What do we do ?
The story of the Thürmer Family
The Danish thread cutting tool adventure started when F.C. Thürmer took out the patent on
the square cutting die in 1898. This was the first out of 49 patents in his life time.
The Thürmer family has produced and sold thread cutting tools for industrial, automovotive,
offshore and house building ever since. Erick Thürmer is 4th generation in the company and
is the first to file a patent on 3D printed cutting tools..
Fritz C. Thürmer
Eric Thürmer
Bjørn Thürmer
Erick Thürmer
Product development
Online Strategy
3 clicks – from Google to end product
18.000 item no. on the web and in stock
Online service w/ human interaction
User friendly website
3 qualities of all products
Day to day delivery
72 hours world wide service
Our Dynamic Team
in Copenhagen
Thürmer Tools produce roughtly 40 % of the cutting tools and have 18.000 item numbers on stock in
Copenhagen. The rest is producted by stategic partners in Europe and in Asia.
One of the succes parameters has been having Danish people in China, and Chinese people in Denmark. We
believe that we are one of the biggest cutting tool houses in Northern Europe and we empower some of the
biggest whole salers in the Europe.
Special Production
We wish to become the fastest producer within special production in Europe and we are working on processes
that allow us to produce odd size products within 48 hours - by use of 3D printing.
Product Categories
• Hand Taps
• Deeburring Program
• Saw Program
• Machine Taps
• Masonry Drills
• Hole Saw
• Round Dies
• Wood Drills
• Clamps
• Square Dies
• Step Drills
• Chisels
• Hex Dies
• Tube and sheet drills
• Screw and Bolt extractors
• Thread repair Tools
• Core Drills
• Counter Sink
• Test Tools
• Special drills
• Accessories
• Bits
• Taper and deeburring counter
• Rotary Burrs
Our Goal
Our wish is to renew the business
with modern trade options and to be
able via one website to produce world wide. This way we can secure the
high quality that the family name Thürmer has represented for more the
117 years.