English IV: Context Clues Worksheet 27
Directions: Highlight context clues and write out an inferred definition and an inferred part of speech.
1. The coach adumbrated a game plan, but none of the players knew precisely what to do.
2. The students all gathered around the exhibit as the tour guide explained the arcane
existence of the species.
3. Unsure of his reaction, she assayed her favorite joke on him anyways.
4. Even though they knew the original was safely stored away, they were still mesmerized by
the atavistic version of Egyptian statue.
5. The tourists gazed at the bona fide sample of Abraham Lincoln’s handwriting.
6. Don’t bother asking for donations at that house- the churl who lives there believes that
charity begins and ends at home.
7. Some teachers may display filial affection to their students since they see them so often.
8. Due to her insatiable hunger for success, she works and goes to school full-time.
9. Worried about his appearance, he made sure to watch himself with the most sedulous care.
10. She left him because he was an inveterate gambler.
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English IV: Vocabulary Worksheet 27
Word bank: adumbrate, arcane, assay, atavistic, bona fide, churl, filial, insatiable, sedulous, inveterate
1. Betty was so excited to __ the plans for her wedding in June.
2. The accountant told his clients that __ charities would suffer if the new tax law passed. 2.
3. The stray puppy was __and ate almost an entire bag of dog food.
4. The Chinese secret society had __hand signals to be used only by members.
5. There are rumors that Haley and Carly are __ since they’re always rude, loud and
6. Before Jane’s children could go to school they had a __responsibility to make their
7. Johnny entered the school debating contest to __his debating strengths.
8. No one likes to play cards with him because he is an __cheater.
9. The football team’s __practice sessions produced a strong, winning team.
10. The __behavior of the street gang is a throwback to the days of the cavemen.