Is it practical?

Is it practical?
What is prac·ti·cal
[prak-ti-kuh l] Show IPA
of or pertaining to practice or action: practical mathematics.
Do you eat? Do you eat out sometimes? Will you die without food? Would you like free food?
Would you like free education? Would you like good health, care?? When you answer yes to all
of these questions ask yourself this, Is DO-Nation Project practical?
consisting of, involving, or resulting from practice or action: a practical application of a rule.
Is it practical to eat at a restaurant over and over? To me it is, only if the food is good, and the
staff is well trained and passionate about what they serve. It will become easier, and easier to do
this the better and better the food is. But this is not the point; it is to get everyone involved in
helping out others by doing something we do all the time. Eating out and knowing 1/3 of your
food cost will go to enhancing your local community through programs about food, education,
and eventually creating free education. I know I would eat out even more then. This will create
a snowball effect and move things along even faster.
of, pertaining to, or concerned with ordinary activities, business, or work: practical affairs.
Do police officers need to eat? How about firemen? Nurses?, teachers?, lawyers too? Now think
about this, do babies, children, women, men? How about Americans, Korean, (north and south),
Iraqis, Israelis, German, Haitian, South African? I can go on and on, so ask yourself is it
adapted or designed for actual use; useful: practical instructions.
Adapting not adapted, or designed for actual use but, ADAPTING each and every day for the
actual use. The DO-Nation Project will change the way people interact because of good food,
good education, and good health. All of this means more people going out to dinner each and
every day. This then in turn creates better school, smarter children, and cooler gadgets and video
games to become addicted too. Practical you ask again?
engaged or experienced in actual practice or work: a practical politician.
As a chef you will always want to learn something new, teach something to someone, a tip that
will help your work go easier and faster so that you can serve more people the food that you
love. The passion for your food will show in every dish, when all of us work together to make
better culinary masterpieces than before. The DO-Nation Project will carry the same passion as
true chefs do with their food. Who does not want to go on VACA and eat the best food from all
over the world in a vacation destination? This program will be able to expand into any field in
the world because no human can go without food and eating.
inclined toward or fitted for actual work or useful activities: a practical person.
The most practical and most grounded field I have worked in has been the culinary field. It
makes you appreciate and respect the food that is prepared and served by the entire culinary
field. There is no equal to the hard working low paid chefs who bring everyone join when they
go out to enjoy a god fresh meal. A great chef is a wizard who conjures and serves happiness.
That is why our weekends are what every night we have off if we are lucky, and we can juggle
both work and play after everyone else goes home to sleep. We think about food, we talk about
food, we dream about food; people get irritated at us when we talk about food all day and night
long, and we smoke just to eat more food. It is our passion, it is in our DNA and we want you to
find a passion that will guide you to an EVEN BETTER life. Let it be anything, we can and will
create anything that we can dream up. We create masterpieces in our dreams as we sleep and
wake up tasting what we ate in our dreams. Keep asking yourself is it PRACTICAL?
mindful of the results, usefulness, advantages or disadvantages, etc., of action or procedure.
I am done waisting you’re thyme. This idea is just simple ttwo easy knot too dew.
matter-of-fact; prosaic.
Thank you for reading and thinking about this idea, and what we as a group of individuals doing
things we love to do all working for the biggest picture of all. Peace, ONE LOVE, and Heaven
on Earth for the new nation, the DO-Nation. A global community of like-minded individuals all
working to make someone else’s lives “EVEN BETTER”, by just being.
being such in practice or effect; virtual: a practical certainty.
Peace and Love sushinick