handmade in new england

handmade in new england
The Company_________3
The Materials._________5
Custom Orders _______7
Utility Collection_______8
is a one man operation.
Every product is handmade
by maker Eric Heins. Every
stitch is punched and hand
sewn, every rivet and snap
set by mallet. Most leather is
carved, dyed, oiled, and sealed
by hand. Design, packaging,
photos….everything is by
Leather. Usually,
the only electricity used in
production is that of a single
lamp on a workbench, and
charging the laptop battery.
The Materials
I have always been in-awe with what
a young passionate student can do
in his spare time....
[email protected] and Beyond
The materials used in Corter Leather goods
are fairly simple. All leather is British vegetable
tanned. All detailing is custom designed and cut
every time, meaning no templates are ever used.
All stitching is 3 strand waxed saddle thread.
Zippers are YKK. Some conchos are handmade,
some are reproductions because we’re not
allowed to use coins still in circulation. Hardware
is nickel plated stainless, brass, or bronze.
[email protected]
Custom Orders are always welcomed and
preferred. Just as every wallet will ages uniquely,
we understand that every customer has different
needs. Most any detailing, color, zipper, slot, pouch,
snap, and ID slot request can be custom designed
and made.
There are 2 utility wallets available now, a bifold
and a snap wallet. Both wallets feature 3 different
weights of leather in their construction. The
shell is of the thick, durable leather found in the
barn. The interior is made of a 5 oz structure
with 3 oz pockets. What does this mean? The
most significant thing is that the wallets are a
bit slimmer than a standard wallet, coming in at
just under 1/2” thick.The thickness of the outer
shell also meant that no lining was needed, thus
cutting down on production time and cost! The
snap wallet features a coin snap, and the bifold
a copper riveted tab for a key ring, chain, or
anything else you can think of. Both wallets have
6 card slots and a bill slot.
For more product information
visit www.corterleather.com