Th e ultimate long arm quilting machine About Martelli Enterprises

The ultimate long arm quilting machine
About Martelli Enterprises
Select the model that best meets you needs—
or combine more that one to create a customized, ultimate
long arm quilting machine! Ask about the available
options and upgrades.
Thank you for taking a moment to learn about our company
and products. From our longarm quilting machines to our
complete line of notions and accessories to our retail
operations, Martelli Enterprises is committed to quality and
service, supported by active research and development.
What sets Martelli Enterprises apart is our commitment
to research, engineering, design, and testing for all of our
Research and development is the starting point for providing
the tools for you to execute your creative vision. We think,
innovate, and analyze problems. From that we produce
the particular tool or notion for the trade.
Making life easier for you is our goal—whether through
ergonomically designed tools like our famous rotary cutter,
or through innovations in design like the adjustable height
of our longarm quilting machine and work stations. We want
you to excel in your chosen craft.
Sit or stand —it’s up to you with our exclusive overhead
rail system. No braces or framework underneath the
machine. No lint to gather and needing clean-up, either.
Machine may be placed against the wall as there is no
need to walk behind or around it.
Company History
For over 20 years, we have provided quilters, sewers and
enthusiastic crafters with the tools and accessories to
pursue their art and express themselves. Our company
values innovation. We continually improve these arts
through the support of a dedicated research and development team. It really means something to offer a product that will be appreciated and recommended to others.
The Martellis are on the premises all the time to oversee
the daily operations. The business began with four family
members, and has now grown to include over 20 dedicated
employees who are like an extension of our family. As a new
generation steps up to serve our customers, we anticipate
preserving this unique combination—a corporate business
with a family mentality.
Our exclusive table model long arm! Get the benefits of an
industrial machine with a full 21” throat and 11” height for
easy hand-manipulation of your quilt. Our specially built
tables are of the same quality as the LaCresta work tables
and can be built to your specifications such as the inclusion a of a Martelli cutting mat and more.
Wholesale, dealer and custom-order
inquiries are always welcome!
We provide a variety of ways you can familiarize yourself with
our products. Our website provides many demonstration
videos. Everyone enjoys meeting our customers at the tradeshows. Please visit our new retail shop, Martelli Quilting
Solutions, located in Pensacola, Florida.
5450 North “W” Street • Pensacola, FL 32505
Toll Free: 866-996-1400 • Fax: 850-433-9952
The LaCresta is by far the best long arm
quilting machine on the market today.
Not only as an inventor and manufacturer of many well known
Martelli quilting products (such as the Ergo 2000 Rotary Cutter)
we are also a research and development company. Before coming out with our LaCresta line of long arm quilting machines,
we spent innumerable hours and thousands of dollars searching the world for the best in sewing machines, electronics and
hardware. Ultimately, to bring about the best of the best in long
arm quilting machines available today.
From the powder-coated aircraft quality aluminum frame to the
seamless extruded (patent pending) overhead beams, these
were all designed and engineered by Martelli Enterprises. Then,
we went in search of the best manufacturers to fabricate the
components to our exclusive specifications. (We are proud to
say many of these companies were found right here in the USA.)
The metal components then come together at our shop in
Pensacola, Florida where they are cut to size and assembled.
Heavy-duty 3/4” (HDPE) polyethylene used in construction of
the side panels (also used on our LaCresta tables) are cut in our
Pensacola shop using the latest laser technology.
Finally, the sewing machine itself. Our long arm machine is built
entirely to our specifications. The electronics are designed
exclusively for and by Martelli Enterprises. The machine is
industrial grade and built to withstand years of heavy use.
Not a thing has been overlooked. All machines are thoroughly
inspected and tested before leaving our facility by our factorytrained technicians.
Our LaCresta long arm machines also come with our own Kwik
Spin thread dispenser keeping the thread moving smoothly
for tangle free sewing. Another standard feature is electric
lift legs. Now you can quickly and easily raise or lower your
machine for ultimate comfort. Our long arm machine is mounted overhead, thus providing the operator with not only better
control, but without the restriction of a frame beneath the machine, the option to sit while sewing.
At Martelli Enterprises we are always looking for ways to please
our customers. Upon the request of a customer, we recently
developed a table model long arm. Using the same machine ,
with a few slight modifications, we have developed perhaps the
only true table model quilting machine. The heavy-duty table
is constructed using the same principles as our LaCresta work
tables; a steel frame and smooth 3/4” polyethylene (HDPE) work
surface and side panels. Electric leg lifts and industrial quality
rubber locking wheels are optional. Call or visit our website for
all available options and upgrades.
Call for pricing on individual models
with available options and upgrades to fit your needs.
What sets us apart from the rest:
21” Throat with 11” Height
21” X 10” Wide Stitching Surface
The Frame:
• Made of non-corroding light weight air-craft quality
aluminum with a smooth powder coated finish
• Overhead rail system is made of seamless extruded
aluminum manufactured for our exclusive use. Machine
is suspended from above for easy maneuverability.
Replaces lower rails or belt systems that gather loose
threads or lint. Best of all, it allows the operator to use
machine from a standing or seated position.
• Sturdy 3/4” thick polyethylene (HDPE) side panels
• Electric leg-lifts for easy height adjustment
• Easy-gliding industrial quality locking wheels
• Spring loaded pipes allow easy loading and unloading
of your quilt
• Clutch system for infinite adjustment of your quit tension
• Extra take-up rollers available
The Machine:
• Industrial CNC constructed machine body
• Industrial strength 3/4”drive shaft with three times
greater punching power than most other machines;
capable of sewing through heavy fabric and even leather
• Belt drive requires less maintenance
• Martelli custom, prioritory electronics
• Adjustable handles for comfortable operation
• Stitch regulator with optimal 14 stitches per inch, but
easily stitches a 2-inch basting stitch or up to 35 stitches
per inch for intricate work with no hesitation. Fast reaction time for ultimate stitch regulation.
• Gear driven bobbin for accurate, precise timing
• Patented Martelli Kwik-Spin thread dispenser
• Bobbin winder
• Large “M” bobbin
• Hopping foot
Martelli Kwik-Spin
• Custom hook
thread dispenser
• Available in Lengths from 5 1/2 feet to 11 feet
• Accessory Kit
• Extended Warranty
• Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
• Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Kit
• Custom-made Zippered Leaders
• Laser Stencil/Pantogram System
All models shown
• High Intensity Lighting
with optional wheels.
• Electic Leg Lifts