Dallas Twenty Fifteen

Dallas Twenty Fifteen
Colleges Leading Their Communities
Call for Conference Proposals
Due: May 29, 2015
Dallas County Community College District is
pleased to host the 2015 COMBASE Annual
Conference, Colleges Leading Their
Communities, in Dallas, Texas, September
19-21, 2015.
Topics are sought that address college leadership,
student success, new directions in college programs
and services, and community engagement and
partnerships, and can be adopted or adapted by
other colleges in other regions of the nation.
There are eight forum session slots available.
Each forum will be in one-hour blocks with
approximately 45 minutes of presentation and
15 minutes of participant interaction.
This year’s conference will conclude with a special
two hour forum keying on the college leadership role
in driving community-wide change in economic,
workforce and social development.
Forum Submission Information
Title of Forum:
Main contact person email/phone:
Presenters: Names/Titles/Institution/Employer:
Session Objective:
Session Short Description (25 words or less for publication in the conference proceedings):
Session Long Description (300 words or fewer):
A/V Requirements:
Please submit your proposal to:
Richard Hinckley, Executive Director, COMBASE [email protected]