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Monthly Newsletter
May 5-6
TSA Regatta @ Grapevine
Sailing Club
May 12-13
Sail Practice 10-4 (Opti, Laser,
May 18-19
Sail Practice 10-4 (Opti, Laser,
May 19
Extreme Boat Makeover Day @
Ragnot Parent Camp Meeting
Laser Gulf Coast Champs @
May 26-27
Sail Practice 10-4 (Opti, Laser,
May 31-June 3
2012 Laser Nationals @ HYC
June 2-3
TSA Regatta @ Corpus Christi
June 4-8
Opti Overnight Camp
June 10-14
Laser/420 Overnight Camp
June 18-22
Minis Week 1
June 19
Summer Program Week 1
June 23-24
Leukemia Cup
June 25
Summer Program Week 2
June 30
Endurance Race
July 2
Summer Program Week 3
July 4
Cardboard Boat Race
4 of July Festivities
July 7-8
Texas Youth Race Week @
Ragnots during 2012 HYC Opening Day
Welcome to our new monthly
Ragnot Newsletter!
Summer is almost here and it’s time for the
Ragnots to have the best summer EVER! This
newsletter is being produced to help YOU find
everything you need in one place, without having to
spend precious FUN time looking through many emails and texting your BF’s to find out when the
next race or practice is, what the next Ragnot
event is, where to sign up, etc. etc. etc. You get
the picture. We hope you like it! For more
information about what’s going on in your Club,
contact Ragnots Co-Moms Maya Houston (email:
[email protected]) and Amy Beck (email:
[email protected]). If you really like this newsletter
and want to contribute information, contact the
Editor, Yolanda Cortes Mares, at
[email protected] See you at the Club!
MAY 2012
Texas Youth Race Week
July 7-13, 2012
Come and join your friends in the largest youth
sailing event in Texas! We need parents to
volunteer. This is a Junior Olympic Event and a
USODA qualifier. Opti registration is now up! NEW
THIS YEAR registration for Optis will be on the
USODA Web site. The NOR is also available at the
USODA web site. Optimist sailors must be USODA
members and US Sailing members to register.
Registration is at www.usoda.org.
Ragnot Co-Mom: Amy Beck in New Jersey
during 2012 USODA Team Trials
The racing at HYC will be on Saturday and Sunday,
July 7 & 8. Monday, July 9, is a layday, and after
that the racing continues at TCYC on July 10-13,
ending with a big banquet at LYC on Friday, July 13.
Laser and Double-Handed registration will be up
soon on Regatta Network at www.txsail.org.
So far, the following folks have kindly
Giveaways: Lisa Ascencios
Area F eliminations (Sears and Bemis) will be part of
Race Week but will register separately on Regatta
Network. Registration should be up soon at
Miscellaneous: Gaston Martin
Registration: Jacki Kendrick, Rebecca
Rush & Georganne Scruggs
On the Water: Gordy Keenan, Graham
To volunteer: Please contact Yolanda
Cortes Mares, your 2012 HYC TSA
Representative at [email protected]
or at (254) 493-0875.
Laser Nationals is right around the corner! And in
your own backyard! Racing is Thursday May
31st through Sunday June 3rd. NOR can be found at
the following links. Donʼt miss out - This could be it! ·
MAY 2012
2010 Blue Magic Optimist #18510
Trim color is Blue
Magic marine covers and blade bag
Opti parts dolly
N1 foil
Black Gold spars
Tapered mainsheet
Bailers, praddle, mast clamp,etc
Choice of J sail or North
Boat has only been used for regattas
Boat has always been bagged and garaged otherwise.
Boat is complete and in very nice condition
Contact Russell Cole : [email protected]
$2850. FOR SALE:
• Vanguard Opti #11455– comes
with Giuletti spars, club blades,
and sail and dolly. $1000
• Perfect beginner Opti – comes
with club spars and P4 North
Sail, wood rudder and white
daggerboard and dolly. $400
FOR SALE: MCLAUGHLIN Optimist #14911 “Fast Frog”
Pro-­‐racer Opti; 2009 World Champion, 2011 Girls State Champion Color: white Used Opti parts dolly
Used N1 foils : blade set includes rudder and daggerboard Used Black Gold spars
Used tapered mainsheet
Used praddle, mast clamp, protest flag, grey air bags Choice of used Win Design or used JCD tiller extension Used blade bag and used Magic Marine bottom cover
Choice of used heavy radial J sail or used heavy panel-­‐cut Quantum
New red bailers Cool decals Great racing Opti – in good condition and everything you need to step in and start racing! Contact Yolanda Cortes Mares: [email protected] $1750. Also available: • Slightly used Magic Marine top and bottom cover in great condition for an extra $400 • New Win Design tiller extension for an extra $50 • Various racing clothes, boots, gloves (new and used) Get ready for summer!
Call Regina 713-522-7810
WANTED TO BUY: Does anyone know
of anyone who has a 4.7 lower mast
they might want to sell? Contact Becky
Rush at [email protected]
Swap your boat stuff
during the Extreme Boat
Makeover at the Club on
May 19!
MAY 2012
By Scott Lindley, HYC Sailing Director (409) 539-0058
Hi All,
I am finally back from New Jersey! What a trip. Brant Beach Yacht Club put on a fantastic Team
Trials. It was a great event from all aspects! Racing was great, weather was cold but good wind
conditions. One day blew 32 knots. The regatta organization was top notch. Hospitality was great
too. Our team was exceptional from top to bottom. This was the best team trials from a team
organizational standpoint I have been involved with. Our team was tight and had tons of fun.
Regina Byerly was a great team leader and all the parents worked hard and chipped in. Scott Norman
really put in a top-notch effort and really put his heart and soul into the coaching effort. We truly have
a great team! I thank you all.
The kids did great and walked away from Team Trials better sailors. They learned sooooo much.
Team Trials for the kids who went for the first time, really opened their eyes (as it usually does) to the
fact that it is very serious and that all who attend are very good. Basically they are sailing against the
top 200 kids in the country. They also learn where they fall in that pecking order. They also learn the
hard way, what skills they are lacking or need to work on in order to compete at that level and move
up the ladder. Most kids come home humbled and changed after their first Team Trials! I would say
most kids are driven from this experience. That's why we go! Our veteran's did a fantastic job and
they learned how much they improved from the previous year. I am proud of them all!
Congratulations to Wiley Rogers for finishing 4th and qualifying for his first Worlds Team! Also
congratulations to Dane Byerly who finished in the Top Ten at Team Trials. Dane will be representing
the United States at the Asian Championships. We have several others who will be applying for
International Teams and receiving invitations to the US National Team. Can’t wait ‘til next year!
Results from Team Trials:
4th Overall Wiley Rogers (Finished 32nd in 2011)
10th Overall Dane Byerly (Finished 33rd in 2011)
29th Overall Ryan Vittimberga (Finished 115th in 2011)
61st Overall Kaili Campbell (Finished 91st in 2011)
71st Overall Robbie Nicholls (Finished 123rd in 2011)
75th Overall Kyle Dochoda (Finished 152nd in 2011)
77th Overall Julian Martin – First TT
89th Overall Leo Boucher – First TT
99th Overall Talia Toland (Finished 91st in 2011)
113th Overall Anna Willits – First TT
122nd Overall Dutch Byerly – First TT
124th Overall Christophe Chaumont – First TT
159th Overall Yumi Yoshiyasu – First TT
165th Overall Kelly Cole – First TT
168th Overall Alexandra Mares – First TT
172nd Overall Abigail Beck – First TT
183rd Overall Lawson Levine – First TT