Community Planning Open House

Ginoogaming Studies for Community Planning
There are significant economic development opportunities in and around the Ginoogaming
First Nation (GFN) ranging from mining, pipelines, forestry and energy transmission. The
Nation has already taken action to develop protocols and processes to participate in these
developments and take full advantage of the opportunities that they offer while at the same
time minimize the potential negative aspects.
As part of the preparation the Nation has decided to conduct:
Community Needs
To determine what some of the needs of the
Nation are to take advantage of the economic
Social Impact
To figure out how to best minimize the possible
negative social aspects associated with the new
economic development in the region.
Strategic Plan
To conduct a holistic assessment to help
determine the best way for the Nation to
advance economically and socially.
The Nation has arranged the studies to build on each other and assist in the creation of a
comprehensive community plan. The Community Needs Assessment and Social Impact
Assessment studies run until May 2015, while the Economic Strategic Plan will continue until
October 2015.
As part of the community engagement process for these studies the Ginoogaming First
Nation is hosting an Open House for all First Nation members (on and off reserve). The
Open House will be an opportunity to see what the studies has been achieved so far and
help prioritize the way forward, and will be fun. We will have a feast, BINGO, door prizes
draws, as well as videos, slide shows, and interactive stations where community members
can make their opinions known.
28 April 2015
Interactive Stations
Training Centre
6:30pm – 8:30pm
This is a chance for the community to say where it wants to go! Because,
“if you don’t where you’re going, any road will get you there!”
For more information on what the sessions involve and what to expect, or how you can
assist please contact Erin Symington-Armstrong at the GFN Training Centre call 807-8762242