Create Portfolio - Go to the Dallas County website www.dallascounty

Create Portfolio
Go to the Dallas County website and select “Property Tax
Lookup/Payment Application”.
Click on “Click Here for My Portfolio”
Click on “Create a New Portfolio”
Fill in the required information indicated by an asterisk (*) and then click on “Create My
A confirmation with your User Name will appear… click on ‘Start Using My Portfolio”
To begin building your accounts, you may search by owner name, address or account number
after which you may check the box for each account to add or may check the “Select/Deselect
All” box and click “Add These Accounts” to add them to your portfolio.
Most of the information on the account will show in the portfolio, if you need more
information, the account number is an ‘active’ link to the system. The ‘Total Due for All Years’
is a cummulative total for all accounts on the portfolio. (This is the amount that should be
When you are satisfied with the total amount to pay, click on
Enter a description (name) under which the portfolio will be saved and click on
A system generated ‘Save ID’ number will appear along with the name of the portfolio.
At this point user may log out or continue to pay in one of three ways (the ‘Save ID’ number
will be needed):
1) Click on
and then on ‘Pay By Credit Card’
2) Send via e-mail the ‘Save ID’ and portfolio name to: [email protected] and post card
receipts (if requested) will be e-mailed back in PDF format.
Take ‘Save ID’ to any one of the Dallas County Tax Office branches to pay over the counter.