Printable map, relay points, amenities

Race Course, Relay
Exchange Points,
Amenities & Info
= Water Station
= Rest Room
Relay Exchange Point
Start & Finish Line
6850 Tilbury Avenue,
Firestone, CO
Relay info – Our Relay Shuttle is available to
transfer relay runners to & from their
positions. They are able to transport 7 at a
time so they will be making several trips to
each of the 3 hand-off points beginning with
the first leg’s transition point. You may use
this service or you may drop-off your runners
on your own. The first group will head out
right before the race begins. At mile 12.1 we
have marked a spot
where relay
teams may meet to run the last mile in
together if you choose. There will be no
shuttle to that point.
Aid Stations
-There will be 8 water stations on the course,
to re-hydrate. See map for details.
-There will be 3 stations providing Gatorade at
about 7, 8.5 & 11 miles.
-Portable toilets will be provided at the
starting/finish line and more throughout
course, see map.
Additional Race Information
Each mile will be marked
Sorry, no dogs/jogging strollers on the
Half Marathon course.
Strollers will be allowed for the fun run
but must start behind other participants.
 Some roadways may have traffic directed by police, runners have right-of-way.
The last Aid Station will close at 11:30 and the Finish line will close at Noon (or when the last runner finishes).
Half Marathon Cannon Start 8am
5K Start 8:15am
1 Mile Fun Run Start 9am