Standardized tests are the key to unlocking a higher education

Standardized tests are the key to unlocking a higher education.
Without the right score(s) you may not be allowed into your
desired school. Preparing for test day is one of the greatest
challenges you face at the high school level. - Official ACT
Registration Site. - Official SAT
Registration Site - Official PSAT/NMSQT Site
Some of these Web sites may require registration in order to gain access to the site.
While most sites offer free registration, some charge the user a fee for more information.
I do not encourage students to pay for access to these sites or services; they are listed
because they contain valuable information which is accessible without incurring a fee.
Web sites that guarantee more successful test scores should be viewed cautiously:
SAT – Khan Academy has SAT Test Examples (See Test Prep Section)
ACT Test Strategies: -
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5/6/2015 - (Includes
related articles on studying tips and difference between Tests) - Includes Problem Solving Videos (All Tests) – TIMED! - Video Explanations
New 2015 (Thanks Karam Marji) -
Schoolcraft College has ACT Prep workshops throughout the year:
Madonna University also has ACT Prep workshops as part of their tours:
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Listed below are some sites that offer preparation courses (Fee) or
tutoring for the ACT/SAT Tests. Please research these carefully:
TUTORS - Tutoring for the ACT and other subjects - like math:
Score More Points:
Sylvan is another option (they can be costly):
This is from Ms. Mizak’s (Counselor) web site from
Here are a few sites that offer ACT/SAT classes for a Price (Please check out
Summer Prep Programs -
ePrep -
Grockit -
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