Pathways to Discovery Awards Schedule

 ePosterpalooza and Pathways to Discovery Awards Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 ‐ Millberry Union Gymnasium 12:00 pm Welcome and Opening Remarks H. Carrie Chen, MD, MSEd Chair, Pathways to Discovery Board of Directors 12:05 Dean’s Prize Award Presentations Bruce Wintroub, MD Interim Dean, School of Medicine Matthew Hickey, Clinical & Translational Research: Pulling the network together: a novel social network intervention for promoting engagement in HIV care on Mfangano Island, Kenya Evan Walker, Clinical & Translational Research: Statin use and risk of pancreatic cancer: Results from a large clinic‐based case‐control study Asa Tapley, Clinical & Translational Research: Biomarkers for Tuberculosis Based on Secreted Bacterial Small Molecules Lily Muldoon, Global Health: Implementing and evaluating a Health Navigation Program to enhance the emergency medical and triage system on Mfangano Island, Kenya Chelsea Young, Health & Society: Preparing for Asthma in Child Care 12:35 CHIH Awards in Neuroscience Joline Fan Matthew Sun 12:40 Pathways to Discovery Mentor Award Catherine Lomen‐Hoerth, MD, PhD 12:45 Pathways to Discovery Award Presentations
Paul Adamson, Global Health: Accuracy and Acceptability of Cervical Cancer Screening Using a Self‐Collected Tampon for HPV messenger‐RNA Testing Am ong HIV‐Infected Women in South Africa Dora Friedman, Health Professions Education: A Comprehensive Survey of Pre‐Clinical Microbiology Curricula Among U.S. Medical Schools Andrew Larson, Molecular Medicine: A Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model for Cell Sorting in Craniofrontonasal Syndrome Jacob Mirsky, Health & Society: Content and readability of patient‐provider e‐mails in a safety‐net primary care setting Salman Rahman, Clinical & Translational Research: The Distribution of Ocular Chlamydia Prevalence Across Tanzanian Communities Where Trachoma Is Declining 1:15 Closing Remarks 1:20 Break and Poster Session Preparation 1:30 Session #1 2:30 Break 2:45 Session #2 3:45 Questions and Answers / Meet and Greet 4:30 Adjourn