Save and Restore Backups using Dropbox

Save and Restore Backups using Dropbox
Proloquo2Go (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch). In this tutorial you will learn how to make and restore backups with
Dropbox. Dropbox is a free cloud-based service that lets you save, share, and access your files from anywhere.
Creating a New Backup
If Dropbox Integration is OFF, slide
the Dropbox Integration switch to
turn it ON.
Launch Proloquo2Go by tapping
on its icon. Go to Options View.
Proloquo2Go will now ask for
permission to connect to your
Dropbox account. There are two
ways this may be done.
On an iPod touch or iPhone,
Options View can be accessed by
tapping the Views button in the
bottom left of the screen,
then tapping Options.
On iPad the Options
is the rightmost button in the
1. If the Dropbox app is not installed on your device
If you don’t have the Dropbox app
installed on your device, the Safari
web browser will open the Dropbox
website ( Sign
up for a free account, or if you
already have an account, type your
email address and password and
tap Sign in.
Scroll down until the General
Options section is visible, and
then tap Backup.
Tap Backup All Users Now
backup all users on your device or
tap Backup (User Name) Now
to create a backup of the current
Exporting Backups to Dropbox
Tap Export Backups.
If you connect to Dropbox using
Proloquo2Go for the first time, the
folder Apps / Proloquo2Go will be
created in your Dropbox.
Backup files that you export will be
stored in it.
2. If the Dropbox app is installed on your device
The Dropbox app will be opened. If
you haven’t yet logged in using the
Dropbox app, you will be asked for
the email address and password
you use to access your Dropbox
account. If you don’t have a
Dropbox account yet, you can also
sign up for one from within the
Dropbox app.
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Save and Restore Backups using Dropbox
Now you will be asked if
Proloquo2Go should be allowed to
have access to a folder in your
Dropbox. Tap the Allow button.
Dropbox will only ask for your
permission the first time you
access it through Proloquo2Go.
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Importing Backups from DropBox
1. Using the Dropbox website
Open the Safari web browser on
your device and go to the Dropbox
website ( If
necessary, sign into your account
and open the Apps/ Proloquo2Go
If you were switched to another
app in order to sign into Dropbox,
switch back to Proloquo2Go. In the
Export Backups screen, tap the
name of the backup that you want
to export.
Tap a backup, and then tap Open
in Proloquo2Go.
Tap Export to Dropbox.
A progress bar appears next to the
backup you are exporting. Tap the
cancel button
to interrupt the
back up process. Note that this
process may take a while
depending on the size of the
backup and the speed of your
internet connection.
After importing the backup, you
can restore the backup now
2. Using the Dropbox app
Open the Dropbox app on your
device and open the Apps /
Proloquo2Go folder in it.
From the list of backup files stored
in your Dropbox, choose a file you
want to import and tap it.
After the backup has been
exported, a message will appear,
to let you know. Tap OK
return to the Export Backups
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Save and Restore Backups using Dropbox
A message will appear stating
“Unable to view file”. When asked,
tap the Open button (downward
arrow) in the bottom-right corner of
the screen.
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Restoring from a Backup of a Different User on
Your Device
If you have multiple users set up in
Proloquo2Go on your device, you
can restore from the backups of
any user on the device.
Here you see the backups of a
copy of Proloquo2Go that has
three users: Fox (the currently
running user), Jennifer, and Lizzie.
Tap Open in Proloquo2Go.
If you select a backup from a
different user than the one that is
currently active, you’ll be asked
what you’d like to do. You can
either overwrite the current user
with the backup from the other
user, or you can switch to the
other user and restore it from the
selected backup file.
After importing the backup, you
can restore the backup now
Here, a backup from the user Jennifer has been
selected, but the currently active user is Fox.
Restoring a Backup Later
Restoring from a Proloquo2Go 1.x Backup File
After selecting to restore a backup later, open Options
View, tap Backup,
tap Restore from Backup,
and tap the backup you want to restore.
To restore a user from a
Proloquo2Go 1.x backup file, use
iTunes as described above to get
the .p2gbk file into Proloquo2Go,
then go to Restore from Backup.
You’ll see a new section in the list
of backups called Proloquo2Go 1.x
user’s backups. All backups made
from Proloquo2Go 1.x will appear
in this section.
Tap the update you wish to
restore, and tap OK in the
confirmation request.
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