Grassroots to Champions Skating Seminar—June 8, 2015

Grassroots to Champions
Skating Seminar—June 8, 2015
Jump start your summer training by participating in the award winning Grassroots to
Champions Seminar hosted by the Cottonwood Heights Figure Skating Club
This seminar will address all levels of jumping, spins, ice dance, choreography and will
incorporate fun and different off-ice classes to help your skater achieve their individual
skating goals.
This seminar may include the following topics:
G2C Jump formula & Dartfish video analysis
G2C Alignment drills with Ankle Buzzers & Champion Cords
Jumps/Spins/Landing positions, as well as Axel drills & Rotation
Ice Dance warm-up drills & technique
Champion performances & the Language of Skating
Trick skating maneuvers
Jump Roping
Goal Setting
Parents Chat
Seminar will be held at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center
7500 South 2700 East, Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Private lessons with the G2C faculty can be scheduled for the following day, Tuesday,
June 9th through Kathy Valburg , CHRC Skating Coordinator at 801-943-3190 or
[email protected]
Sign-up today at
Registration deadline: May 25, 2015
Grassroots to Champions
Skating Seminar
June 8th Tentative Schedule:
Check-in & introductions
Dartfish classroom & G2C off-ice h/d positions
Break into 3 groups (2 on-ice & 1 off-ice)
Break into 3 groups (2 on-ice & 1 off-ice)
Parents chat off-ice
Registration Costs:
$75.00 for Cottonwood Heights Figure Skating Club members
$150.00 for non-members
Registration deadline: May 25, 2105
Skaters must provide the following information when registering: Highest MIF test passed, highest Free
Skate test passed, highest ice Dance test passed and highest jump that you are able to land consistently. Skaters will be split (60 max.) into three groups based on their registration qualifications.
Skaters will need to bring water and any snack for in between classes. They will also need to bring
a sack lunch on Monday.
Skaters will need to dress in skating attire with good running or off-ice shoes.
Faculty Bios
Audrey K. Weisiger: Two-time US Olympic Team Coach, 1999 PSA & USFSA Coach of the Year and founder of Grassroots to Champions. Audrey has her PSA World Coach Ranking and is Master Rated in Figures & Freestyle. Weisiger has
held positions on the Board of Directors of the PSA and various USFS & USOC committees; she is a member of the USOC
Developing Young Champions committee. Her former students include Michael Weiss (3 time US men’s Champion, 2
time US Olympic Team, 2 time World Bronze Medalist) and Timothy Goebel (2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist). She is also
a USFSA Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle and a US National Bronze Medalist at the Novice & Junior levels.
Ben Agosto: Along with partner Tanith Belbin, Ben is a 5 time US ice dance Champion. In 2005 they were the first American team to win a World Silver medal and in 2006 they won the Olympic Silver Medal in ice dance. Over the course of
his career, Ben has learned from some of the most noted coaches in skating—Igor Shpilband, Marina Zoueva, Natalia
Linichuk and Gennaddiy Karponosov. Since retiring from competition Ben has worked as a coach, choreographer and
performer; working with Champions On Ice, Stars On Ice, Disney On Ice, Battle of the Blades and the USFS Ice Dance
Adam Blake: Adam’s style of skating & choreography has been described as passionate, hard-hitting and impactful.
His proficient knowledge on trick skating maneuvers (i.e. cantilevers, boot slides, backflips) gives him a unique spin on
traditional figure skating. He toured as a semi-principal skater with High School Musical: The Ice Tour. He was also a
principal & assistant line captain with Disney On Ice. In 2011, Adam was the winner of the second Young Artists Showcase. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Proskaters organization and the Proskaters Historical Foundation.