C4G 2015 Corporate Sponsorship Pack

Corporate Sponsorship Information pack
Our mission is to raise awareness about the ongoing blockade on the Gaza Strip
and to raise funds for carefully selected non-profit organisations that provide
critical educational and health support with a final goal of creating a sustainable
Created in 2009 by a group of passionate
individuals in the wake of the war on Gaza in
2009, C4G provides a unique method for people
to connect with Palestine through cycling
Since inception we have cycled through more
than 20 cities, mobilised 250 cyclists and raised
over £700,000 for education and healthcare
projects in Gaza and other Palestinian
communities, directly impacting the lives of over
5,000 children.
C4G has partnered with charities such as The
Welfare Association, Medical Aid for
Palestinians and the Palestine Children’s Relief
In 2015, C4G has partnered with the PCRF in
support of launching and fundraising USD
286,000 for the Gaza Pediatrics Mental Health
Project and will take cyclists 300km from
Amsterdam to the Hague.
2015 Project
Unicef estimates 373,000 children in Gaza are in desperate need of psychosocial support. However, given the continuous strain on health resources, mental
health issues are often sidelined, leaving thousands of children without
appropriate medical attention to heal their traumas and mental scars. In 2015,
C4G is working with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) to raise
awareness and USD 286,000 to support their newly launched Pediatric Mental
Health Project for a year.
The goal is to assess children’s needs, provide them with the attention and treatment they
require, and train social workers in Gaza on the topic. To date, social workers have received
extensive training on administering the two screening questionnaires prepared by the medical
professionals assigned by the PCRF. Over 1,300 children have been screened by 5 field
workers and their subsequent care program is currently being developed. The program aims to
achieve the following:
Gaza Mental Health Screening – data analysis, academic publications, international
awareness and a short video production.
Providing Clinical Services for Affected Children - Immediate treatment for the 10%
most significantly impacted children, partnering with local organizations for medical
services and treatment, coordination of care between PCRF social workers and local
mental health providers, develop capacity within PCRF to provide basic therapeutic
support through hiring clinical social workers with mental health experience and engage in
group interventions for parents of moderately to severely affected children.
Developing and Providing Education and Training for Personnel in Gaza - Recruit
volunteers to assist in training of staff social workers, organise training teams of clinicians;
psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists to train local staff and partnering organizations.
Further Program Development – Develop and initiate group interventions designed to
provide a therapeutic outlet for children and psychoeducation and processing outlet for
parents; build therapeutic playgrounds in collaboration with Playgrounds for Palestine to
aid children to reintegrate into society.
The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) is a non-political, non-profit
organization dedicated to healing the wounds of war, occupation and poverty for
children in the Middle East, regardless of their nationality, religion, race or gender.
The PCRF is a nonprofit, nonpolitical medical relief
organization during the first Intifada by concerned
people seeking ways to contribute in a positive way
to the humanitarian needs of children under Israeli
military occupation. Over the past twenty-two years,
the PCRF have sent over 1,000 children from
Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq for free
surgery in North and South America, Europe, Asia
and other parts of the Middle East. Over 10,000
children have had direct surgery by hundreds of
visiting teams from all over the world.
In addition to being the main organization sending
children abroad for free care and bringing in expert
surgery teams to provide care and training for local
medical personnel, the PCRF also run many
different humanitarian programs and projects,
including opening the first and only public pediatric
cancer dept. in Palestine. The PCRF has field staff
and offices throughout the Gaza Strip, the West
Bank and Lebanon to ensure that we are able to
identify and support the care of children in need.
Sponsorship packages
Cycling4Gaza’s 2160 km journey over 6 years has raised over USD 1.4m for 15
projects. A significant portion of these funds have been raised in partnership with
companies seeking a high impact Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.
USD 50,000
4 cyclist registrations
Company logo (large) on C4G 2015 banner
Mentions in all media coverage
Company logo and publicity on the C4G website and social
media pages
USD 25,000
2 cyclist registrations
Mentions in all media coverage
Company logo and publicity on the C4G website and social
media pages
1 cyclist registration
Company logo and publicity on the C4G website and social
media pages
1 cyclist registration
Funds raised through this package will contribute to the
development of marketing content and engagement of
marketing/PR professionals
USD 10,000
USD 10,000
*All sponsors pledging before the 26th of April 2015 will have their logos printed
on our cycling t-shirts
Once the cycle is complete, the team will provide a report with details on the
cycle and project and awareness campaigns for your internal CSR teams.
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2009 – 2013:
All our media coverage can be found on: www.cycling4gaza.com/media
Over the years
2014: Philadelphia to Washington DC
USD 194,800 raised
360km cycled
41 Cyclists covered over 360 km from Philadelphia to Washington DC over 3 days; in support of the
REACH Gaza project in partnership with the PCRF. Between 2013 and 2014 over 1500 children were
treated through 25 volunteer medical missions ranging from cardiac surgery to disability care.
