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Partners Conference 2014
Policy priorities 2015
Florika Fink-Hooijer
Director ECHO A: Strategy, Policy and
International Cooperation
A shared
understanding of
is crucial for
attaining them –
each organisation
and all of us
together !
WHS regional consultation
•European consultation in Budapest on 3-4
February 2015 – a key consultation which will set
the tone on how to influence a more efficient
delivery system – system architecture change.
•We trust our partners to help us identify priority
issues that should be addressed during this
Key principles for EU:
•(1) More transparency and better governance
•(2) Focus on results (e.g. action oriented targets and
measurable indicators to reduce disaster impacts);
•(3) Special attention given to the most vulnerable
•(4) Links between disaster risk management and sustainable
•(5) Building a comprehensive framework
•(6) Coherence with the international agenda (SDG discussions,
climate action and HFWA)
Civil Protection Forum 6-7 May 2015
Focus on partnerships and innovation in the field
of disaster management
ECHO invites CP and all disaster management
professionals, as well as the R&D,
communications, use of satellite data for disaster
management, capability development, education
and training, new technologies communities and
other private actors.
Food Assistance Convention
350 mln EUR in 2015
Cash&Vouchers –
multipurpose cards
Field visit
New members
Sectoral and thematic priorities
Synergies HA/CP
Protracted displacement
Shelter/settlements guidelines
Revision of protection guidelines