The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse (PCCR) promotes resource conservation,
creativity and community engagement through material reuse. We keep reusable
materials out of the landfill by taking donations, providing creative reuse
workshops and hands-on activities, and being a low-cost resource for teachers,
artists, and others seeking unique materials for their creative projects.
PCCR accepts donations of clean materials from all types of businesses, organizations, and individuals in the
greater Pittsburgh area. PCCR takes materials that would otherwise be discarded, for which other reuse outlets
do not exist, and that lend themselves to being used in creative ways.
We take donations by appointment only.
We accept preapproved donations ONLY on Tuesdays and Sundays between 11:30 am and 5:30 pm.
Please call 412-473-0100 or use our online approval form at to schedule your donation.
We truly appreciate the effort our donors make to keep materials out of landfills,
conserve resources, and support creativity in our community.
Individuals bring us things like these:
 Clean, usable art and craft supplies
Businesses bring us things like these:
 Architecture and design samples (carpet, flooring,
upholstery, surface, glass samples, etc.)
 Upholstery and drapery surplus and remnants
Fabric, yarn, trim, buttons, sewing tools, weaving
supplies, notions
Beads, findings, broken jewelry, jewelry-making
supplies and tools
Scrapbooking supplies and tools
Office supplies and school supplies (paper,
organizers, staplers, crayons, pens & pencils, etc.)
Frames, albums, photo storage materials
Small hardwood scraps from woodworking
Computer punch cards, unused ledgers, and
other pre-digital office materials
Paper, envelopes, hanging folders, binders,
staplers, stamps, and other office supplies
Typewriters, projectors, screens
Photography supplies and equipment
Lab glass and other unused lab supplies
Projectors and screens
Old photographs, slides, filmstrips, home movies
Surplus, seconds, or misprinted promotional items
Cut-outs, roll ends, industrial mistakes
Vinyl albums, CDs, DVDs, diskettes, videos,
cassette tapes
Cut-offs and other unprinted paper
Wine corks and other corks
Blueprints and architectural plans
Leather scraps and samples
Clean buckets, barrels, and other containers
Typewriters, sewing machines, adding machines,
portable record players, radios, and other old nondigital machines, working or not
Books and magazines related to art, craft, do-ityourself, architecture, design, or science
Encyclopedias and maps
Cigar boxes
Unused bags
Artwork (paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture)
Mat board, frames, and frame samples
Easels and other studio equipment
Advertising banners, signs, and extra sign material
Cardboard tubes
Clean, label-free glass jars with lids
Candles and wax
Film canisters
Spools, reels, and cones
Stickers and labels
Greeting cards, stationery, scrapbooking materials
Gears, cogs
Odd, old, interesting, or mysterious items that
might be used by an artist or teacher
Anything on the business donations list if you have
it in large quantities
Cord, wire, rope
Manikins and other portable display fixtures
We cannot accept anything dirty, smelly, sticky, greasy, furry, toxic, dangerous, badly
stained, or damaged by water, mold, smoke, or insects. We know some of these things are still
useful, but we don’t have the staff or facilities to clean them. Please dust, wash, or air-out all items before
bringing them to us.
Please sort your donations by type as much as possible, label boxes, recycle what can be recycled, and
discard any dirty or unusable items before bringing them to us. Please understand that our storage space is
limited and sometimes we must turn away donations.
We do not accept:
 Clothing, shoes, or parts of clothing
 Dishes, pots, pans, glasses, or other kitchenware
 Plastic food or drink containers, or other
household recyclables
 Styrofoam
 Computers, printers, televisions, etc. (e-waste)
 Light fixtures
 Curtains, sheets, bedspreads, tablecloths
Holiday decorations
Latex or oil-based house paint (ok if unopened)
Roofing samples, fiberglass
Dried up paints and adhesives
Cleaning products and other chemicals
Used light bulbs or batteries
Vacuum cleaners or other appliances
Furniture, lighting, and building materials can be donated to Construction Junction. You can donate bicycles
for Free Ride and drop off e-waste at Construction Junction. Recyclables can go to the recycling station at
Construction Junction. Clothing, housewares, décor, and holiday items can be taken to a thrift store.
All donations must be pre-approved. Because our space and staffing resources are limited, we cannot accept
walk-in donations. Please call 412-473-0100 or use the online form at to schedule a donation
appointment. Our donation days are Tuesday and Sunday between 11:30 and 5:30.
Please bring pre-approved and scheduled donations to:
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
214 N. Lexington Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
412-473-0100 or
Please do not take PCCR donations to the
Construction Junction loading dock. Our door is on
Lexington Avenue, at the corner of Lexington and
Thomas. Please leave flashers on during unloading.
A loading dock is available for large donations. Pick-ups of large or recurring business donations may
sometimes be arranged for a fee to cover vehicle and staff costs. If you would like to donate a truck or van,
please call us!
We are in need of various items to improve the effectiveness of our organization. Your tax-deductible donation
can help us better achieve our mission of promoting creativity, sustainability, and community engagement
through materials reuse.
 Heavy-duty warehouse shelving or pallet
 A new front door with a window and a
racking (lots!)
carpenter to install it
 Tall stepladder
 Clear plastic totes with lids
 Pallet jack
 A lighted “OPEN” sign and an electrician to
install it
 Working record player
 VOLUNTEERS! We always need help sorting and
 Basic plumbing service call (one toilet spits)
organizing, and we always have a good time.
 HVAC check-up
Dremel tool and accessories