Intermediate and Senior Information

Champions on Ice
Summer 2015
Intermediate and Senior Sessions
Centennial Arena
27 Vimy Avenue
Halifax, NS
The summer session commences July 6th and runs Monday through Friday until August 22nd. Champions on Ice
skaters will have the opportunity to test at 2 Central test days July 18th and August 15th. It is intended to have
guest coaches join Champions on Ice for several weeks during the summer.
Summer Administrative Coach
Kyla McNeil
[email protected]
All coaches are welcome with proof of Skate Canada membership and First Aid training.
B Sessions
Sessions are for skaters who have passed ½ the Preliminary Free Skate Test or with approval of the
Summer Administrative Coach. Must be age 25 or under prior to July 1st 2015
Shorts, t-shirts and sneakers are needed for off-ice.
A Sessions
Sessions are for skaters who have passed the ½ Senior Bronze Free Skate Test or with approval of the
Summer Administrative Coach. Must be age 25 or under prior to July 1st 2015
Shorts, t-shirts and sneakers are needed for off-ice.
Off-ice Sessions include – Yoga, Theatre, Cirque, Off-Ice Jump, Ballet/Hip Hop, Goal Setting,
Conditioning, Endurance
Schedule: Please see the attached Group A and B session schedule.
Group A Session Cost
Group B Session Cost
$234 per week
$204 per week
Summer 2015 Fees
DSC Members who purchase all 7 weeks receive a 10% discount.
Non-DSC Members who purchase all 7 weeks receive a 5% discount
Buy-ins are available by request to the Summer Administrative Coach as long as the sessions are not full. DSC
retains the right to limit the number of skaters on the ice. The on-ice buy-in rate for (DSC members) is $20/hr,
and for (non-DSC members) is $25/hr. The off-ice buy-in rate is $10/hr.
Mail Registration to: Champions on Ice
Dartmouth Skating Club
11 Bligh Street
Dartmouth NS
B3A 1K8
The registration deadline is June 15th. DSC Skaters have priority until June 1st. Late applications will be subject to
a $25 fee. An email address must be included on the registration form as confirmation and all other
communication will be provided by email. Confirmation will not be provided without a valid email address. Fees
must be paid in full prior to the skater stepping on the ice.
All past due fees must be paid in full prior to registration being accepted.
The Dartmouth Skating Club reserves the right to add, delete or modify sessions depending on registration and is
not responsible for skaters not picked up within 15 minutes of the end of their session. The level of test passed
to qualify for a session may be adjusted during the summer to optimize the number of skaters able to participate.
All skaters are required to be members of Skate Canada and pay a Skate Canada fee of $33 per skater per year in
addition to program fees. This fee is non-refundable. This membership is valid from September of 2014 until
August of 2015. If you’re not a current member, then add $33 to the fees noted on the brochure.
Please print
Skater’s Name ______________________________________Gender __________
Parent/Guardian’s Name ______________________________________________
Mailing Address _____________________________________________________
City _______________________________
Province____________________________ Postal Code _____________________
Email Address _______________________________________________________
Telephone # (H)_____________(W)______________ Emergency______________
Birth date: Day______ Mo______ Yr ______
Home Club_________________________________________________________
Skate Canada Number________________________________________________
Coach_______________________ Phone # _____________
Family Doctor ________________Phone # _____________
Health Card Number _______________________________
Highest Free Skate Test Passed_______________________
Highest Competitive Test Passed______________________
Session Level_____________________________________
Circle Week/Weeks and/or Open Sessions the Skater is buying: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Provide the total cost for Week/Weeks is buying: ___________
Deduct the applicable discount (if the skater is buying the entire 7 weeks): __________
Total Due: ________________
Payment: Payment must be made with a cheque(s) or cash at the time of registration. Cheques must be
made payable to the Dartmouth Skating Club and can be divided in 3 equal instalments, the first due June 9th
and the second due July 6th, and final July 15th
 Note: A $35 fee will be charged on all NSF cheques. Program fees will be refunded on a prorated basis (less a
%25 administration fee) and only if medical reasons exist. All refund requests must be provided in writing to
the program manager (Kyla McNeil) within two weeks of the last skating session attended by skater prior to
injury, illness or medical issue. [email protected]
The applicant does not hold the Dartmouth Skating Club responsible for injury or loss of personal effects while
skating with the club.
Signature: __________________ Date: ________________