This year was particularly special as we had the honor of having Ahmed, a boy from Gaza, join us on
the cycle. 16 year old Ahmad, who lost his leg in 2013 and was treated by the PCRF - Palestine
Children's Relief Fund quickly became the star of #C4G2014. He biked a very tough course, without
having done any training and with a malfunctioning prosthetic - and he did it all with a huge smile on his
face! His resilience, positivity and sense of humour provided endless inspiration and motivation for all of
Over the years
2013: Hamburg to Berlin
USD 250,000 raised
450 km cycled
In 2013, Cycling4Gaza worked with the PCRF on the REACH Gaza initiative. REACH Gaza aims to
improve and strengthen the currently underdeveloped health-care system in Gaza, particularly when it
comes to providing surgery for children in need of medical care. In addition to causing a chronic
shortage of medical equipment and supplies in Gaza, the 6 year long siege on the Gaza Strip has
prevented children and their families from travelling freely into the West Bank and abroad in order to
receive the urgent care and treatment they need.
The REACH Gaza project addresses each of these issues and work towards creating a more
durable, efficient and sustainable healthcare system by carrying out the following tasks:
• Identifying every sick and injured child in the besieged Gaza Strip in need of specialized medical
care through a team of ground staff who will form an intricate network of field offices
• Creating a pioneering centralised database including the child’s medical condition and history
• Providing each child with the required treatment through sponsoring treatment locally, visiting
international volunteer missions and sending children abroad for care.
2012: Bandirma to Istanbul
USD 170,000 raised
360 km cycled
In 2012, we directed our efforts towards maternal care and primary trauma care both in the Gaza Strip
and in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps:
• The primary trauma care training project in Gaza is working to strengthen doctors’ capacity to save
lives by responding to trauma and injury, especially in conditions of large-scale emergency.
• The maternal and child health projects in Gaza and Lebanon are providing accessible and effective
post and pre natal care for over 5,000 patients through the provision of services to expectant mothers
and through the training and support of health staff on the ground in order to widen the reach of the
• An independent evaluation of the Maternal and Children’s Healthcare (MCH) project in Lebanon
highlighted the uniqueness of MAP’s model in bringing clinic-based services and psychosocial
support into mothers’ homes. In the evaluation, Dr. May Haddad reported: “This project has lots of
passion in it. Somehow, it has magically touched almost every person who has been involved in it…
This project has features like no other project among refugee Palestinians and Lebanese in
Over the years
2011: Aqaba to the Dead Sea
USD 375,000 raised
350 km cycled
In 2011, we focused on five projects aimed at improving the lives of children with disabilities:
• The Friendly Learning project successfully reintegrated 35 children with disabilities into the
mainstream school system and significantly improved the attendance (reduction in 50% of absences)
and performance of 30 % of children within the school.
• The Community-based Rehabilitation project delivered 2680 physiotherapy and occupational therapy
sessions to 75 children and reached out to 893 individuals in the community through public
awareness sessions.
• The School-based counselling program continued to improve the lives of 1,033 children, continuing
on from 2010.
• Through the Al Wefaq Relief and Development Society project, 4559 children received hearing and
eye examinations and as a result, 1524 children were provided with eye glasses or hearing aids
• The Society for the Care of the Handicapped in the Gaza Strip developed an integrated educational
programme for children with special needs, reaching 201 children. Over 64% of the children showed
improvement in their cognitive skills and mental abilities at the end of the project.
2010: Pisa to Rome
USD 240,000 raised
400 km cycled
In 2010, in response to the limited care available for children with disabilities, we supported Early
Childhood Development in Gaza through the Welfare Association:
• The School-based Counselling program established an effective support system for 632 children
suffering from trauma by setting up counselling units in schools and organizing summer camps. The
project trained 66 counsellors and provided awareness-raising sessions for over 400 parents and
• The Home-based Early Intervention Outreach project for deaf children successfully conducted 5,780
education and psychological sessions for 53 children and 265 family members. 85% of the children
showed significant improvement in communication, cognitive abilities and speech acquisition levels
at the end of the project.
• The Support for Early Childhood Development at the Kanafani Kindergartens project provided
academic scholarships for 70 children, refurbished 2 kindergarten facilities, and provided school
materials for 275 children. 144 physiological support sessions were held for children who suffer from
mental disabilities.
Over the years
2009: Paris to London
USD 150,000 raised
320 km cycled
In 2009, we supported three emergency medical relief projects with MAP UK in response to the
2008-2009 military offensives on Gaza:
• The Emergency Maternal and New-born Healthcare project ensured the safety of mothers and
babies through creating an integrated emergency procedure and building the capacity and skills of
the staff.
• The Specialist Burns Care training project trained staff to respond to emergency cases and upgraded
the ground facilities for the project to function more effectively.
• The Train the Trainers in Primary Care project provided members of the community with skills and
knowledge that allowed them to act as effective first responders to give critical first aid intervention
within the golden hour of patient injury.
Contact details
[email protected]