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career guru
who are we?
Discuss your career goals
Match an education pathway to your
career goals
Run you through VET FEE-HELP
Assistance with enrolment
We are Australia’s premium education and career organisation
dedicated to assisting students to achieve their full academic
potential and to in turn support them to reach their chosen
career goals.
We have selected and partnered with the very best education
providers in the market and are constantly looking for
innovative methods to make education attainable to all
the vip program
career coach
Work through your resume
Provide you with interview techniques
Advise how best to dress for an interview
Support you through your educational
become a choice vip!
When students enrol to study with one of our premium
education providers via Choice Learning they are instantly
eligible to become a Choice VIP.
The Choice VIP Program is designed to give our students a
head start their journey to success. Our team of Career Gurus,
Coaches and Chasers are working towards a common goal
to give them the tools and skills needed to reach their full
Choice VIP students gain access to the following benefits:
• Identification of Future Careers
• Reverse marketing opportunities
• Resume creation, updating and advice
• Interview techniques and tips
• Support through the entire educational journey
Free Recruitment
As a 360 education and career organisation dedicated to
assisting our students through their entire journey we offer a
complimentary recruitment service to Australian businesses for
roles under the annual pay of $70k.*
Our services include access to a candidate pool of 5,000+
candidates, reverse marketing highly skilled candidates
already present on our books, free advertising via internal and
external channels, screening and reference checking.
The industries we serve include;
• Media & Marketing
• Retail & Sales
• Business Administration & Support
• Banking, Accounting & Finance
career chaser
Engage with potential employers
Construct student career and personality
Reverse market enrolled students
Attain interviews for enrolled students
My Career Coach Arthur has been an
amazing support, not only helping me with
my resume, but advising and coaching
with application cover letters and more
importantly, the interview process. Thanks to
Arthur I know have a full time administrative
role with a large multinational retail firm!
Career Guru Lizzie was absolutely wonderful!
She listened to all my experiences and stories
and was very patient when deciding what
course would best suit me to obtain the best
outcome for my desired career. She answered
all my questions with no judgement and made
me feel comfortable with my decision.
My Career Coach Johnny has been a great
help to me. I am currently working as a part
time receptionist and I am looking to move
into a Business Management role. Johnny has
discussed strategies which I can apply to my
studies and work to progress to the next level,
he has been an absolute gem!
Ruth, 52 - studying
Business Management
Scout, 35 - studying
Business Management
Holly, 24
studying Business
I was really unsure how to make the next step
in my career, without a qualification under
my belt. I had a called Choice Learning and
spoke to Career Guru Emma. She listened to
my story and suggested an entrepreneurial
styled business course. I am now 2 months
into my course and I love it, I really feel that
because of Emma’s guidance I am a few
steps closer to owning my own interior design
company one day.
Cassie, 21
studying Business
Who knew something as simple as rectifying a
few issues on my resume would get me a foot in
the door? When I enrolled with Choice Learning
I was assigned a Career Coach, Kristina and
she was fantastic, she gave me some great tips
for re-jigging my resume and making it more
professional. As a result I got an interview for
an accounts role with a small finance company!
I am now through the last round of interviews
and have my fingers crossed.
Andy, 18
studying accounting