices that make this sleek, contemporary, awardwinning product range suitable for a wide range of
industrial applications.
.100 % switching reliability and foolproof, even in
harsh environments
.Small back panel depth
.Large range of minimum and maximum switched
.Resistant to impact, shock and vibration
.Usable up to – 40 °C
.Very long service life of mechanical and electrical
.Available with standards-compliant protective
.Attractive design and reliable operation
.IP67 front protection
.Actuators and lenses available in many colours
and materials
.Strong, consistent illumination using innovative
.Animated illumination options for a wide range
of applications
.Solder, plug-in, print terminals or flat ribbon
cables available
EAO Machinery Products
HMI Components Series
Selector switches
Series 61
Illuminated pushbuttons
Series 14
The flexible design enables a variety of configuration
possiblities to meet all types of functional requirements. This makes it easy to integrate the components
into any type of control system. Boasting IP65 protection, this series is ideal for industrial applications.
The Series 61 is internationally approved and globally
The Series 14 has an impressively high-quality and
timeless design. Die pushbuttons, indicators, buzzers, keylock switches and selector switches can be
mounted flushed or raised. In addition to the high
degree of protection (IP67), the Series 14 also provides excellent tactile feedback.
.Wide range of modular products
.Raised or flush mounting
.Compact design with 16 mm and 22.5 mm
mounting cut-outs
.Large number of switching elements for different
.Internationally recognised and approved
.Compact design
.Low behind panel depth
.Low-level switching capability
.22.5 mm and 30.5 mm versions available for
industrial standards-compliant mounting
.Solder and PCB terminals
.Up to 2 million switching cycles
HMI Components Overview
HMI functions and features.
At a glance.
Illuminated pushbutton
Selector switch
Illuminated selector switch
Keylock switch
Emergency-stop switch (E-Stop)
Stop switch
Mushroom-head pushbutton
Mounting cut-out
16 mm
19 mm
22.5 mm
30.5 mm
Square / rectangular
Switch rating
42 VAC / 100 mA
220 VAC / 500 mA
240 VAC / 3 A
250 VAC / 3 A
250 VAC / 5 A
Soldering terminal
Solder / Plug-in terminal
Screw terminal
PCB plug-in base available
EAO Machinery Products
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EAO reserves the right to change specifications without further notice.
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