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Phil Terry
Author, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Public Speaker
Invite Phil Terry to speak. One of Fast Company’s “100 leaders shaping the 21st century.”
I wish I’d read this 10 years ago!
That’s how great it is.
— Alan Webber, co-founder
Phil gave a terrific presentation.
— Paula Kerger, CEO
A valuable investment of time.
— David Rabkin, SVP
Phil is an experienced storyteller who creates engaging
discussions for any audience:
• Fireside chats with senior management
• Keynotes at public conferences or large private
company events
• Offsites and leadership retreats
His first keynote speech was in 1996 and since then
he has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches,
workshops, and private company events.
Audience sizes
Invite Phil to speak to all kinds of audiences:
* 20 to 20,000
* CEOs and Boards of Directors to broad cross-sections
of companies
* Silicon Valley to San Antonio to south of London
* Internet startups to Fortune 500 companies
* CEO Summits to large public conferences
He’s versatile and believes everyone across the business
landscape should learn how to listen to, learn from and
include the customer—and he brings his passion and
years of learning to every audience he speaks to.
A really engaging speaker.
— Tracey Weber, COO
Phil’s talk brought a lot of
ideas and tangible lessons.
— Sam MacDonnell, CTO
Phil Terry, Founder & CEO
Phil Terry has been a pioneer in digital business,
product development and innovation since the 1990s.
He’s the founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain and
has spent time at McKinsey, Internet startup PlanetAll
(later bought by Amazon) and was the CEO of Internet
pioneer Creative Good for 15 years where he developed
and oversaw the delivery of their groundbreaking
customer experience consulting methodology.
Phil has written about collaboration and the power of
asking for help in the Harvard Business Review and
recently co-authored a book, “Customers Included”,
about learning from and collaborating with customers.
The book details his 15 years as CEO of Creative Good,
a pioneering customer experience consultancy whose
clients ranged from American Express to Facebook,
from early-stage startups to Microsoft and The New
York Times.
Phil also sits on the board of Mind the Product, a global
community of digital product leaders, startups like
StellaService and university boards like the Harvard
Business School’s Rock Center for Enterpreneurship and
the University of Southern California Institute of Innovation and Startup Garage.
Phil’s standard fee: $15,000 plus expenses
(note: this fee is waived for Council member companies
and can be negotiated for early-stage companies or
conferences of interest to Phil)
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